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traveling overseas right all the

airlines got worried because it all went

down and you the average American has

1,000 times greater chance of being

killed in his own City

then you'd ever have but doesn't stop

from going outside right this is a type

of irrationality you have but what we're

dealing with and what these people do

not want to admit is that they have

created children who are an absolute

danger to their societies these children

are bereft of fitrah it's been literally

ripped from them they allow them to

watch pornography constantly on the

televisions they allow them to see

brutalization of human beings I went

into a one of these malls in California

and there was a there was an arcade

there and I was with my wife and I just

wanted to look it was to me those blades

are like hell it's something you imagine

one of the circles of hell being

like one of those places where where

people have to play pinball for eternity

and I looked in there and all it's all

dark energy but there was one young boy

with a huge computer screen he was about

11 years old and he had a gun and on the

screen were computerized images of human

beings that were almost lifelike and I

watched him for about two minutes and he

killed about 40 of these computerized

images shooting them where they go uh

and then they fall down and drop dead

and he scores up another and that's how

you win the game by killing the most

people that you can kill and then they

say well we have no scientific evidence

that there's any correlation between

violence in society and media and what I

mean this is what they have experts come

and do this I mean what what do you

think that that means if somebody's

absorbing this because our brain is

literally it's it's a sponge and it

absorbs images and those images you

cannot get out of your brain you will

not get them out of your brain I mean

those of you who have watched a good

deal of television or film you have

those images permanently etched in your

minds and those images will be a barrier

to purifying yourself to what's called

tennis which is to literally to purify

the internal to handle is what the

province of Lies him did before he got

the revelation kanya tahun nephew and if

you look in the the books that usually

say Canada a bedroom which is not the

meaning of the hundreth I mean that's

one of the meanings but the meaning of

Tejanos is to fight health is to fight

him and hint is internal shirk it's all

of these false idols that we carry

around in us and this is what the

prophet saw lies to them yet the handle

is that he was the take Elif to fairness

for take Elif that he was literally

struggling against these inherent

aspects of the human being

Kenny at the Honda zoo and if you want

to do two handles and you're filled with

all these images and all of these things

the prophet saw lies him if when when he

got near music Allah caused him to fall

asleep he didn't even he wasn't even

exposed to these sensory images his


that eyes never even looked upon the

Haram really I mean he was not exposed

to these type of sensory images but he

was in a jihadi culture and he was

exposed to their idols and to all of

these things and purifying the one from

these outward idols is part of the task

of the Muslim could you switch now now

this is a little hard to see but this is

this now is is that is some scientific

confirmation for what is known as the

fifth rock and what's happening did you

focus it a little is it possible there

there that's fine what's happening here

is that birth what happens at birth

there's massive development I mean we go

from unicellular creatures thes I got

the splitting of the cells within three

months just the the growth that has

taken place within the the embryo is

phenomenal it's really unbelievable and

and it's worth looking into and studying

because the Quran does deal with

embryology when we are born our brains

will increase size several times the

highest of all of the animals to what

the primates are literally born with

basically what they have in terms of

their brains are intact there's very

little development in the first year for

the human being there's 12 years of deep

neurological development 12 years right

before puberty at the age of about 12 or

13 which is when a child begins to enter

into tiket Liffe a hormone is literally

released which will destroy all of the

neurological connections that have not

been developed in those 12 years so

you're basically at a certain age that's

all you have for the rest of your life

to work with now it's massive and most

people will never use all of them in

fact most people I mean the latest

estimate is that we're using less than

0.1% of the neocortex less than 0.1%

that is the latest estimate now

think that's high personally but that's

what they say and so I'll go by that you

know I mean it's a funny thing

Aloha Adam how much is being used but

them traditionally I believe the only

way that you could have an individual

like Imams fuel tea or Imam and no away

or abu hamid al-ghazali or aisha the

wife of the prophets allah it is to them

that you could have these type of

intellects was that they were they had

such from Allah and opening from Allah

and there was a massive brain capacity

was being utilized which comes from a

deep state of submission to Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala so you can see that

the child between the birth and the age

of one and really up to the age of two

there's massive development going on and

this is what's called the our system of

the brain because we have a triune brain

it has three aspects and our system is

the reactionary brain they call it the

reptilian because of the evolution the

whole theory of evolution but the idea

here is that the child if you notice

when they're first born they're grasping

they're getting into their their bodies

the neurological system is not fully

intact so they can't touch things with

with any dexterity and this dexterity is

acquired over a time and there are ways

to stimulate that which happen and occur

naturally if they're allowed to and then

you move at the age of one with the

beginning of the limbic system and that

will go on if you look the our system

will go to the age of seven which is an

important thing because by the age of

seven then they're their basic

neurological system is intact to enter

into serious study and the acquisition

of knowledge and this is why in the

traditional Muslim cultures serious

study began at the age of seven at D

boham Lee sub n is after live alumina

submarine from the tradition from Sedna

Ali to play and nurture them for seven

years and then and playing has to do

with dexterity of teaching the body how

to enter into its inherent nature and

then at the age of one to the age of

about right there you can see eleven the

limbic system which is the emotions are

going to be developed and children go

through these stages and the first stage

interestingly enough

called trust versus mistrust generally

in the Western psychological what they

call developmental psychology and it's a

useful I think science because it

certain patterns because they come out

of observation and trust versus mistrust

is about whether or not the child can

trust the caregivers the mother and the

father and this has a deep and profound

impact on the child whether they're able

to trust human beings later on in their

life and then you move you can see at

the age of four the beginning of the

right hemisphere now the right

hemisphere is that which deals with the

play the the imaginative the creative

side of the human being because we have

a split brain to the right and left

hemispheres now at the age of seven is

right when the left hemisphere activity

comes in and this is when children can

learn because left brain deals with

learning language acquisition

mathematics these type of things this

follows the Islamic model which is that

you should begin serious study at the

age of seven and to begin serious study

prior to that traditionally the Muslims

did not begin other than rote

memorization which began at about four

to five years old at very gently and

very easy initially and then at about

the age of six and a half about the age

of six and a half to seven then the the

teacher the more active would become

more firm in his teaching imparting the

Quran by rote now one of the things

about educating children is that

children have a massive capacity to

absorb information but they have very

little understanding this is obviously

for anyone that has an ounce of

reflection is because for the first

seven years of education there should be

massive rote memorization taking place

and the first and most important and

primary thing is to teach them the Quran

and this is what every single Muslim

civilization has done and you will find

no greatness in the Muslim world that

wasn't founded on an educational system

that was based on the memorization of

the Quran

none whatsoever and you can show me in

the books and you can't it's not there

every single Muslim culture that

develops science technology governance

ethics philosophy anything of the

Islamic achievements that happen

traditionally were based on

systems that spent at least three or

four years in rote memorization of the

Quran and this is not a trivial pursuit

absolutely not because the brain this is

this the effect that the Quran has on

the brain is massive and if it's coupled

with understanding and knowledge which

obviously there was a separation that

took place in the Muslim Ummah I mean we

something went deeply wrong in our

educational institute because of the

condition of the Muslims now obviously

but the separation of the Muslims from

the Book of Allah was a primary

intention of the colonial powers and we

have documented evidence of this again

and again of seeing the necessity of

ripping the people from the Quran and

you can see it in Ataturk taken away the

Arabic script and putting the Latin

script you can see this done in Malaysia

where people traditionally learn also in

West Africa amongst the non Arabic

speaking countries where they had Arabic

scripts they learned to read the Quran

they wrote their language in the Arabic

language and despite that these cough

are convinced these these hypocrites and

basically puppets to adopt the Latin

script which has nothing to do with our

cultural civilization in order to

elevate these people right in order to

take them out of their Dark Ages into

the Enlightenment of 20th century

Western civilization civilization right

so now you go here at the from 7:00

until about now at about 15 you see the

right brain begins to finish it and then

the left hemisphere will go on to about

the age of 18 and then you move into the

deep ability to understand will start

taking place at the age of about 15 now

interestingly enough 15 is traditionally

the age of tech leaves if puberty does

not manifest in the shaft a meth-head 15

was the age in which tech leaf became

incumbent upon somebody who did not show

outward signs of and that's because of

full maturity of the brain so they had

an understanding of this by sirasa that

this would take place could you move to

the next slide

now I just want to look at how dark this

system here this is something that I did

called icon calling it the Kaffir model

where fact is only authority but fact is

always as interpreted by the teacher

it's never an objective thing you see

because if you go to one school they

might believe one like if you go and

study evolution in France it's very

different from studying evolution in

America they have completely different

views on quote unquote fact but yet at

the at the lower levels of schooling

they will teach children all of this

science as if it's fact they'll teach

you the the table of elements as if this

is fact what you learn as you move into

graduate school where they teach you the

secrets just like in Freemasonry when

you move up the ranks and you get your

degrees using you move up by degrees you

get your secondary degree and then you

get your BA degree and it's interesting

they they use the same Masonic

terminology and then at the age of about

when you move into the PhD what they'll

let the secret they let you in on is

that really there is there are no facts

you see and this person has been

indoctrinated for the last 16 years

there's no facts you mean I can

criticize everything and and that's what

they expect you to do for your PhD you

have to criticize something you have to

break it down you have to tear it down

you have to rip it apart you have to

show how no it's it's not he got it all

wrong and here's why it's all wrong and

that's called deconstruction and this

what they want to do deconstruct in

Arabic you say yeah them right we say

Nibin e we want to build we don't want

to deconstruct we want to build I mean

why would you want to deconstruct

something you see and we want to

deconstruct what they have constructed

which is their deconstruction now if you

look at this this is like an inverted

pyramid because the teacher and the

subject are on equal level they never

let you know that the teacher doesn't

know a lot of stuff as well right it's

always as if they're on the same level

there and the spoon

is the recipient he's the he's the the

the Viet not the the recipient of all of

this great information

this is what Paulo Freire II the South

American teacher called the banking

system of education the child is an

empty bank account and we just fill it

with all of our wonderful information


really what's happening is that in the

capture system of education is that the

system is what is being taught and the

internal logic will define the student

in other words the internal logic of the

system is what is going to define the

student the student is the one that will

be radically altered in order to fit in

to the model of the system now just to

give you a few examples one of the

things that the Caviar's school system

uses is balanced now we know that the

profit rejected the use of a bell to

call people to prayer and and and I

would say that education is Aveda it's a

on us to learn and we should

reject the concept of calling our

children by the bell because you will

see in a hadith sahih that and the

coulee jettison chiffon wherever there's

a bell there's a shape on that's a

hadith that you'll find in the rial

decided he and I'm not making that up

every time you hear a bell there's a

shape on there now if the Muslims were

awake and knew their tradition when they

were walking to school with their

children to put it there in kindergarten

and they heard that burning they would

say I would believe in a chef as you

write but they don't they take the child

insane now obey the Bell you see now

what obeying that Bell teaches the child

is that nothing is worth completing

nothing the child will be in the middle

of doing a project bead in the middle of

memorizing something being in the middle

of working out something being in the

middle of doing something creative the

bell comes and what the system is saying

the system is more important than what

you're doing obey the system and leave

whatever it is you are doing and that is

the message that is being taught to

these children and that is criminal

because we believe that people should

finish what they started and this is

part of what the prophet saw why they

said I'm cut up a lesson out of cliche

fada cattle Tom Faison orchestra Allah

has decreed is an excellence in

everything that you do

even in in sacrifice killing an animal

or in killing in war to do it in the

best way

so could you move now success is

conformity to the model failure is

rebellion to the model that's how they

you are successful in the Catholic

educational system if you conform to the

model you are a failure if you rebel

against the model now one of the things

in the year in America they design

penitentiaries the prisons after the

grade school and that's because they

think that's where they went wrong the

socialization didn't work could you move

to the next slide please

now this and again these are models just

take what's good and and leave what's

what you don't agree with I don't mind

this is just a model and models are

always limited by their nature but this

is a model here is that in the Islamic

model the first and foremost principle

is coca-cola the Edmund andi'm that over

every possessor of knowledge is one who

knows more and that is to create

humility in individuals to create a

sense of humbleness which is rarely what

you find in Western academia you will

find quite the opposite

that they inculcate arrogance in their

teachers and to question the authorities

of these teachers often means losing a

grade and I say this by my own

experience in the educational system

because I've been in at the secondary at

the college and the university level in

this system and often going against the

teacher means losing a grade and people

learn early on in this system that to

regurgitate is the best way to be

successful now in the Islamic model you

have two things happening you have a

downward motion and an upward motion the

teacher and the student are at the same

level and I'm talking here not at the

primary I'm not talking about them in

the Quranic school where the child

learns a deep respect for the teacher

and also traditionally in the Muslim

education but I think truly that

something went deeply wrong

in our educational system when we began

to give absolute authority to to the

teachers this was a danger and it's

something that the island is susceptible

to and has to be aware of it in his in

his or her own heart is to become

arrogant about what Allah has given them

and the true island is the one who is

humble before Allah and before the the

slaves of Allah subhana WA to Anna and

this has been consistent with my own

experience of different scholars that I

have been with that the ones that I have

really seen as models of the prophetic

teaching are those who were the humblest

but for their students and the ones that

I saw as really being against that

prophetic model were the ones who were

arrogant the prophet Elijah was open to

suggestion from his students even Aisha

reveal on his own wife when he talked

about that he said that there will be

people that will enter gender without he

said I shall delano she and as she

refuted the prophets allah's him with

the eye of quran she questioned him she

said yah Rasul Allah but Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala says what amendment would ya

kita will be a meanie for so vo hazard

what he said when you Sarah and the

prophet Elijah have said that accrual

out it's just that's not honorable

that's not a real he said and so he

explained it to her but the point is she

was not afraid to question something

coming from The Messenger of Allah Salih

lightest and when she had a higher

authority which is the book of allah

subhana wa ta'ala because the book of

allah is a higher authority than the

sunnah of the prophet in the tortilla of

those who lean we will always look aroma

will always look at the Quran before it

looks at the Sunnah

so she was she understood that principle

and she questioned the prophets Elijah

and he gave her the best of replies

because lamb to farm a Intifada hawa he

doesn't speak from his passions so what

is happening is the knowledge is coming

from Allah and the beautiful example of

this is the example of even at Hajj

Salma Col when he said that he went to

his teacher in Norwich Umrah who's one

of the greatest scholars of hadith from

Al Andalus and he wrote his famous book

2news which is the joy of the selves or

the joy of the souls and he when he went

to him he said I want to learn from you

oh sure and he said we are both students

and allies the teacher if you want to

sit with me and we can learn together

from Allah subhana WA Ta'ala Marhaba now

that is the depth and deep humility and

that person inspires love in his

students and this is why of the great

Imams you will look their students in

many instances went completely against

their opinion and yet they never said

they weren't their teacher Imam Shafi or

Dalaran who was the student of Malik and

he said anahulu moon militant mani Malik

I'm just a boy from the use of magic and

that did not stop him from going against

the Imams judgments and opinions in his

medlab in fact to such a degree that

Imam Shafi has another method an

entirely different method Abu Yusuf and

a Shibani rod the Aloha and whom out the

students of Abu Hanifah despite the fact

of the brilliance of Abu Hanifah about

which Imam Attica of the man who said or

about whom in America of the man who

said if he wanted to prove this pillar

was made out of gold he would have done

it brilliant man phenomenal intellect

one of the greatest intellects in human

history despite that fact his two best

students disagreed with him in over a

third of his opinions and despite that

fact they did not see themselves as

other than students of Abu Hanifah

brother lo Haga me on these are men men

and want me near region these are men

and the same is true of the great women

that studied and there were many of them

now if you look here then what is

happening is knowledge or understanding

is coming down and this is called Elohim

this is the ill ham that Allah gives to

his slaves not why why is to the

prophets ill ham Minamata ma doesn't

want ham own myoma has people who are

given ill ham and this is the type of

that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala gives

understanding to people gives them to

people because Allah is the one who


understanding and what come what the

return of that understanding is

gratitude and this is what I'm calling

em and Amin in other words knowledge

comes down and the gratitude that is

returned to allah subhana wa ta'ala is

acting according to that knowledge and

this is the essence of the islamic

educational system is that everything

that you learn and understand you have

to recognize it has a zakat and it's

zakat is action that is the zakat that

you have to give the understanding that

allows you behind without it gives you

as you act according to it and and the

same now what happens when you give

gratitude when they in jakarta mela is

identical if you show gratitude Allah

increases you in knowledge so the

knowledge increases and this is why the

Muslims traditionally were always

increasing in their knowledge and at the

point when the increasing stops that

means the sugar stopped there wasn't any


now one thing you will notice all over

the Muslim world is complaints Muslims

are great complainers all over the

Muslim world brilliant at complaining we

make the best complainers and the the

the the sugar and the hand that used to

resonate like one of the poet said said

that this prophet mohammad sallallahu

them came in a living form people looked

at him and thousands of doors swung open

and then that physical form went away

and this praising sound filled the world

Muhammad this praising sound filled the

world and that's what resonated from the

Islamic Ummah was this hamd and part of

the hamd was this deep understanding and

what resonated from that deep

understanding was saying alhamdulillah

because they were witnessing they were

in the shewed the more Shahada of the

meaning of Allah subhana WA to Anna of

the bounties and the blessings of allah

subhana wa ta'ala and this is what

should be inculcated in the student this

is what should be included in the

student so that we become people of hamd

and sugar and that is the

that is how the the the Islamic

educational model really is is is is is

based on could you move this Minda now

here if you look this is a I'm looking

at both now in the kaffir system which

equals oppression because it's based on

oppressing human being and the Muslim

system is is is liberation because what

the Muslim system does is it makes you

Abdullah what her only ready laugh it

makes you a slave to Allah and free from

the creation free from the creation you

are heard

the Muslim is true but he's at the law

and that's where his career comes from

that's the secret of our freedom is in

our servitude to allah subhanho wa taala

the opposite is true of the kaffir

system they rebel against the servitude

of allah and believe themselves to be

free and because of that become the

servants of the lowest qualities of

their selves they become Abdullah

Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Musa

Abdul Sahara Abdul Neelam this is what

they become the slave of all of these

things constantly up the dinar wa durum

how wretched is the slave of money this

is what the prophet sallallaahu Salim

said and he said mood Mena Hammurabi

that wasn't mud minnow Zeenat ah that

wasn't the one a dictator intoxicants is

like the one addicted to an idol the one

addicted to fornication is like the one

addicted to an idol the worshipper of an

idol and you look part of the the the

intoxication of this age is all of this

the one of the signs of the end of time

is the damn attitude level the the use

of entertainment the means of

entertainment which we entered into an

age of entertainment this is called the

entertainment age this is what people

spend their lives doing wasting it away

so if you look there the key concept is

is on the top there is that information

indoctrination in other words in the

Cather model they want to give you

information but the information is

really an indoctrination into the way

they view the world which is

materialistically which is neo listicle

ii and it they believe like nietzsche

articulated in the transvaluation of

values that there are no values that

we've transcended values which also

value is a word from Nietzsche as well

that's not even a traditional Christian

term the Christians believed in virtues

and the Muslims believed in phobia

so on the Muslim side it's wisdom

worship servitude bias Regency and this

is embodied in the the Oba Diah to Allah

deeds to feel as if an audible that if

you have servitude to Allah then you

enter into the Tunisia in the earth and

then the basic foundation is in the

catalysis and the child's ability to

absorb they know the child has massive

the ability to absorb and they exploit

that and utilize it in the Muslim it's

the divine right of a child to know the

Adamic nature and the parental

responsibility to teach that every child

has the right to know every child has

the right to know horrible infidel

between an Akula Muslim or muslima even

imagined relates the hadith that seeking

knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim

and muslimah and this means that the

parents must give the child the form of

learning this knowledge now the key

resource there is intellect and wealth

because if you look there system is

based on massive expenditure of money

and utilization of things traditional

Islamic education was not based on all

of this pseudo tools like computers and

things like this as if computers are

going to save the day I mean computers

are really going to probably destroy the

education of the children of this age

they're just going to get stupider and

stupider the the the key resource for

the Muslims is cetera the inherent

brilliance of the child the ability to

absorb and if you look at your own

children that you've had if you have

rectum yet the the child is is is filled

with a desire to know they want to know

and that desire to know should be

nurtured and encouraged not stunted and

stifled which is what happens in this

culture the child is asking questions

constantly because it wants to know it

wants to know what is the end up what is

the cause what's the reason for this

that's why children will constantly ask

you why life why did that happen what is

this what's that mean who did that they

hear a sound what was that they want to

know everything you hear a sound you

don't pay attention to it because your

reticular formation is just got used to

blocking those out but they hear a sound

they said what was that they want to

know what was that and you would be

amazed that they're quite content when

you tell them that Allah made that Allah

did that it makes sense to them they

don't have a they don't have a problem

with that I my wife said to my boy the

other day

now who is Allah and he said the

Crusader of the heavens and the earth

and she said no the creator of them but

he's only four and he'll get it right

sha Allah the ultimate goal now in the

Caviar's system it is capitulation for

the poor this is the ultimate goal they

want the poor to basically capitulate to

the logic of the system to enter into an

oppressive system and to not challenge

their own oppressed conditions and this

is what happens to the minorities and to

the people from the dominant culture who

are not people of wealth which is

becoming increasingly the majority of

people's and so this is the idea to

surrender to Big Brother if you read

Orwell's book at the end the the

protagonist of the book surrenders to

Big Brother and says I love you I love

you big brother

and this is what they want people to do

to surrender completely to Big Brother

and Big Brother's allah kabir it's more

a chiffon elective art like it was

called by one of the recent political

leaders the the standard for the muslim

if the goal is to create a good human

being not a good

listen a good human being because being

a good human being sometimes

necessitates going against what me being

a good citizen is you see sometimes it

means challenging the Society of which

you are a part of so we don't want good

citizens we want good human beings not

seen own mummy non-muslim moon and the

Prophet Elias Adam said and Muslim woman

Salomon Muslim moon mainly sandy way Adi

admin woman I mean an acyl Millie

santevia D so this is the nature we are

trying to inculcate a doer and if you

look at all three of the words Muslim

montt men and Marcin those are all forth

based verbs that are active participles

of a root which is the the basis month

in and the moral is a causative form

it's something that does things Muslims

are not passive recipients they are

people that go out and do things the

Muslim by his nature somebody who's

actively doing something he's a Faton

that's called isn't that in in Arabic a

file is the one who does something and

the file is more for the file is raised

up but if you're the object if you're

the passive recipient if you're what's

called ism mithoon then you're among

soup you're lowered and raised down

you're a based and that's the nature so

the Muslim is the one who is doing

things he's changing the world that he's

in and when they asked masala cocoons

Visakhapatnam no cumin and minal

muslimeen what i'm knocking up a minimal

scheme well kunana who do mal ha aleem

we didn't use to pray and that doesn't

just mean if you're doing your five

routinized prayers a day you can still

fall into that category because the

Provencal I sent him said Lassa Lassa

Lassa laa la Lima Lima open Amina

there's no nothing from the prayer

except what was understood in other

words you don't gain from your prayer if

you're not in a state of more Aqaba if

you're not in a state of presence

Aladin whom feels so la ti Muhajiroun

there are people of who sure there are

people of in the presence in the divine

presence which is awareness that Allah

and this is Muhammed a senator block and

a Katara freedom to control over in

and this is what we want to create

muslim menthe men watson we that's what

we want to do but you can't have a son

without Mujahedin and retorted on Kabul

there's no a son without Mujahid ah

and so we are inculcating in our

children a love of struggle and a desire

to struggle and persevere in the path of

Allah and laziness has completely

dominated our Ummah we are omeka solana

and the Prophet Elias Adam used to seek

refuge from Castle OD become in a Nazi

with Castle I seek refuge in incapacity

and laziness and incapacity like the

Imam in Okayama josiya said incapacity

is when you desire to do something but

you can't do it laziness is when you

have the ability to do it but you don't

desire to do it wanna reveal a man

kids'll halothane both of these are

wretched States to be an energy zone

what Kosala lavinia - awesome I'm couse

Allah who gets up to their prayer like

lazy people and one ask upon the

hypocrites so we want to raise up an

Ummah that's based on Islam Eman and s

on which is the three dimensions of

Islam not just one not like now we've

got all these people walking around

thinking there are more men own you know

I'm a Muslim in my heart brother right

and that's what people have told me as I

was in one of the Muslim countries and

and this he said oh you're a Muslim from

America I said yeah he said hum did I

said are you Muslim guy I like to ask

these people sometime make him think a

little bit you know he's and you know

he's in Saudi Arabia you know 100%

everybody's Muslim here know you so are

you Muslim ass they're asking you are

you Muslim I said yeah are you Muslim oh

yeah I was born with some that doesn't

mean anything

I mean haven't you there's a band called

Babel rigde that means leaving Islam

once you were a Muslim and he said I'm a

Muslim here I said that's not where

Islam is that's where

Eman is Islam is outside right not iman

is not outside

Islam is outside Iman is inside and

that's the balance human being that's

called a moon ethic and a monetha

is the

where Islam is outside and there's no

Iman inside but there's no we don't have

a term that means a Muslim inside

there's no term in our vocabulary the

standard of excellence of these people

is academic achievement and I put an

emphasis on academic achievement because

you can look if this person who's now

accused of being the Unabomber this is

somebody who graduated with the highest

honors from Harvard the best university

that they have and he's a sociopath that

can't even socialize with human beings

this is somebody who got honours in

their in their educational system and

was a professor at a one of the top

universities so that's their criterion

of excellent that's not our criterion of

excellent if somebody's brilliant and

they're they're not they don't have a

lock they're a failure in the Islamic

educational system they're a failure if

no matter how genius they are and

brilliant and they can memorize

everything in quote everything and bring

it all together if they don't have basic

humanity they're a failure as far as the

Islamic model is concerned the the the

standard of excellence for us is xn and

a dub a dub which is right behavior

adapt discourtesy but it's a deep

spiritual courtesy it's not this lip

service it's it's somebody my debit

somebody who has has a deep and the

prophets allies and even though the

hadeeth has some weakness in it the

anima agree that it's a sound meaning

addabani rabbi fa ahsana ta'dibi my lord

has given me a dub and what excellent

Adam he gave me his a dub was based on

asana for a sonnet DB it means it came

from exon so his a dub was based on xn

and then the key teacher resource is

information experience that's the key

teacher resource in the kaffarah model

in the Muslim model is Taku a little

Colleen knowledge which equals element

Amman so the first criterion is that you

want a toughy to teach your child and

there's a beautiful story of even Abby's

a non-fatal Ani who was given when he

memorized Fatiha his father gave him 40

dinars which is a massive sum of money

when the Maya

who was teaching of Quran said Subhan

Allah you gave him 40 dinars al al


yeah nice table here al al baqarah what

are you gonna give him for baccarat and

and even Abbas aids father said I don't

want you to teach my son either anta to

pay you more fatiha

PR Barina dinara letter of vive la d if

you have valued and fatiha with 40

dinars then you're not going to teach my

son and look who even have his ideas but

even Abizaid is not even Abizaid without

a bow even Abizaid the father and

there's no great island in the Muslim

world that doesn't have a great mother

and a great father behind him and I

guarantee you unless they were your team

and then they had a great more up B and

that's why the Prophet had the best of

the menorah B he had robbed banana mean

he was the ateam he was the orphan who

was trained and educated by the Lord of

the Worlds and that's why we're in

Naqada add a hood open al deen because

can a horrible al quran his cloak was

The Book of Allah that's how I should

described it and so the primary overseer

are the so-called experts standardized

test then they'll tell you how well your

child is doing if they get good grades

on the test

Oh your child is doing excellent well

he's totally anti-social he spends all

the day in front of this computer screen

he won't talk to us anymore that's

that's ok he's doing great in school and

least he's not out there in a gang or

something like that

right I mean really where is fun the

primary overseer is Allah we teach our

children that our lives more often that

are lies watching them wherever they are

that Allah has the angelic realm taking

care of them that we have two angels on

us wherever we go and they're with us

who Malcolm ænima come to Allah is with

you wherever you go in his knowledge and

this is what's inculcated into the child

so they know they don't they don't learn

to hide their shame as before Allah as

well as the creation your stamina Halep

Kamiya stamen and Malou well I said they

are ashamed before Allah just as they're

ashamed before the creation more so

before allah subhanho wa taala

and what happens

monetha society is that children are

taught to be ashamed in front of other

people but they have no shame before

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will never be

lying in typical Hanna now in them so

there is the Quran is the standard so

the child learns that the standard by

which they are judges in the Quran if

they want to know how they are they look

at the descriptions in the Quran of

those who Allah has praised and of those

who he has blamed and they find out

where they fit in the Book of Allah

because we all fit in there any anyone

in this room if you want to know where

you are just look in the Book of Allah

Allah describes the Kafar Damona the

horn and the Muslim oon the mock me

known the Marcy known the fast upon the

valley mom you can find your name in

there I guarantee you Allah has a

lock-up for you Allah has a title for

you you'll find yourself in there all

time I will all find ourselves in there

and that title is what your gonna come

on the Yom Okayama with not a toast

Eddard Kabir not a on Fulani you're

gonna come with that title and then

angels teaching about the angelic realm

the parents and then the teacher and the

teacher is similar to the parents it's

really a more obvious Ani

and interestingly enough in the system

of education but put out forth by Rudolf

Steiner who was a German Christian he

believed that children should have the

same teacher in the primary level for at

least four or five years so that they

become like a parent to them and that

was the traditional model that the

Muslims used a teacher a child would

stay with a teacher for several years

usually four or five years and the

teacher became like a second father to

them or a second mother and they would

bring them gifts and on the Eids they

would bring them gifts and things like

this and they honored them like a parent

and in Mauritania one of the first

things they taught me was manna

McAuliffe for a book the one that

teaches you one letter is your father

in other words understand that when you

learn knowledge that that person now is

your Marathi he's your more active now

in the peer influence in the Western

kaffir model there is unchecked the pure

influence is unchecked

share al-haddad the mujaddid of the 13th

hidden e century the great yemeni

scholar said absolution Anatole ad Oh

dad the most corrupting element on

children is other children and how true

is that

because you put your children into these

schools and see how long they last they

just fall into that influence of the

worst elements and then here in the

Muslim the peer influence is focused on

shared responsibility mutual remaining

it's focused on tell one we teach our

children about to Alan we teach them to

work together we teach them about the

power of synergy that Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala has told us to stay together

while Tassimo be happy that he Demi and

well at afar Rocco

that the prophets all I said I'm said al

muslimin to Takata edema omaha me I

don't wash water to an animus you are

home well when Muslim you can you don't

be a he this is what we inculcate in our

children is that we're powerful in our

numbers and were weak when were broken

and divided and so we teach at the early

level and this is why there's disunity

all over the world because one of the

things that this kaffir educational

institution teaches people is to compete

in the worst ways with their own fellow

peers and the Muslims don't compete like

we compete in academics we compete with

our own selves our own inherent

capacities and this is why traditionally

the Muslims didn't grade children on a

standard a mean there were no grades the

grades is literally a 17th century

invention by a and low Saxon Cambridge

Don that's the truth Muslims never

graded their children and don't think

that they won't if you think grades are

the only thing that's the that teaching

them to do things just out of that note

they want da Rajat with Allah and Daraa

Shepherd with a lot of things that

nobody knows but Allah subhana WA to Ana

teaching them inculcating in them to

work together to help each other if you

read a beautiful book which was written

about the Islamic educational system

translated into English and the titles

lost me right now but there was a

beautiful section

on the preceptorship system of the

traditional islamic mattresses where

students would go to other senior

students and they would become like

students of the student and that was

because one student who was known to

understand the the books really well

they would go and that's the type of

relationship so there was a relationship

created of mutual responsibility and

that student would see it as an

opportunity to help his brother or to

help her sister and this is the way the

the educational system formulated I'm

gonna I've been given my notice here and

I'm really not done and I don't know if

we can I know we need to break for

makarov and then can we come back

can we come back for about probably 20

minutes and then I'll do some you know

we can talk about this I is that

acceptable for people just like um

enough Adam said oh my

Rahim bismillah ar-rahman rahim was all

Aloha I never stayed in a Mohammedan

shut off an MBA one more sitting or

anything so hamdu lillah yeah but I'm

doing this this subject this subject is

an extensive subject and it's really not

the subject of even an hour two hour

three hour presentation it it needs

serious deliberation and it really needs

some of the better minds of our Ummah to

come together and really look at what's

taking place because to deny that we're

in a crisis is really an act of

stupidity our ummah is in I think the

greatest crisis that it's ever been

confronted with much greater than the

time of salahuddin at AUV and the first

conquest that took place in Palestine by

the Crusaders were now followed with a

second occupation of Palestine by the

Jewish oppressors that exist there now

they're over there celebrating the

election of Netanyahu D right you know

nettan in Arabic means foul and Yahoo

Yahoo you know the Arabs have what's

called Tajin

in Arabic where they break like they

instead of saying y'all saw him they say

ya saw so yeah who is like thirty mob

yahoodi so we're dealing with Netanyahu

D the the foul list of the yahood

Natalia hood

and they put him in power because they

want really to squelch anything left of

the resistance that exists in that place

it's fascinating that the Hezbollah in

and I all these names are horrible for

groups to take names like that because

Hezbollah you know like the Prophet who

said to the Bedouin who said alone

matter how many what I am Muhammad and

what I thought I'm Savannah oh Allah

have mercy on me and have mercy on

Muhammad and don't have mercy on anybody


the Provencal I said I'm said you've

constricted the van by yup that wasa so

when a group calls himself Hezbollah

vehicle ASSA

you know the Hezbollah is not and the US

intelligence estimates their active

membership at eight hundred people right

so the Jewish terrorizing forces went in

there and destroyed homes and

infrastructure all over Lebanon because

of 800 people which is not the real

reason but the point being is that we

are in serious confrontation now part of

what existed at the time of salahuddin

AUB and we unfortunately we tend to be a

people who put our leaders so high they

become inaccessible and this is even

true of the the messenger of allah

sallallahu and he was a lamb who there's

no doubt he's of total helping laughs

he's the best of creation but he's also

loose well what a computer sunil I was

watchin husana in man can I ask Allah

when you're mad after what that Corolla

kathira he's the messenger is the

example for this Ummah and what's

happened in many sections of the Muslim

Ummah the prophets Allah I am no longer

becomes accessible as a as a model he's

literally placed to a degree of

exaltation where he's no longer humanly

accessible to people and that that is

it's tragic and that is in no way when a

rule do we let him initiate our

nourishing denigrating his mom the

prophets allah ism has the highest mom

of the creation and he is the best of

creation fail helping laugh but he still

owes wharton husana

a good example and he meant to be

followed he wasn't meant to be deified

like Issa and SRM and although the

Muslims are handle I have not fallen

into that same trap that the Christians

did nonetheless there's a way of

objectifying the Prophet Sawa's him to a

degree where we no longer see the

humanity of the Prophet we no longer see

the man who sewed his own clothes we no

longer see the man who went in the

marketplace and bought his vegetables

and bought his food for his household we

no longer see the man so Allah and Islam

who prayed amongst his Sahaba we don't

see the man who sat in the circle of his

Sahaba and smiled when they told silly

stories of their jolly days we no longer

see the man who when he sees no hair

walking in the street I want a mayor and

he asked him what what did you do with

the little bird we don't see the man I

mean really we we've lost sense of this

man who walked amongst human beings as a

guide and that's who th