Lambs to the Slaughter

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Event Name: Lambs to the Slaughter
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e talk about

even Hut dunes place in Islamic

education even hard on him oh Allah was

a brilliant scholar he was a Malachy

Holly he was a Mufti as well as being a

historian he memorized the model one at

Cobra which is a huge book in Maliki

he had brilliant intellect his ideas

were literally centuries ahead of his

age including the Muslim the Muslims

weren't ready to hear what he had to say

because he was talking about the decline

because he was witnessing the decline of

the Muslim Ummah and he was explaining

its reasons and it was bitter for people

so his

books were ignored for a long time and

it's interesting enough that it's the

Europeans that picked up his books

I mean Europeans actually kind of

discovered even some dude in a lot of

ways the macadam as an extrordinary book

he does have a section in there which

I've read about education and he

basically just is it's a descriptive the

importance of education and he talks

about the differences between different

locations like for instance in

al-andalus he says they were more

concerned with beautiful penmanship and

the memorization of poetry than they

were with the memorization of Quran and

he explains the reason for that is

because they wanted to create very

eloquent people and they realized that

the Quran is inimitable it cannot be

imitated so so they felt if the the

young boys would memorize a metal case

and Watanabe and and all of these jihad

poets that they would have abilities to

speak in eloquent Arabic and it's it's

worth it's been translated by Rosenthal

it's called the pro l-'azim I think of

in Manhattan and there's a section in

there it's very useful to read and

there's also been a book written on even

a hundred serial education which I've

actually read and I benefited a lot from

some of his ideas any suggestion when a

husband wants the TV in home so he can

watch three to four hours of sports

his only recreation that's not

recreation he's watching recreation but

that's not recreation you see recreation

is when you go out and and do something

that recreates and that's what

recreation means to recreate somebody

who can spend four hours watching sports

in front of the television ought to be

ashamed of himself and that's all I can

say about that they ought to be ashamed

of themselves because time doesn't time

doesn't come back time is lost man I

mean it's your capital and it's it's you

know there's like an hourglass and you

only have so many grains of sand in it

and it's dripping away you know and and

this is something if you read there's a

beautiful book for those who can read

Arabic tomatoes lemon and the ulama by

Abdel Fattah Buddha have a low a lot of

the Syrians

from from Aleppo I think he's Aleppo I

love you

he it's a beautiful book that he wrote

and you know he said walk so I'm calm I

need to be heavily he had a mahaki of

the yellow that's how he begin it with

that line of poetry that time is the

most precious thing that you concerned

yourselves with and it's the easiest

thing that you can lose and we have so

much time so we should utilize our time

and then I'm not saying that the

prophets all I said you know I mean

you're Italian to have a saying

certainly lay he was certainly Leahey

right like give a time a time for Allah

and a time for some entertainment or

something like that

Allah he's one of the names of Shaban as

well if you look it up in the dictionary

there so you have to be careful with

that but the Prophet SAW like I said I'm

said when somebody is going to a wedding

he asked I said did the unsought have

lahu and they said they said was there

loud when he said then I'm sorry you go

home and level they like entertainment

and we know the Prophet Elisha he used

to like to have some entertainment cuz

he liked to show the Jews and the

Christians that he had Fatah in his Deen

that the Dinah's are not all rigidity

and not all but our level should be

beneficial it shouldn't be wasted time

because even in Lihue there's benefit

and that's why the prophet sal i said

i'm said that a man practicing his

arrows is level but it's good and

archery is a beautiful sport it teaches

you a lot of things and the most primary

thing that it teaches you which is why

we should teach our children it that if

you miss the air the the the mark the

marma what they call the marma the

bullseye don't blame it on the bullseye

it's the false in the Rami you see so if

we're missing our mark in art in the

dunya don't blame it on the dunya blame

it on the one who's shooting you see and

that's what archery teaches you that

it's you determine where the arrow lands

and then you teach your children sabaha

what Okubo hey on roku bill hail is an

important thing because hail in the

arabic language from who yella which is

pride who yella is pride and the horse

is a proud animal a hail they say that

you know the bun Allah is is the made


a male donkey and a female horse and

they say if the female horse looks

behind her and seized the the donkey

mounting her she died instantaneously

out of shame and that's why they don't

look when they're mounted they think

it's a horse there so the the hail is a

proud animal and if you teach rokubu

hail is you learn you teach the child

cxeh how to control the nafs

because the nafs is proud and arrogant

and so you learn how to control the nos

through CSS through Ted beer and through

roku tar cap nav circulate are kabocha

you ride your nuts but don't let your

enough to ride you and then sabaha we

subhanAllah the the supplies from the

same route sabaha is swimming and those

people who are in a state of motion

their Subban is because they're

witnessing the meaning of allah subhana

wa ta'ala they're witnessing the high

yumiya of allah swimming is a beautiful

metaphor for being immersed in in this

unifying element because water is a

unified element unlike the this the the

dry land dryness is separation water is

gathered Ness so teaching children how

to swim is teaching them how to immerse

themselves in gathered nurse as as

opposed to being constantly in

separation and that's why the in the

Hajj Slidell Bihar is permissible but

say that butter is not permissible and

there's wonderful meanings in that so

throw out the TVs that's my advice you

know and I'm going to talk about that

tomorrow about TVs because TVs are we

have to stop because it's the so they're

gonna kick us out of the hall so Hyundai

like yeah I'm Dana see I told you the

Canadians have some good qualities

it's not like the four months ago

I'll ask him to conclude it with a door

inshallah there's just there there's

just a few announcements inshallah that

I'll ask one brother to come up and give

and then I'll just talk about tomorrow

so saying if you would just come up make

a few announcements from the table or

from the podium this one and then we'll

conclude and once again Jews a qualifier

for coming we ask Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala to bless this event to bless

amount comes those words and we ask that

the examples in the message you gave to

us tonight enter our hearts and manifest

themselves and our deeds in sha allah

subhanaka llama will be hum the

connection either had that stuff flew

kumano to go a lake Rosamond Lanza

niolani me min ash-shaytaan-i'r rajeem

bismillah r-rahman r-rahim will us in in

CERN LFE host in ladina many one I mean

loss wali had but also will talk

otherwise all this suffer does not know

love her and said I want to look at