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hird fish was a mock sama cone

a mock a stupid fish right and one day

the lake wasn't big one day a fisherman

came and he started casting his net so

the intelligent fish the brilliant one

he said it's time to head for the sea

because the lake is too small and will

get caught in the net eventually so he

left went to the river down to the sea

the smart one he said that's the most

intelligent fish in the lake and if he's

heading for the sea I'm gonna head for

the sea the stupid wasn't said to him

it's a long journey to the sea

and it's a big lake small net we should

just stay here enjoy what we have

nothing much has changed he disagreed he

took off for the sea so the third one

the stupid fish he got caught in the net

and then the fisherman took him out and

he was frying him and in the frying pan

as he was frying he said if I ever get

back to the lake I'm heading for the sea

okay so don't be like that last fish

life is a journey to the ocean you're

not meant to just stay in your limited

understanding expand your you don't get

trapped in the trivialities of in in in

in suffice if an or more the Arabs call

it low things said OB Tsui please don't

let these dark forces pull you away from

your higher calling to be productive

intelligent human being that actually

has something to add to the world and

you're not just filling space too many

people filling space and not benefiting

others alright in terms of the parents I

hope you take seriously the the advice

about television televisions a major


these games are a major problem you

should read some of the studies about it

PlayStation nation is a good book to

read about serious studies that have

been done about the negative effects

that these games actually have on

neuroplasticity on attention deficit

disorder there's a lot of work that's

been done in this area obviously it's

not published because the same companies

that owned the newspapers right own the

shares in Nintendo stocks right really

there was a book written in 1958

called the evil eye which took me a long

time to find I read about it as a source

book in another book I found a copy in

Australia on the internet because it

wasn't ever reproduced this book had

documented research from the 1950s about

the negative effects on television on

children that were done serious

scientific studies one of the studies

that was done found

that small children will not watch

real-time television they get bored so a

three four five year old they won't

watch a movie like regular they just get

bored so that's why if you look at

children programming it's speeded up

it's not in real time so Sesame Street

it's all quick things changing images

now we have the MTV phenomenon which is

children that grew up on that that type

of programming cannot watch normal films

if you watch a film from the 1950s

they're very slow if you watch them from

the 40s they're very slow they're driven

by dialogue not by movement now all the

films are driven by quick moving car

crashes bombs exploding it's all

stimulation because young people can't

watch if you watch plots like crash

older people that watch those films

can't even keep up because it's just too

fast for them this is what's happening

and then we have in touch it attention

deficit disorder is a major problem in

an Indian in the developed nations and

increasingly a problem in in other

places one out of every 58 males in the

United States of America is now

diagnosed with autism two out one out of

58 it's a disease that wasn't even

identified until the 50s and very

handful of people now after that since

the 1980s there have been a massive

explosion of Asperger's disease autism

and you're starting to see autism now in

the Arab countries children are

overstimulated there they're becoming

hyperactive because you're putting them

in front of all these interactive things

so they can't sit in a classroom without

fidgeting and getting completely you

know their train of thought is lost they

can't concentrate for long periods of

time they won't be able to read books a

book like The Brothers Karamazov and

English English literature is a long

book there's a lot of plot changes

there's a lot of characters that you

have to keep in mind if you've read ever

read Russian literature you have to

memorize several names

to keep up with what's going on it and

some of the characters have three or

four different names you won't have

students are able to read that they

won't be able to read the great

literature of the Arabs Moton FB video

samanid hamid ani al-hariri even omo

kapha they won't be able to read the

hamas a minimum bharat you know any of

these things because it takes directed

thought to do that so there's a massive

responsibility now and you can't just be

like sheep that kind of accept

everything that happens and just oh yeah

and the papadum so a lot of these things

are not progress they're quite the

opposite there's a study going on right

now it's a major long-term study on the

effects of cellular phones but the

American Association of Pediatrics

physicians says that children before

their skulls are developed shouldn't be

using cell phones because the the the

the skull is too thin and the radiation

is reaching their brain at higher levels

we don't know if they're gonna have to

MERS in 10 15 20 years because this is a

guinea pig generation and we have

something which called the cautionary

protocol the cautionary protocol which

is used by Europeans and Canadians and

the Americans just because of our kind

of capitalistic enterprise and stupidity

refused to follow that cautionary

principle the cautionary principle

states if you're unsure about the

harmful effects of something then you

should have precautionary measures

before you actually do it until you find

out whether or not it's harmful if in

the in the volcano in in Europe that was

based on the precautionary principle

because the Europeans practiced that a

lot of the American commentators were

saying they should have let the

airplanes fly but the Europeans were

saying no we don't want to risk

airplanes crashing and people dying

because we're not sure the effects of

these that the the volcanic ash is going

to have on these airplanes yet that's

intelligence its intelligence who though

Heather come in

be be precautious so you have to really

think about what's happening because

you're gonna have problems with your

children before you know it if you don't

and and in Korea now they're thinking

about Bandung broadband after 10 o'clock

because so many of the Korean children

are addicted to these video games and

they're flunking out in school having

major prompt these are social problems

that are going on all over the planet

and their new social problems and

they're not being addressed

intelligently and a lot of the parents

are completely ignorant about them so

that's all I have to say right now if

anybody has any comments or questions

you can feel free and any of the young

men out there if you have any questions

feel free okay go ahead you would you're

the only mother your hand up go ahead


with that

a videogames there's several now young

people have died from playing video

games for extended periods of time

literally one child in Japan had a heart

attack because he kept playing for

several days and couldn't stop I mean

obviously those aren't the majority of

kids aren't gonna be doing that but

there are kids that get addicted or


I personally my kids don't play any

video games I just don't have them in

the house

you know sometimes they go to their

friend's house and they do think but I

would not recommend video games

personally I know it's some people think

you know it's unreasonable but I've read

too much of the research about it you

know I wouldn't do video games I don't

think they're healthy and a lot of them

you know they're just total waste of

time there's nothing there's nothing

educational about them at all go ahead

yeah I mean look you know when I was a

kid you went out and played you know you

did things you went out and played I

mean it's much more life is much more

interesting than a video game really I

lived with Bedouin kids in the Sahara

they're they're some of the happy as

well-adjusted kids I ever met they spend

their whole time outside outdoors you

know go outside and play say it's too

hot or something like that get used to

the heat you know really get used to the

heat most of your Arabs the Arabs say a

shrimps will hammam it out on the Sun is

the sauna of the Arabs Arabs that's why

your skin color is the way it is so you

go out in the Sun I can't go out I get

skin cancer God knows what he's doing

where he put people and how they look

and how they can handle their

environments you guys all in

air-conditioned I lived in a lion in a

lion for four years without air

conditioning in a cinderblock house

between 20 and my I was 20 and 24 I

lived in a lion for four years without

air conditioning the whole time because

I don't like air conditioning half these

guys are getting rheumatism now you know

look at the older

people in this country they're all

suffering all having problems these

things aren't you know you guys are

gonna you'll see eventually but you know

a show she nope in an amateur that's a

doom you know say now almost said be

tough on yourselves because you won't

always have blessings Western most

Western people can't sit on the floor if

you see Western people try to sit on the

floor there their knees are all they

can't put that they don't have any why

because they never sit on the floor they

always sit on chair I can sit I've been

sitting on a floor all my all my adult

life since I became Muslim I can sit on

a chair of the chairs there but at my

house I sit on the floor because I

choose to I can do a full notice at my

age there's a yoga position that most

young people can't do it's only because

I've always been sitting on the floor so

I have elasticity now there was just a

study done about just stretching and how

important stretching it was you can

learn things from cats have you ever

watched cats cats are always stretching

you know cats are the most flexible

animals in the world and just watch them

humans used to stretch now they're just

shriveling up really you see people that

are 50 they look like they're 80 you see

people that are 20 and they're behaving

like they're old people in America we

have people they're dead at 25 buried at

75 really living dead people that have

really they're hollow people because

they're spending so much time we have we

have pornography is a major problem in

the United States I just was at a

conference in Princeton University and

there's published papers I delivered a

paper at that conference on pornography

one of the major problems in the United

States of America pornography addiction

it destroys families it causes impotence

males become impotent after they get

addicted to pornography ten years of


they've lost their their you know their

their their potency so what got them in

it ends up being destroyed anyway these

are major problems that are going on now

and you know you're from a culture who

didn't want me to hold women upside of


you know that's the this culture is a

culture of modesty and modesty is a

beautiful quality Europeans and

Americans used to be very modest people

and there still are some modest people

on undeniably there's many good

Christian people there's many good even

secular people that have basic modesty

and things but many people now they've

completely lost their sense of shame and

do things publicly that would have never

been done even 20 years ago even 20

years ago I mean I see bumper stickers

all over California would foul words on

them as if children weren't around you

know I mean my kids sometimes ask me

I've got a five five-year-old kid that's

starting to read and he sees words that

you know I can't even explain to him

what they mean because there's no shame

and I believe in preserving innocence of

children I don't want to see a

sexualized culture where naked women are

naked men are all over the place and

before children are ready to even grasp

what these things mean there's not like

Aboriginal cultures because there's

Aboriginal cultures that don't have the

same problems in a culture that's

manipulating people sexually go ahead

yeah there are like four if you're gonna

go into surgery then there's certain

decks you know manual dexterity skills

like you get very good at certain skills

that you can do if you're going into law

enforcement a lot of kids that play with

those video games get very accurate in

fact we had a kid in Virginia who shot

eight kids at school and he got head

shots on every single one of the kids

when the FBI came to examine it they

were amazed at this kid's marksmanship

it turned out that his father had bought

him as a present a game that you got the

the head shots were given the highest

awards in the game so he had actually

mastered killing people in a video game

and then he just went to school one day

with his father's gun and he killed all

these kids with headshots that he

learned on the video game so if you're

gonna go into the army it's probably

there's some benefits like that but you

know those those benefits to me are that

the harm is greater and and in in our

tradition and muscle high which is

benefit is always looked at masada you

way the to what's called da da da da was

yell belma's la avoiding harm and

accruing benefit if the harm is worse

then you avoid it and if the benefits

greater then you then you do it and to

avoid harm is preferred over accruing

benefit so harm is considered first

before benefit so there are benefits

undeniably mmm-hmm go ahead study what's

that some people are poor yeah what how

could they go study a lot of them can

there's children all over the world now

that are daily they're laborers as

children is happening all over the world

South Africa has a massive problem with

child labor

India has a massive problem with child

labor really even in Egypt you know

there's a baboon the people the kids

that go out and collect garbage we have

this problem everywhere in Morocco

there's kids that are your age that are

working full-time 15 hour days you know

and that comes with social justice and a

concern for others so people like you as

you get older you have to

of commitments to changing those

conditions first in your own place it's

always better to fix the place that

you're at and then extending that out

but you're lucky you're fortunate that

you don't have that problem you're here

so utilize your time


well yeah there there's a lot of books

in the United States have been written

on this that I wish the Arabs would kind

of look at and translate into Arabic

like 365 things to do with your children

that don't involve television you know

that's a book you know it gives you a

lot of ideas like things you can

actually do young people like to do lots

of things you know my kids do archery my

two oldest sons are black belts in

karate you know they've been doing

martial arts there's a lot of things

that you can do that are really

interesting one of my son's is a painter

you know he has oil paints he actually

paints amazing things and he's 15 years

old you know that was something he was

interested in we encouraged it because

it was he showed talent he was

interested in and I'd much rather

haven't doing that than doing wasting

his time doing other things because it's

creative it's imaginative Einstein said

if you want to have intelligent children

then then develop their imagination

painting is a great way of developing

imagine if he does amazing pictures

really creative things so there's a lot

there's lots of things you can do but

you have to be actively engaged with

your children a shelfie has a poem about

that your team is not the one whose

parents died it's the one whose mother

is ignorant and the fathers are too busy

to be taken care of and that's the real

orphan right so you have to be engaged

in raising your children but it's a it's

an Amana people should not have children

if they're not going to raise them to be

good kids

because we all have to suffer the

consequences of all these kids that grow

up without real parenting and real

education and they end up you know the

criminal class and all these Wall Street

people that have no morals at all where

did they grow up who was teaching them

you know who was instilling in them a

sense of right and wrong my mother

instilled in me right and wrong she's a

Christian woman with very strong moral

principles from an early age I was told

right from wrong not with religion she

didn't even associate it with religion

you just told the truth and she lived

that she always was truthful in

everything she did that's what that's

what I learned from my mother

be truthful be upright be honest you


expect other people respective of who

they are whether they're a South Asian

Indian some of the Arabs here treat the

Indians like dirt one day you'll find

when when India becomes a major power it

could happen in your lifetime you'll be

down there after all the oils gone and

there's nothing here some of the

Emiratis you might be down there trying

to get a job in an Indian corporation

and some of those guys are going to

remember how their father was treated

when he was working here what comes

around goes around

Sitka diam New Delhi we don't have a nun

s I mean that's not a reason to be good

to Indians but it's a reality so even

from a pragmatic point perspective it

might be a good idea just to treat

people a little better than you're

treating them Filipinos here some of

them are treated like dirt

some of the maids here are treated like

they're subhuman these are human beings

they had mothers and fathers you know

they have emotional I mean I asked a

maid in a house I was staying in in a

neighboring country I won't say which

one I just asked her how she was doing

and she started crying literally started

crying you know there's things going on

God knows what's going on but yomo Kiama

it's a big day at Iowa know that I gotta

know the truth or do manal mean people

don't think they're gonna be a Super

Nintendo and Yutaka sudha people think

they're just gonna be left without any

judgment it's not true

go ahead and what edge gets okay for

cell phones well cell phone like I said

the the research is still out they don't

know most of the studies that the

cellphone companies did were in ideal

situations because for instance if you

have a cell phone here it's coming

through your brain that's different from

when it's coming that way so it just

depends I mean there's ideal conditions

most of the studies that the cellphone

companies did were in ideal conditions

and I have a friend who's a CEO of a

cell phone company so I know I got this

from firsthand right

so we don't know if it's safe at all but

generally before the age of about 15

because the the brain the the Jim Jim

you know the the skull is developing so

before that if you're gonna use it even

for adults they should be used it's

better to use it with an earphone keep

it away from the body that's what they

say hold it away from the body or use it

with the voice on or text a lot of young

people prefer to text anyway texting is

safer than that but radiation is real

it's radiation its low-grade radiation

but it's radiation people keep it in

their pockets we don't know how it's

going to affect fertility rates you know

the highe aphid Dean the the male sperm

count around the globe is half of what

it was 50 years ago so we know that you

know fertility rates are being seriously

affected they think it has to do with

plastics because plastics are estrogen

mimickers and so all this plastic that

everybody's living in everything's

plastic your car's plastic a lot of

people wearing polyester that it's

actually affecting our bodies you know

so there's a lot of very troublesome

things going on but generally I'd be

very careful you should not be spending

a lot of time on a cell phone use it for

emergencies if you have a cell phone

they're useful tools but I would use it

for emergencies I have a cell phone in

my car I don't like to use cell phones

to talk on mmm-hmm no let me tell you

something there's a bomb all right in

America there's there's a bomb it's

called napalm they used it in World War

two do you know what napalm is it burns

the skin

it's a goo it's like gel all right it

burns the skin they used it against the

Germans in World War two when they

bombed aerial bombing of Dresden and

Hamburg in these things in Vietnam they

were using napalm what the what the

Vietcong would do is in the village they

would make a big water basin and so if

the napalm hit them people would get hit

by napalm and they would run and go in

and submerge themselves and it would

stop the effects of the napalm

so their skin wouldn't burn so you know

what they did in the United States they

developed napalm that was waterproof all

right we have people like that they're

sick people they don't think about the

moral implications of what they're doing

so the same is true greed

you know the Arabs say Obama you live

you live it happen huh my greed makes

the intellect go away

you can't think when you're greedy a man

you know you can't think so people are

greedy and you have to be aware these

people could care less about you or

about your health there have been many

times where they know things are harmful

and they hide it from the people the

tobacco industry knew that tobacco was

addictive in the nineteenth early 60s

and they hid it from people we had

class-action suits in the United States

you know what the deal they made with

the tobacco industry in the United

States this is all history you can read

all this stuff the deal the United

States government made with the tobacco

industry in the United States of America

is that we're going to shut down tobacco

in the United States but we'll make sure

that you can export it around the world

you know we're the biggest now markets

for tobacco China India the Arab world

we don't smoke puffs in public it's

illegal in the United States of America

to smoke in public illegal you know why

now that all what out there are because

secondary smoke is more harmful than

primary smoke so you're actually hurting

other people when I go into these Arab

hotels here that are largely owned by

Western companies that in their own

countries they don't let them smoke but

here they're all smoking puffing away

without any concern about anybody else

you know what Thailand when Thailand

tried to outlaw tobacco do you know what

America said it would take away its

favored nation status because this is

just Machiavellian politics they don't

care about people they care about

profits and money they care about their

own people to a certain degree they

don't care about other people they could

care less if you guys all die of cancer

as long as they make a lot of money from

selling Marlboro you know and convince

you that the Marlboro Man is something

to emulate in America you know what our

Marlboro commercials are they show a

cigarette that's wilted and they say

cigarette smoking causes impotence

because they want people to stop smoking


have those ads over here seriously go

ahead when a person he starts playing

games and is soon afterwards he becomes

addicted and when he hears that games

are harmful he tries to give it but it's

impossible it's compulsory that's a good


addictions a problem if you're addicted

to something most of the video

addictions are low-grade a low-grade

addiction is like tea or coffee you can

give it up with a little willpower

cigarette nicotine is actually a it's a

high-grade addiction it's very hard to

give up nicotine some of the same things

because the the brain when you play

video games you get and Orphic releases

so it's it's it's like a drug very

similar to taking heroin or cocaine has

a similar effect the same type of things

are happening in the brain so you want

to do it again and again and again but

willpower is something God gave every

human being and the best thing that you

could do you have to get rid the most

important single most important thing is

to get rid of the stimuli you have to

you have to remove it from the house if

it's in the house you're gonna be

tempted it's like an alcoholic who has a

bottle of liquor in the cabinet

if he gets weak he'll get tempted the

best thing to do is avoid it just don't

don't get it out of the house and you

have and there's times when you'll feel

strong and say I want to quit this thing

those are the times when you should do

it and then you need help to be

consistent find a friend who's willing

to you buddy up with him and you both

make a commitment together we're not

gonna watch video get to it for six

months just do it for six months and see

how your life changes make a commitment

I'm gonna stop for six months when

Ramadan comes around say I'm gonna stop

TV altogether one month no TV at all

zero people now they watch more TV and

Ramadan than they do in other times

you're wasting your time Ramadan is a

precious time I am and might do that

might do that is what's called general

Kuna you know it's short days few days


go ahead you

some people like it their body gets

seized to nicotine so much that if they

try to quit smoking or something they'll

die so are they supposed to at least

once a day

yeah no nicotine won't kill you there's

there's no nothing zero scientific

evidence that giving up nicotine will

kill you but they do have serious

withdrawal symptoms for some people you

know if they're addicted to smoking then

it's true nicotine can actually be like

a you know like a medicine for them

because they get so nervous so angry so

frustrated but they have nicotine

patches there's other things that you

can do they have nicotine gum that

people can chew because smoking harms

the lungs

you know nicotine is is not good but

it's better to chew nicotine gum than to

smoke a cigarette and it has a similar

effect on the on the on the brain that

smoking a cigarette does but people can

quit many people have quit cigarettes

you know I'm fortunate I never smoked

you know a few times I had cigarettes

when I was in high school just kids try

experiment because other kids smoke it

but I wasn't I was I played a lot of

sports when I was in high school so I

never wanted to smoke go ahead you yeah

as you pointed that in Ramadan people

watch TV more than any other normal day

but at that time many school Muslim

scholars started like saying about Islam

so what why shouldn't we I mean if yeah

if the program is worth watching like

that if it's a dollar or something like

that then you know but I would prefer

not you can you can go to the Masjid and

hear a talk or read a book or listen to

a tape cassette there are other ways to

get doodles than television

I want to ask you though do you think

the majority of parents have already you

know got something in their house at

computers yeah we you know everything do

you think that in these types of cases

that parents should exercise restriction

or just eliminate them completely from

the household even if they've been there

and their kids have been used to them


all their friends etc for most people to

eliminate it completely as impractical

that it's just it's difficult because

now there's so many things tied to the

computer a lot of people's jobs are

related to computer and internet access

things like that for most people it's

gonna be impacted I know many people in

the u.s. not just Muslims I know many

non-muslims that just don't have it in

the house because of the destructive

effects that it has a lot of the Waldorf

parents will not have them in the house

things like that but you know one of the

things that is recommended is to have it

in an open space don't have it in a

private space where people can go even

husband's because we've got a problem

with some of the men now that are

getting addicted to things in fact I had

a man asked me about it the other day

you know that he was having a trouble

with that we did a conference on

pornography in Toronto before we did

before I did the paper at Princeton and

I was amazed at how many of the Muslim

women in hijab came out to me afterwards

and told me that they were having

problems with their husbands there are

restrictions here obviously I think

there's some internet control for those

type things but there's DVDs and there's

other ways around that so there are

problems but you know I would say have

it in an open space with the screen

facing a public so like in a room where

you can see the screen itself so that

when the kids go on it you know what

they're going on and then also obviously

you can check searches and things like


so it's good to know what they're

looking at as they get older Trust is

very important you know and to spy on

your kids as they get older is actually

a breach and that can cause a lot of

problems because you're gonna create

deceptive child so it's dangerous to do

that I personally think I trust my kids

I've sat down with them I talked to them

about it I found some films once I mean

they weren't they were more like just

very violent films and I sat down with

my kids and I explained to them I said

I'm out here combating against these

things and I can't have it in my house

when you guys turn 18 you're on your own

you can do whatever you want but in my


this isn't happening and I trust you I'm

not gonna talk about this again but I

trust you and that that's the way I do

with my kids I've never I've never and

then I don't punish them if they do

something wrong and come to me I don't

punish them you know one of my kids came

to me and he just started crying he was

about 14 he start crying and I said

what's wrong he said I went on the

computer without your permission and

looked at some and he would really felt

bad about it and I told him I said look

that is your bummy oh you know it's your

conscience talking to you and always

listen to that because that will always

be truthful you know so I just used as

an opportunity to to encourage him that

when he knows something's wrong to

respond to that and don't don't ever be

ashamed of that that is the best thing

that we have working inside of us is is

that ability to know right from wrong

and to admit our wrongs and then to

commit to not doing it again

so you know that's what I would do and

and you have to have some restrictions

you can't have it open because kids are

gonna go on and now they have all these

allies games that are free on the

internet are de