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signed by Nintendo and

these corporations to get them addicted

to higher games so they're simple games

are not that fun it's all design they

know exactly what they're doing this is

really well researched stuff they have

lots of psychiatrists and psychologists

on their staff that do they do pupil

dilatory studies on kids I mean there's

a PBS documentary that you can watch

merchants of cool which is exactly about

what they're doing these corporations

they're very dark sinister forces they

could care less about human beings

there's a book that was written by back

end back in in which is called the

corporation they made it into a

documentary and he's us psychiatrists

showing from the diagnostic Statistical

which is used for psychiatric disorders

in the United States that all of the

symptoms of sociopathic behavior are in

corporate behavior

corporations are sociopathic they have

no morality there's nothing working you

might have moral people in corporations

but the corporation

as a machine which is functioning as a

person because it has the rights of

persons in Western law is a sociopath

and the sociopaths are running the show

and the victims are these these poor

young people as far as I'm concerned

adults have no excuses I got okay let me

let me get somewhere back there you all

the way back there yeah you looking back

it's you huh

the government government governor or

president or whatever knew that stuff

are harmful anything that's harmful for

the country why doesn't he just stop it

well that's a good it's an excellent

question the in in in in the United

States certain things are illegal that

don't make any sense at all in relation

to other things that are legal for

instance in the United States marijuana

is illegal but whiskey is legal or

alcohol alcohol hard alcohol any any

form pharmacists will tell you that most

alcohols are more harmful than cannabis

but the reason that marijuana is illegal

in the United States is because the

cotton industry lobbied heavily to get

marijuana made illegal because they used

to use marijuana for all the things they

use cotton for so there's a history for

the prohibition of marijuana as opposed

to right so you you have market forces

and then in the United States in Western

countries generally censorship is a very

sensitive issue even though some things

are censored I'm right now there's us

going to the Supreme Court about

pedophilia material that's done animated

should they make it illegal or not it's

a major problem right so actually

because pedophilia films involving

sexual acts with children is illegal but

there's they're arguing there is and

these are merchants that want to sell

this material they're arguing that this

is animation it's

not but they can make it look as real as

regular film these are major problems in

the United States and there's people

that want to censor these things that

make them illegal and then there's other

people that are arguing for no

censorship but in Islam we do we here in

a country like this you know we do have

certain things that we don't want to see

become public

you know accepted publicly because there

are standards our moral standards that

we still adhere to that a lot of places

other places have abandoned whether or

not people practice is another thing

that's a problem everywhere yeah okay

one more question if cigarettes are

harmful why did they invented it it's a

good cook no it's a good question

seriously it's a really good question

it's an intelligent question you know

what in the Quran it says in whom can

Anam been whom about people that do

harmful things for themselves are like

animals and then it says then whom allah

in arabic ben is a harvested rock it's

where you correct something even though

it's not a mistake it's used

rhetorically so it's not like God made a

mistake but it's to emphasize no they're

more astray than animals why the Mufasa

don't say because animals will never

purposely harm themselves

if an animal sees something harmful it

will flee from it but human beings are

are sometimes they do stupid things

I was once with one of my little boys

and in a store and and there was

somebody smoking and they took in a puff

and blew it out and it was the first

time my son had seen smoke and he just

looked up and he was shocked he thought

the person was on fire and this person

looked down and said don't you ever do

this you know so but people are also

mocked Ella you know the the person

doing it you should have compassion for

them I'm telling you something it's very

important people that smoke you should

have compassion for them you shouldn't

see them as evil people or bad people

they have an empty lab that you don't

have whenever the Prophet SAW people in

tribulation tribulation means if they're

in something that not good for them he

would say alhamdulillah di Fanny

mimicked Erica be he he wouldn't say it

out loud he would say it where they

couldn't hear praise be to the one who

has delivered me from what he has tried

you with the tribulation this hardship

Wafaa Bellini attica theorem in Manhart

of data and has preferred me over so

much of his creation so but people that

sell cigarettes people that sell alcohol

people that sell weapons armaments to

other people so that they kill each

other those people know they should be

opposed boycotted but people that are in

the tribulation alcoholics all those

people we have to have compassion for

them you know really and just thank a

lot that we don't have that tribulation

so you have to feel competin the

prophets eyes and felt compassion for

people even there was an alcoholic at

the time of the prophet his name's

abdullah can he look about him out it's

inside Buhari and he used to drink and

get drunk and they would bring him and

like punish him with us

sandal they used to use sandal and they

just like punish him for drinking and

one time a man said this is inside will

Hadi good sound hadith the the man said

allahu anhu oh god curse this man you

know ma Akhtar oh ho with Jana or Mac

thought oh my you oughta be he you know

he's always being punished for drinking

and the Prophet said don't say that

that's hell and hope for my and him two

men who in Lahore a pseudo don't curse

him because he's a man who loves God and

His Messenger so even though he was an

alcoholic he still loved God and His

Messenger and and the prophet saw him

even Hodja says that's the most hopeful

hadith for the people doing major wrong

actions because even if you're doing a

major wrong action it doesn't negate

love all together it just negates

complete love because complete love you

obey the one you love

right I wish I can answer all your

questions but that was the last question

Allah bless all of you and Charlotte god

bless all of you give you good guidance

and shall I give you open your


like to thank shake comes up for coming

and spending into the last few days with

us it was a request from the Board of

Governors that he ultimately honored to

give up his time I know he's been very

busy he's just coming from a tour of a

few different countries he's off this

evening or I believe tomorrow again so

the time that he has spent with us I

hope that we've learned something from

him little humility I believe that's

also what Islam preaches is to humble

ourselves and hear especially our

students we hope that you have picked

something up from which a comes I had to

say and I think the most important thing

is that we have the book we have the

Holy Quran we need to read that book we

need to make sure that we understand

what's in there we need to make sure

that we also live out what's in that

book and one of the biggest thing is I

would say is humility it's nice to see

that we have workers in our homes and I

think Sheikh Hamza was mentioning when

he went and he stayed with somebody in a

neighboring country about one of the

mates but if we can think about the

people that work in our homes and the

drivers that collect us and when the

kids are outside and the boys and the

girls are the primary yes in the school

we don't allow the mates to come in when

I first started here seven years ago we

stopped that but yet we still have the

maids that will run up to the door to

make sure that they collect your bag

from you as you drop it down in front of

them remember they're people remember

all right so if we could just work for a

better environment not only here at West

Green but throughout and be better

citizens of the world again I'd like to

thank Shea comes up for the time that he

spent with us here at West Green it's

been a long two days I believe with his

assistance and colleagues and we had a

speaker yesterday for the boys in Mom's

ed so again we appreciate the time that

you've taken out for West Green school

thank you very much