Lambs to the Slaughter

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Event Name: Lambs to the Slaughter
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their seriousness of their Pakistan eNOS

of the know we inculcate in our youth a

sense of their Islam that Islam is

paramount and that were one OMA we're a

body and it doesn't say we all have to

become like each other no it honors

cultures Islam honors people's

traditions it honors their cultures the

Sudanese have a beautiful culture you go

and you see things that you don't see in

other places if you go to Egypt then you

eat I'm redeemed for the iftar they

don't have that in Sudan but Sudanese

like it when they go to Egypt for iftar

maybe they have it do they have I'm

gonna dine in Sudan they got it from

Egypt you see so so good things come

from culture you see you go and you know

they like it and they bring it back

Islam just gets rid of the dirt it's

like if you have a big feast and you go

in and in the middle there's a pig and

all around it are good things fruits and

all these things all Islam does is it

takes the pig out it says this is

harmful throws it away but everything

else is cool Allah shareable and that's

what Islam does with culture it comes

into a place and it looks there's good

things in Canadian culture not

everything is bad most thing but not

everything so there are things that

Islam if it came here it would preserve

them it would honor them and it would

say no there's nothing wrong with that

but it would also clarify because it's

for fun you federal banal happy would

happen so what the good things that it

would do it would keep like punctuality

that unfortunate we have to learn from

them and Islam the Prophet SAW lies in

Subhan Allah he waited three days for a

man before Islam in one place he waited

three days that was how strong his word

was and when the man finally showed up

he forgot all about his appointment the

Prophet to all he said it was

honey you know you wear you wore me out

waiting for you so long Madison I mean

the prayer itself teaches us punctuality

not obsessive like clocks people saying

when's he gonna finish here we don't we

don't have to be that punctual so then

he says this is so amazing the strangest

thing to tell of this mosque concerns

the column which stands between the old

and the new max Ora it has a fixed walk

for the benefit of those who lean

against it in meditation and study there

were pillars that somebody donated from

his wealth money to support anyone that

wanted to lean against that pillar and

meditate to oh I mean what kind of

people were that there's something

amazing in fest they have a walk there

to this day that feed stray cats

somebody left a walk that somebody goes

out and feeds the cats the these Muslims

were extraordinary human beings we saw

decided a Fafi from Seville called

Elmo Roddy in the morning at the end of

the assembly for the reading of a 7th

section of the Quran each man leans

against a column while in front of him

sits a boy who instructs him in the

Quran the boys also have a fixed

allowance for their reciting but those

of their fathers who are fluent prohibit

their sons from accepting it they're

teaching them if although the remainder

do so then he says this is one of the

virtues of Islam - Elam infidel and

Islam the walk system where people

donate money for people to study to give

them Etha

and traditionally one of the in the

books of thick in in the book in ham

doon on his hasha of mayara

says that it is not a fault or a blemish

for the paula venom to ask from wealthy

people to support him the wealthy people

should be looking for the love to

support to help them in their studies

and if you look in this kaffir system

they give endowments they

endowments they help people what for

Kufa to increase their power they have

think tanks they have RAND Corporation

Ford Foundation Carnegie Foundation the

Rockefeller Foundation they give huge

amounts of money for people to spend two

years doing nothing but studying so that

they can write a book that ends up in

the in the Pentagon or in the State

Department they let them go and study in

Syria for two years so they can

understand the social system and how it

works they do this for ku phone and

we're supposed to be I said to her belly

laugh we should have more love for Allah

so behind Wattana than these people for

their Tahu and yet we don't see it with

rare exception and then he says here

well then he says for orphan boys there

is in the town a large school with a

generous endowment rock phone from which

the teachers draw enough to sustain

themselves and disembark from it to

support and clothe the children this is

also one of the uncommon things to tell

of the virtues of these lands the

instructions of boys in the Quran and

all these eastern lands consists only of

making them commit to memory writing

they learn through the medium of poetry

and other things the book of the a lotta

Allah is thus kept undefiled from the

markings and rubbings out of the boys


I mean he's saying in Andalusia they

didn't have this habit but he was

praising equality that they would give

the Quran by telling Shafi'i in order

that the boys wouldn't write the Quran

and then erase it they didn't want to

defile the book with the erasure is so

beautiful and this is tahleen women you

out them shy or loving I'm otaku Kalume

those who exalt the these these

standards of allah subhana wa ta'ala

this is from the taqwa in the hearts of

the people and they had great taqwa and

Colleen for the Book of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and this goes on it's it's a very

beautiful it will make you weep when you

read it you weep you know because it's

lost these traditions are gone you know

so I think just in summary

we as people and here in Toronto there's

something that we can do and there's

there's one thing we need to understand

which is important and it keeps the

Muslims and this is something that is

borrowed from a corporate model but I

think it's very valid and what a heck

might old volatile movement there's an

idea of what's called a circle of

concern and a circle of influence the

circle of concern is the greater circle

like our concern is for the whole Ummah

man I offend the amur and meaningfully

Simon home o ammidon muslimeen the one

not concerned about the Muslims isn't

from amongst them so we concern

ourselves with the Muslim but where is

our circle of influence where can we

really have to fear now we can have fear

by making dua for the umma

so the fear extends beyond even what we

have physical or monetary power to

change so we make dua for this Ummah and

the door has an effect but what about

that physical effectiveness that we can

have we have to limit ourselves to our

circles of influence to recognize that

each one of us has a limited data data

to Theia this circle of influence and we

have to benefit by recognizing where it

extends to and then work within that

circle and part of one of the I think

mechanisms of Kufra now in this day and

age is to exhaust all of the Muslim

resources by scattering all of their

work all over to where there's no

emphasis on the local at the local level

and the primary concern of a community

is always at the local level always

zakat in most of the books a fifth is to

be given back to the same community that

it was taken from it's taken from the

rich and it's given to the poor before

it goes into a central collection it

only goes into the central collection

when there's no one to collect zakat at

the local level so there should be a

local concern because if you increase

your local infrastructure then that your

sphere of influence increases when

people see the Muslims successful here

then Toronto becomes a model and I've


- used as a model in other places as a

way of encouraging people to do things

that's not I'm not making that up

I've heard things that are happening

here being used as examples in other

places so if we strengthen our local

communities we need to create

neighborhoods where Muslims can be our

children can be raised as much as

possible in that first model within a

society fixture where they have a sense

of Islam around them so if we create

Muslim neighborhoods where Muslims live

in the houses together buying houses in

the same areas and we literally create

Muslim neighborhoods so that people pray

fudger together they pray Asia together

they have the the women and the children

are in an environment that's conducive

to their Islam and the women have a huge

responsibility they have a huge

responsibility because you can't be

frivolous people you can't let shelf on

just take your intellect steal them away

from you know your your beings endowed

with intelligence and integrity just as

much as the men are Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala has not preferred in these things

the men over the women know there were

great women of scholarship in this Ummah

and if you study the some of the

greatest universities there's a whole

college in Alaska that was donated by a

Muslim woman that still functions to

this day Fatima Fatiha

the great Muslim Walia from fairs who

donated the entire University of the

Caribbean which has produced again and

again allama all over the spread the

message of Islam all over Africa

especially North African Andalusia we

know the foundation of the Sun Cory

University young artists ancora

in Timbuktu was donated by a woman women

had great concerns for education because

it was their children that they were

going to be putting into those

institutions and we have never had a

great and I said this before and I say

it again we have never had a great

Muslim or Muslim at that didn't have a

great mother behind them unless they

were your team and then they had a great

moral Bureau Rabia and you reads mr.

Roop his grandmother who raised him

because he was an orphan she used to

hide food in his house

when he grew up as a little boy and and

he was I'm hungry and she said let's

make dua and ask Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

if there's some that he'll give us some


and they would make Dora and then she

said let's look maybe Allah put some in

the house and they would go look

together and then he said they would

find it and he would praise Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala and he would eat the

food and he said I realized when I grew

old and I had my intellect she was

inculcating in me telecon she was

teaching me how to trust in Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala these are the kind of

women that we need that are going to to

raise another generation at Ulmer Madras

and at the tire shop on Eva Libre rappy

the mother is the madrasah she is the

school if you prepare her you've

prepared a deep people of people of

roots of people of substance and if

she's ignored and belittled then you've

ignored and belittled your own oh ma so

this is something we have to be aware of

the women have a great responsibility

and a great challenge in this age and we

need to understand what our a tradition

is and I'm not saying that we have to go

back to to you know the some kind of

madrasah model where there's nothing no

their benefit there are beneficial

things that have happened and occurred

in this time but things need to be put

into perspective and we need to realize

what are our goals the goal of education

has never been economic fulfillment in

Islam because our risk is the armor of

Allah super Hannah were to Anna

one minute akela Maharaja the one who

has suffered a la Allah will give him a

way out well Rosa woman hey Julia says

even he will provide from him from where

he is has no man hey laetus if it means

where he didn't even expect it to come

from so there are people that study for

years to be a doctor and I know a man in

in California he's from a Arab

background he studied for years to be a

doctor he hates medicine and he told me

he just did it because his father want

him to do it now he's a businessman he's

very successful and he's very devout

Muslim so the point is you don't know

where Allah is going to provide you and

the truth is this is an age in which

nobody has any ailment there's no Easter

table anymore and there never was in

reality it's an illusion because like

the Prophet said and mode to October

with a common shyrokyne adikam

that is closer to you than the

the strap on your sandal so no one has

any there's no Eman I'm into Memphis

Somalia and yes it will become an art

you have any security in the earth that

he won't just shake it up so we have no

security our security is without loss

super Hannover to Allah and the moment

is the one that your immune have so home

at Allah he's the one that get his

security he praises it with Allah super

Hannah tanika's Allah is also an muckman

there's a name of Allah and if you're

Mormon be la Allah you're a manuka yo

come in at Valaya or isaiah was sharp so

these all of these things we have to be

really start waking up we're in a deep

sleep and we're in a crisis situation

and our crises is one of knowledge it

always has been it always will be

and I'm not talking about information

I'm talking about deep knowledge that is

transformative by its nature that

changes people that makes them better

people make some people up in Mohammed

and this is where we have to go we have

to create institutions where Muslims can

learn again we need to bring life to our

massages with the Quran with the

remembrance of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

and this is all within the possibility

of the human being because we're an

extraordinary creature and Allah has

endowed us with extraordinary gifts and

and if we turn to him then Allah gives

us a Maharaj

a way out and really I don't have more

to Sam inshallah tomorrow I'm gonna talk

just about planting seeds in other words

looking for you know what more practical

things that we can do I mean a lot of

this I'm just trying to just give us you

know an alternative perspective that's

based on my own research into classical

Islamic education and also that I had

the benefit of spending a short time in

a traditional method ASSA

so I actually could see because in in in

the Sahara Desert there's still

mattresses that are functioning the way

mattresses functioned a thousand years

ago quite literally that have had no

outside influence and although their

shortcomings to their system what I

noticed is they produce human beings and

this is the great omar bin al-khattab

they were sitting around the Sahaba and

they were making wishes and

them said I wished I had a mountain full

of gold that I could spend feasible ela

and another one said I wish that I had

all of these camels and things that I

could give to the Jews so they can ride

fisa Beulah and they asked what do you

wish for he said I wish I had a room

filled with men like Miranda Benjamin

and Albert Veda and Bilal even Rafa

that's what all my wish for a group of

men because with men you can change the

world you don't change the world with

with dunya you changed the world with

region and the prophets all nice that

have built human beings he didn't build

in fact even Hajj or Alaska Ronnie says

then Yasu role I had Ranade Hodja he

never put a stone upon a stone in his

entire life he planted the the the Kaaba

with that Hodja but he did not build

buildings Medina there's no place to go

and see the great buildings that the

Prophet Elias son left behind he left

behind men and women that transformed

the world that's what he did and that's

what he was concerned with and that's

what the Sahaba were concerned with and

so we should be concerned with

transforming our youth into Rashad and

Nisa of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and this

is possible to do that I don't think

it's far-fetched so I've just I have a

question here that please talk about

even Hut dunes place in Islamic

education even hard on him oh Allah was

a brilliant scholar he was a Malachy

Holly he was a Mufti as well as being a

historian he memorized the model one at

Cobra which is a huge book in Maliki

he had brilliant intellect his ideas

were literally centuries ahead of his

age including the Muslim the Muslims

weren't ready to hear what he had to say

because he was talking about the decline

because he was witnessing the decline of

the Muslim Ummah and he was explaining

its reasons and it was bitter for people

so his

books were ignored for a long time and

it's interesting enough that it's the

Europeans that picked up his books

I mean Europeans actually kind of

discovered even some dude in a lot of

ways the macadam as an extrordinary book

he does have a section in there which

I've read about education and he

basically just is it's a descriptive the

importance of education and he talks

about the differences between different

locations like for instance in

al-andalus he says they were more

concerned with beautiful penmanship and

the memorization of poetry than they

were with the memorization of Quran and

he explains the reason for that is

because they wanted to create very

eloquent people and they realized that

the Quran is inimitable it cannot be

imitated so so they felt if the the

young boys would memorize a metal case

and Watanabe and and all of these jihad

poets that they would have abilities to

speak in eloquent Arabic and it's it's

worth it's been translated by Rosenthal

it's called the pro l-'azim I think of

in Manhattan and there's a section in

there it's very useful to read and

there's also been a book written on even

a hundred serial education which I've

actually read and I benefited a lot from

some of his ideas any suggestion when a

husband wants the TV in home so he can

watch three to four hours of sports

his only recreation that's not

recreation he's watching recreation but

that's not recreation you see recreation

is when you go out and and do something

that recreates and that's what

recreation means to recreate somebody

who can spend four hours watching sports

in front of the television ought to be

ashamed of himself and that's all I can

say about that they ought to be ashamed

of themselves because time doesn't time

doesn't come back time is lost man I

mean it's your capital and it's it's you

know there's like an hourglass and you

only have so many grains of sand in it

and it's dripping away you know and and

this is something if you read there's a

beautiful book for those who can read

Arabic tomatoes lemon and the ulama by

Abdel Fattah Buddha have a low a lot of

the Syrians

from from Aleppo I think he's Aleppo I

love you

he it's a beautiful book that he wrote

and you know he said walk so I'm calm I

need to be heavily he had a mahaki of

the yellow that's how he begin it with

that line of poetry that time is the

most precious thing that you concerned

yourselves with and it's the easiest

thing that you can lose and we have so

much time so we should utilize our time

and then I'm not saying that the

prophets all I said you know I mean

you're Italian to have a saying

certainly lay he was certainly Leahey

right like give a time a time for Allah

and a time for some entertainment or

something like that

Allah he's one of the names of Shaban as

well if you look it up in the dictionary

there so you have to be careful with

that but the Prophet SAW like I said I'm

said when somebody is going to a wedding

he asked I said did the unsought have

lahu and they said they said was there

loud when he said then I'm sorry you go

home and level they like entertainment

and we know the Prophet Elisha he used

to like to have some entertainment cuz

he liked to show the Jews and the

Christians that he had Fatah in his Deen

that the Dinah's are not all rigidity

and not all but our level should be

beneficial it shouldn't be wasted time

because even in Lihue there's benefit

and that's why the prophet sal i said

i'm said that a man practicing his

arrows is level but it's good and

archery is a beautiful sport it teaches

you a lot of things and the most primary

thing that it teaches you which is why

we should teach our children it that if

you miss the air the the the mark the

marma what they call the marma the

bullseye don't blame it on the bullseye

it's the false in the Rami you see so if

we're missing our mark in art in the

dunya don't blame it on the dunya blame

it on the one who's shooting you see and

that's what archery teaches you that

it's you determine where the arrow lands

and then you teach your children sabaha

what Okubo hey on roku bill hail is an

important thing because hail in the

arabic language from who yella which is

pride who yella is pride and the horse

is a proud animal a hail they say that

you know the bun Allah is is the made


a male donkey and a female horse and

they say if the female horse looks

behind her and seized the the donkey

mounting her she died instantaneously

out of shame and that's why they don't

look when they're mounted they think

it's a horse there so the the hail is a

proud animal and if you teach rokubu

hail is you learn you teach the child

cxeh how to control the nafs

because the nafs is proud and arrogant

and so you learn how to control the nos

through CSS through Ted beer and through

roku tar cap nav circulate are kabocha

you ride your nuts but don't let your

enough to ride you and then sabaha we

subhanAllah the the supplies from the

same route sabaha is swimming and those

people who are in a state of motion

their Subban is because they're

witnessing the meaning of allah subhana

wa ta'ala they're witnessing the high

yumiya of allah swimming is a beautiful

metaphor for being immersed in in this

unifying element because water is a

unified element unlike the this the the

dry land dryness is separation water is

gathered Ness so teaching children how

to swim is teaching them how to immerse

themselves in gathered nurse as as

opposed to being constantly in

separation and that's why the in the

Hajj Slidell Bihar is permissible but

say that butter is not permissible and

there's wonderful meanings in that so

throw out the TVs that's my advice you

know and I'm going to talk about that

tomorrow about TVs because TVs are we

have to stop because it's the so they're

gonna kick us out of the hall so Hyundai

like yeah I'm Dana see I told you the

Canadians have some good qualities

it's not like the four months ago

I'll ask him to conclude it with a door

inshallah there's just there there's

just a few announcements inshallah that

I'll ask one brother to come up and give

and then I'll just talk about tomorrow

so saying if you would just come up make

a few announcements from the table or

from the podium this one and then we'll

conclude and once again Jews a qualifier

for coming we ask Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala to bless this event to bless

amount comes those words and we ask that

the examples in the message you gave to

us tonight enter our hearts and manifest

themselves and our deeds in sha allah

subhanaka llama will be hum the

connection either had that stuff flew

kumano to go a lake Rosamond Lanza

niolani me min ash-shaytaan-i'r rajeem

bismillah r-rahman r-rahim will us in in

CERN LFE host in ladina many one I mean

loss wali had but also will talk

otherwise all this suffer does not know

love her and said I want to look at