Lambs to the Slaughter

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Event Name: Lambs to the Slaughter
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bismillah r-rahman r-rahim and from the

lillahi rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa

salam on our struggle and the air you

will mousseline family while he was

fighting here dying about all praises

due to Allah we praise Him and we

glorify Him and we send his peace and

blessings on the Prophet Muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wasalam on his family

and his companions and all those who

called to his way and until the day of

judgement shall I just before we call

him Hamza to speak there's just a few

opening introductory remarks and sha


the first is once again Jacques Allah

have for your presence this evening and

on behalf of the Muslim Students

Association at the University of Toronto

st. George campus and on behalf of IPC I

Canada we'd like to welcome you here in

sha Allah and we begin the program by

asking Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

to make this night a meaningful evening

I mean a night where we can learn from

the words without hands in sha allah and

we can gain something that will bring us

closer to allah subhanaw taala in this

life and in the hereafter in sha allah

the program as you know tonight's topic

is entitled lambs to the slaughter

our children and modern education this

is first of a two night lecture program

we're hosting inshallah mom hamza will

be also be speaking tomorrow night in

this very Hall concerning the topic of

action in the last days as many of you

already know Imam comes I'll make the

introduction very brief Imam Hamza hails

from Santa Clara California recently

where he is the Imam he's originally

from he's also originally from

California imam hamza has studied all

over the Middle East in particular in

Mauritania and other parts of North

Africa we've heard him many many times

before and we've come to respect his

insight and his wisdom in sha allah many

of us especially like some of the young

people here in toronto have had the

opportunity to study with him and to be

with him for short periods of time and

inshaallah I hope tonight that we'll be

able to gain on this very very important

issue and the issue as Imam Hamza

described to us earlier is the issue of

our children and modern education in

particular the Muslim crisis the very

severe crisis that is facing our

children and our youth and in fact our

entire communities so without further

ado inshallah I'll ask him homicide to

come to the podium and address on my


handle in the salatu wassalam wada after

a Honda Odyssey dinner Wahhabi you know

Mohammad Ibrahim dinner we're here baby

nope are heading also have a tea he

woman to their home be Hassan in Arahama

Dean ham do Linda

alhamdulillah and an amateur Islamic

ever be Hanauma alhamdulillah anonymity

Lisa damn you walk ever be hey Nana

alhamdulillah at an aromatic salami or

cover behind Nana

Allah in the air Olivia and all the

nobody knows and knows and all that mo

that I'm already ahead oh you two had a

year spinatra no not him I want to first

just say that I was very fortunate

because I gave very short notice about

the overhead projectors and somebody

just happened to be here that said he

wasn't supposed to be here but we don't

believe that people are ever where

they're not supposed to be there always

where they're supposed to be so that's

why we believe that nobody can ever be

in an accident

doesn't happen people somebody said he

was in the wrong place at the right time

no he was in the right place at the

right time but was he in the right State

everybody's in the right place at the

right time but the problem is is are

they in the right state to meet their

Lord so and really that's I think a good

introduction into what I want to talk

about are we in the right state and

people talk a lot about the Islamic

state but I think even though that's a

alien term to the Islamic vocabulary

because it's a Latin word which means

something that stays the same and Islam

is always expanding by its nature it's

never static and and so the the idea of

Islamic state if you want to term the

word in Arabic hide which also means

state then yeah we need an Islamic state

an Islamic hat or an Islamic condition

an Islamic state of mind and the Islamic

state of mind is what is necessary to

precede an Islamic situation of govern

where the herkim is for allah subhana wa

ta'ala alone and to no one else but the

foundation of that has been is and

always will be a cater of muslims who

are committed to the truth who reach a

critical mass and when they reach a

critical mass then at that point

something amazing happens and we can see

that in the Sierra of the prophet

sallallaahu them in his life and history

I just want to point out this is what's

known as the light spectrum the visible

light spectrum and I just like us all to

reflect for a moment about the physical

the physical

the visible light spectrum because I

think it's an excellent metaphor for the

Islamic world view and the non Islamic

or the Kaffir world view because both of

them are world views and their encounter

distinction to each other and there is

antagonism between the two to say that

we are not antagonistic to Kufa is to

tell a lie because muslims are

antagonistic to Kufa not perhaps in the

ways that the kuffar would like to

pretend in their media and in their and

in their misrepresentation of islam but

in reality islam is in its deep

innermost essence in deep antagonism to

boppin because islam is deenal Haq and

it sees everything other than that as

boPET and so if you look here that

little black spectrum is what they call

the visible light spectrum that is what

everything that we're seeing now is in

that spectrum but if you notice you keep

going down and you go up and you go into

infrared light and you go into x-rays

and gamma-rays there's a whole other

spectrum there that we're not seeing or

witnessing but it exists nonetheless now

for centuries human beings thought that

this was all there was in terms of these

rays this is not the height we're

talking about this is monk you see we're

not talking about life here this is monk

but for centuries human beings thought

that the monk was in that little

black spectrum that is a very small

spectrum of reality if we're just

talking about monk we're not talking

about men accout and other realms we're

just talking about monk at this point so

for centuries human beings in their

ignorance thought that's all there was

in the monk

now they believed in the hive or the

unseen well in recent times they've

extended it you see now this is out of

their ignorance they always think that

whatever they know is is everything

there is right so that line doesn't

necessarily stop down there or up there

that's just where they've arrived that

now with their outward Sciences and the

reason that I began was sort of to roam

is because it's the European chapter

it's called surah to Rome and in Arabic

Rome means the Europeans that's what it

means sometimes translated as the Greeks

but we know Greeks are not Romans Rome

was the capital of the Roman Empire and

the Roman Empire meant the European

Empire and up until very recently the

Muslims and they still do in North

Africa called the Europeans Roman

anybody that was from Europe was known

as a Roman and sometimes they called him

a French from the Franks now surah to

Rome says yeah animu neva here on minute

hiya to dunya Romani our character who

Mohave rune they know the outward of

this world but as far as the n-word goes

the reality about the Asura about what's

beyond they have no knowledge they're in

a state of complete heedlessness and

this is to me indicative of that

condition if we look at this just as

being now I want you just to imagine

that that little black spectrum there is

the that's the MOOC now the labor board

the unseen that no one knows except

allah subhana wa ta'ala and the prophets

were given a portion of that knowledge

to inform us about so the prophets had

access to the the angelic realm they saw

angels and they saw things that we did

not see the prophets all I said I'm on

the Asura in the Mirage saw a wondrous

things and came back and informed his

companions about those things and they

believed in those things because they

knew that he will saw the panama's book

the truthful and the one who is believed

and he is that I mean the trustworthy

one so these people are trapped in that

little Moke and yet the Muslims have an

understanding or traditionally at least

they did that there was a whole spectrum

of reality that we have no access to

which is called a light and a lot begins

his book by saying and letting me know

Annabelle hide that there are the people

who believe in the unseen so we believe

in things that these people do not

believe in and that's a starting point

and that's a deep antagonistic

perspective given the fact that gross

secular materialism is the dominant

religion of the age the idols of the age

are idols of the mind there are no

longer wooden and stone idols they're

idols of the intellect their idols that

are called an oath on awamiya they're

just illusions in the conceptualization

of human beings and Islam is an

iconoclastic Deen by its nature it

breaks idols so it doesn't just break

the outward idols it breaks the inward

idols and the the foundation for that is

even in the Arabic language because

there's a difference between sanam and

Wesen and Raqqa Buddhist mehandi says

one of the sonim is formed outwardly the

Wesen is the conceptualization that

takes place in the mind of the idolaters

so we are in a deeply idolatrous society

we're in a society of idol worshippers

and unfortunately many Muslims have

fallen into the same conceptual idols

that these other people believe in and

this is part of the tragedy because we

have all of these antibodies if we

follow our Deen we have any bodies that

protect us from these Cooper antigens

right if you know physiology an antigen

comes into the body and the body has a

natural immunity and it begins to

formulate these antibodies and they will

protect the body from that foreign

invader but we've been invaded folks and

the amazing thing about it is instead of

fighting off the infection we encourage

it we encourage the infection because

not only do we not allow our antibodies

to develop but we allow the antigens to

proliferate until they've literally

taken over the whole body and the way


we do that is through the educational

system because we have adopted almost

wholeheartedly a Kaffir educational

system that is deeply and grossly alien

to the Islamic perspective could you

switch the slider now I also slide I

just like to say this is not a vid ah

because the Prophet SAW lies amused

visuals he once was with his Sahaba and

he drew a square on the on the sand and

then he drew a line and he drew lines

coming out of the sand and he drew a

line outside the square and explained

that that was the agile and there were

these lines and things like this and and

so the prophet saw lies amused that that

technique so I'm not doing anything new

we're just maybe expanding on the sand

but again you know this is the age of

sand the silicon chip and all of these

things it's just sand everything comes

from the desert now I want to look at

this hadith which Abu Huraira

about the Ilan who relates and it's a

hadith it's in sahih al-bukhari and it's

a deeply important hadith all of the

hadith are important but they have

obviously ranks and degrees in in what

the prophet sal is and I wanted to

convey to the Muslims because there are

Hadees that you can live your whole life

and never haven't heard but they will

not affect your worldview or your

understanding because other hadees

fulfill that function this is one ADIZ

that's actually essential for the muslim

to understand the meaning of it and the

hadith says kun lumo luden woody de el

el fip era now sometimes this is

mistranslated saying every child is born

a Muslim you will see a translator it

does not say that in the Arabic language

that is a tough sear or an

interpretation coming from the idea that

this is deenal Haq that Islam is deen al

fitrah it's the Dean of filtra but in

fact the hadith says Cuomo luden Woody

Allen Farah well a Baba who you have

with Annie he are you know she Ronnie he

oh you met Dasani he and it is his

parents who will make it a Jew a

Christian or imagine a fire worshipper

now this had

first of all gives us a very profound

insight into societies and the nature of

what is termed now in modern sociology

socialization this is what they call in

sociology socialization that people are

socialized by their environments into a

way of behaving a behavioral pattern a

model of behavior that is taken solely

from outside of themselves now this

behavioral pattern can either be

congruence with the inherent nature of

the human being or it can be in

congruence with it in other words it can

be dis harmonic and create turbulence in

the self if it is in harmony with it

then it's in harmony with the filter

that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has

inherently made people follow this

natural normative pattern of being or

behavior now I just if you look at these

four models a healthy situation is when

the child who is naturally inclined

towards fitrah will be facilitated in

their developmental nature in fulfilling

their nature that Allah has made them

upon by the family and the society and

this is an ideal situation in which the

child is not only raised by Muslim

family Muslim parents Muslim sisters

brothers aunts uncles with an Islamic

world view and an Islamic behavior but

the society at large is facilitating the

Tavia or the nurturing of this child so

the child is not only becoming a Muslim

inside the house but outside the house

the Islam is being confirmed and this is

madina munawwara this is the the city of

the Prophet SAW Allah is M which is a

blueprint a model for the the society in

which the human being was intended to

live and exist in and that is why it is

our Medina alpha-beta it is the virtuous

City it is the city which we are

supposed to look and take as our example

now unfortunately there

many modern Muslims who have this idea

that somehow these people that the

Provencal Ison was living in a primitive

culture that was really just outside of

the Iron Age very simplistic life and

somehow that it's relative to the

Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century but

what does that have to do with us living

in the 20th century and this is part of

the disease of the Muslims that madina

munawwara was the best society that has

ever existed as a model for human beings

now the amazing thing to me is that

amongst the kuffar there are many people

now talking about what they call

communitarianism which is trying to

downscale cities trying to live in in

small scale communities where people can

actually get to know people and that

there's a sense of belonging and

community where the virtuous qualities

of human beings are literally inculcated

in the inhabitants of that area and this

is really at a theoretical mode although

there have been attempts within the

Western cultures of people disengaging

unfortunately we know that you have to

have a straight blueprint in the first

place for this to work if you don't have

a straight blueprint it won't work and

that's why they are always doomed to

failure ultimately now you will find

within the Western societies there is a

group of people the Mennonites the

Hutterites or Hutterites you have the

Amish people that really the what they

have going for them is simply that they

have opted to maintain tradition and to

oppose the radical impact and effect of

innovation in societies and the whole

idea of bida is a really important idea

in Islam the idea of an in