Stations of Gratitude

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Event Name: Stations of Gratitude
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We all will be looking at the book on Stations of gratitude.  This is pretty amazing we got to the reality of Shukr, which was taqwa and then he said Shukr has two mcoms there's

two stations of sugar, Mohammed Shakur which is the mama like Allah says Adina many body a Shakur very few of my servants are Shakur.

The Shakur is the one who's grateful for calamities and tribulations not just blessings.  He actually, he feels gratitude when horrible things happen because most people just feel at best they'll be patient or resigned but the Shakur he actually says alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.  He knows that only Allah only does good

for his believer right there's a hadith

in Sahih Muslim a Japan the Ambrym

Oatman fin Amaro hula hoop hula hair how

wondrous is the affair of the believer

his affair all of it is good right

like they say in the hood it's all good

and that's what they say that's like a

modern kind of phrase it's all good

I mean they what they need to learn is

if you're a believer it's all good if

you're not a believer it's all bad even

the good but if you're a believer it is

all good and that's why if you if you

really do believe that you enter into a

state of gratitude even for the

tribulations alhamdulillah and always a

good thing to remember is even a bad

said no matter how bad it is

it could be worse and there are people

like that there are people even

non-muslim you'll meet non-muslims that

are like that

they always look at the good side well

it could be worse

think of this count your blessings

I mean we in to do we're into it to a do

net metal lettuce oh ha if you attempt

to enumerate the nemah of Allah you will

never enumerate it right lettuce Oh ha

now just look at one nimah look at the

nemah for instance of the eye this is

one nama first of all think about this

blinking just think about blinking you

don't even notice that you blink now if

you didn't blink you did you ever see

pictures of aristotle onassis

when he got old he had to have the

richest man one of the richest men in

the world he had to have band-aids

holding up his eyelids because he lost

the muscle that returned the eyelid and

his eyelids just dropped all the time so

he had band-aids to hold his eyelids up

but then he had to put drops in his eyes

all the time because if your eyelids

don't close they get dry and you get

dust in them because one of the things

that blinking does is it it brings the

dust back down it's like window wipers


you know those windshield wipers it

brings the dust down and then what

happens is the dust moves to the side

and accumulates in the in the corners

right so when you wipe your eyes you'll

get some little dust in it you don't

even think about that it's just that's

just one part of the eye but then you

look if you look at the eye look at the

the nerve of the eye and how that

developed the myelination of that sheath

the fact that that there's synaptic

response the fact that you know there's

neural transmission because that breaks

down for some people we don't even think

that think of the electricity right also

colors just think of colors just color

a lot could have made everything black

and white look at all the subtle colors

that he put in though in the world and

you can experience those the eye can

experience an incredible variety of

colors right I mean that's an Emma and

then look how some colors you they just

give you pleasure seeing them you don't

even think about it

but there's a vibration if you look

there are seven colors right I mean all

colors go down to seven primary colors

and I mean in color theory they'll go

down to three I think but there's

basically seven in a spectrum so visible

light if you look at the visible light

spectrum each one of those colors has an

effect on you red is a certain

vibrational resonance right it's a lower

resonance than violet violet is that the

high spectrum red is at the low spectrum

red if you see red it stimulates you you

don't even know that they know that now

in in color theory because they've done

Studies on people if you put people in

red rooms it has a different effect than

if you put them in blue rooms it will

actually change them because it's a

resonance there's a electromagnetic

radiation that's all radiation so it's

having an effect on you you don't even

know it now the thing about the world if

you go and look at green green will make

you feel good that's why people love to

look at grass or love to look at trees

it has a you know you nourish that's

what the arabs say it's called the Rabia

that's why i said oh allah make the

quran the spring of my heart out of the

alcalde it's a hadith along Medina Quran

or a vehicle v what does that mean it

means that thing that brings your heart

back to life because spring brings your

your whole being back to life you know

people start feeling good the people get

what they call seasonal affective

disorder it's called sad right there's

people to get depressed in the winter

time but then spring comes around they

forget how to press they were in the

winter they start feeling wonderful why

are they feeling wonderful green colors

start changing theirs photosynthesis all

that chlorophyll

is starting to come back to life

reactivate flowers look at flowers I

mean what is that a flower why do people

like that smelling a flower that's

another scent but just the eye to look

at a flower right or beauty when I looks

on Beauty why do why do we all respond

the same way right when you see

something beautiful and most people

share a common taste in beauty if you

see something beautiful you're attracted

to it it's an attraction why it's

because beauty is an attribute of God

and what you're seeing is a reflection

of a divine attribute so you're

attracted to the divine that's the real

attraction the real attraction is not

that that ephemeral beauty that fades

it's what you're seeing a manifestation

of the divine in creation that's the

real attraction but people don't realize

that I mean that's where it's coming so

the eye all these things about the eye

and and we don't even think about it

look at the eyelashes and the eyebrows

they're serving a purpose eyelashes

serve a purpose right I mean when

anything comes near your eye you close

your eye and it protects the eye is

something amazing so all these things

just the eye if you start thinking about

and then there's all these net we don't

even know about we don't even know about


for instance light why do people get

depressed one of the reasons they think

is because serotonin levels drop

serotonin is a it's a it's a hormone in

the brain that is released based on

light right cortisol I mean it's all

light so you're taking in light during

the day you don't even think about it

melatonin is also based on light

melatonin is what makes you get sleepy

that's why people that have artificial

light don't get sleepy the eye is the

one that's doing that the eye is

dictating that's why you get tired you

get it's all based on the eye so even

your sleep patterns are being affected

by the human eye you don't even know

that when you feel awake when you feel

drowsy right it's all result of the eye

I mean that I just the eye alone if you


doing that and looking at the eye you

can't you can't there's no way you can

enumerate all of the blessings that's

one namo namo 13 and and but we don't

there's untold blessings in it and it's

one namo so the Shakur is the one who

shows that gratitude but this comes from

absolute certainty and this is a maqam

related to real dot which is contentment

with Allah and it's a state of muhabba

because once you fall in love you can't

see anything I mean that's the beauty of

love is that when you're in love you

can't even see faults right yeah I mean

if you love Laila and anybody tells you

you know Laila did this or later you get

angry you know what later would never do


you know I saw Laila did this you're

lying you're a liar

Laila wouldn't do that that why because

he's in love with Laila no matter what

you say about Laila he won't believe you

that's real love people don't even know

that type of love anymore right so if

you're in love with a lot a lot can't do

anything that would upset you nothing

because you'll see it's myself I did it

to myself

Allah didn't do that Allah wouldn't do

that I did it to myself or Allah is

doing it because like the father that

punishes the child you see I mean you

see a father punishing the child the

father loves the child so why is it

punishing it because it knows that in

the punishment is benefit for the child

it's disciplining the child is bringing

the child back it's reminding the child

has bound if you see a child running

towards fire and the father slaps the

child's hand it wants to taste a light

pain in order to avoid a great pain you

see because it knows that pain is

nothing compared to the pain of the

flame and when Allah gives you great

tribulations those are nothing compared

to the fire nothing so if Allah is

purifying you to prevent you know to

keep you from that then you realize this

is the love

a creator for his creation and the

prophets Eliza damned once saw some

birds being fed by their mother and he

and he said no he saw a woman giving

nurse to her child and the prophets a

licen have looked and this is the man of

Allah takes discernment from everything

he takes a bra right discernment a

lesson there's a lesson in everything

Navajo a bra

his glance is a bra work Adama who

hikmah and his speech is wisdom there's

a reason for what why he speaks the

prophets Eliza once saw a woman nursing

her child and he said to a Sahaba do you

think that this woman would throw her

child into the fire and they said that

would lie he also a lot that she would

never do that

he said Allah has more mercy for his

servants than this woman for her child

allahu allah ma ba ba de men had a dome

Louella dia allah has more mercy for his

servants than this woman does for her

child Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says about

new ideas to them in ocaña abdun

shakoora he was a grateful slave look at

Noah 950 years calling people to Allah

and all they did was reject him but he

kept calling who could do that I mean

people now they get fed up after a week

of Dawa you know these people they'll

never listen I mean this is 950 years

doing what Allah so behind without that

Shakur one of the things also model that

has told me is from tafseer but he said

no I never once went to relieve himself

except that he came back saying and

hamdulillah the earth have an onion

other you know praise be the one who

removed this harm from me even just

having sugar for like some Mac once went

to visit Haruna Rasheed he was a great

ahead and in a while and her owner

rashid said would you like anything and

he said bring me a glass of water so he

ordered water they brought him water and

he said yeah i'm it

meaning if if you if you would be

refused this water what would you give

for this water and he would said I would

give half of my kingdom for a glass of

water if I couldn't have it

he said if you drank that water and then

you couldn't release it what would you

give to release it he said the rest of

my kingdom he said what is a kingdom a

Dominion that is not worth a cup of

water or the release of it as urine and

what do you really possess if you know

he said Mao and Mon Cala D let you say

we shot a bet imagine what I thought

about it doesn't equal water or the

flowing of urine so you think of that

you know is the blessing of just eating

and the fact that you digesting you

don't have to tell your hydrochloric

acid to be released you don't have to

push any buttons here really you eat

something and if it's protein then it

sends and it breaks down the proteins

down to amino acids and then your body

reassembles them as protein if it's fats

it breaks it down to fatty acids then

your body reassembles them if it's if

it's carbohydrates it breaks them down

to carbohydrate takes them to the brain

right if you have extra the insulins

released takes it to the liver and

stores it as glycogen so that when

you're out of energy the liver will

release the glycogen break it down and

you and you get cover you didn't have to

tell the body to do any of that and yet

it's all doing it for us right now

you're at 90 you know I once had this

man I was talking about Islam and and

and I said well Islam is based on being

grateful to God and he said I guess I

have a few things to be grateful for

that's what he literally said to me he

said God's done some things for me in my

life and I said to him who do you

think's maintaining your body at 98.6

right now anyone seriously who's

maintaining that why don't why not you

want you right now you could be in a


you could be shivering even if it you

could all be if I was sick right now

that Poblado law if I was sick right now

even though it's a moderate temperature

I could be shivering right now feeling

cold and it's not even cold if I had a

fever I would be boiling right now in a

moderate you're all fine but if I had a

homo if I had a fever I would be wanting

to take off all my clothes and really

think about that York Allah is keeping

you at at this 98.6 even if it's a

hundred degrees outside your body is

releasing fluid in order to maintain

this 98.6 on average it's going to be

around there if it's a hundred degrees


why don't you boil up to 100 degrees

what created that inner thermostat that

keeps you at that balance if it's cold

out why don't you drop down because you

will if you go out in ice-cold and for

long enough you'll freeze but for a

period of time you won't you'll stay at

98.6 right why you can go swimming even

and your temperature in a cold water

your temperature will will will will

maintain its might drop very slightly

and that's all from allah subhanho wa

taala so showing gratitude and then he

said Allah subhana WA Ta'ala there's a

hadith that says youn a demon Aden Yama

Yama Yama Yama Delia Pullman muhammadun

that may let the people of praise get up

FEA poem some rotten film so Buddha home

Lee Webb Fayette Haruna Jenna then a

group of people will get up and they'll

be given a flag a banner and there

they're told to enter into paradise and

they asked the prophets Elijah Muhammad

hoon who are these people

he said a lineage Coronel da-da-da-da-da

coolly ha

they're the ones that are always

thanking Allah no matter what their

condition is and these are people on

your team you're going to hear that

somebody somebody called Valley Apple

muhammadun that all the people of ham

Madone Ahmad is mobile aha

it's called Seva mobile Allah it's a

hyperbolic form in Arabic it's Hamid not

hamid hamid everybody who says al

hamdulillah is Hamid how mad they're

always saying alhamdulillah

alhamdulillah Calahan al hamdulillah

adequately have right and in another

rewire at essaouira evil bharat those

who praise allah in good and harm invent

things that make them happy things that

make them sad the second maqam is those

people who look at those that are less

than them in their worldly affairs right

feel more at dunya without a Dean for

your aluminum metal lighter and idahe be

said Amity I'd be with Deanie why I feel

to me map to the Adaro be your album

narrative dunya daily Mahalo so those

who look at other people that are in

tribulation and they feel great grateful

that's less it's a lower ma calm but

when you s