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sight and he said this is why all four

of them were mentioned at the end of

surah tilapia well had he named he leti

thakura harmonium fiag harris orator

welcome well bhava it NFC as Oh again

see why did he I mean look at this woman

after the NAMM what a gently had never

matured Eman from the greatest of

blessings and the most exalted is the

blessing of Eman the manometer Rasool

and the blessing of the result but see

Eman also comes from the prophets do you

see in other words if you didn't have

prophets you wouldn't know what to

believe so recognize the the

I seen of the profit there's no doubt

our belief is our greatest Nana because

by it we will enter paradise insha'Allah

but the blessing of the prophet

sallallaahu Saddam is that he came to

teach us this

Eman hamdulillah the manometer for an

Zuma and Jana Nam in Haiti Oh Mary

gently net and then that he brought us

out from the best of all the the

nation's right see we could have been

Muslims from Benny SAE which is a great

blessing but it's not the blessing of

being Muslims from the prophets OMA we

could have been Muslims from that from

the nasarah it's not the same as being

Muslims from Cairo matino chitlin we

could have been Muslims from the time of

Ibrahim which would have been a great

blessing but not the same as being from

how people are most of us a lot easier

so that is a great blessing to be from

the people of Islam now if you look here

at these these blessings because the I

mean just really think about this a

variety to met to noon have you

reflected on what you to moon that goes

for men and women because the woman also

the she has that as well right both men

and women have this in at the woman is

the ovary and the man it's the semen

right and that those two come together

and the Prophet SAW Isom taught us that

see people didn't know that the woman

had a role in they thought you know they

didn't know that before that so he says

allah subhana wa tada says allah a tomb

a tomb known have you considered what

you what comes late have you considered

that anthem to hope oh no I'm not hot oh

did we create it or did you create it

right I mean have you reflect on did we

create it or do in other words netid


did you bring yourselves into existence

or did we bring you into existence

reflect on that

that's the a pseudonym a not fun right

and then Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

Nanoka darkness be no common-mode intent

economy oh no - nah no Cadorna day no

common motor when a woman an ovum is

broken we have determined amongst you

your life spans and we will not be

stinted in that determination right


Anoop Adira I'm thorough c'mon unshaken

female Attalla moon ah that you will

replace the likenesses of you we will

bring you again from something you're

not even aware of

now this share abdullah bin VII said is

even the possibility of cloning is in

that ayah because he said Allah and new

bed dear I am pathetic oh we can change

the way you're being created one on

shale comfy monitor no moon and will

create you a different way we're still

doing it

if you have a test-tube baby we're still

doing it you take your ovum out in an

operation you take your semen out and

you put them together in a test-tube

baby replant that we're still doing it

don't get deluded you think you can

clone don't get deluded it's still Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala right I knew but did

oh I'm that akan will change your

likenesses one own elcome female

that animal in things that you don't

even know about yet 1400 years ago when

I patted him - Menasha Tallulah and you

know how you were first created fellow

that to the qur'an would that you

wouldn't reflect on this and you you

knew how we first brought you about

there will be other ways which is also

an indication we can bring you about in

the next world because that's what the

initial Tufts here was a fara a - metal

tone and how have you thought about what

you're cultivating

intimacies at our ownable i Manahan

Rossetti own are you doing it are you

cultivating this or are we call

evading it because you go out you put

the seed in you cover it with earth you

water it did you do that or are we doing

it in other words all you are as a

suburb but who's really doing it all who

gave you the ability to walk who gave

you the strength in your bodies from

your food to do all these things who did

it all Allah subhanAllah Don well Ilona

Shahada donohue Obama for welcome to the

cajon Enomoto moon banana moon so had we

wanted we would have made it all safe in

other words you plant it and we just

destroy it

look at all the things that can happen

once you plant Allah can send locusts

they eat it all he can send a drought

kill it all so you think you're doing

this Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says then

you'll say oh we're model no no now

we're we're deprived right so you think

you're doing it's all to remind people

you're not doing anything don't get

deluded about this

now look at this every two minima a

Liddy teixeira bone haven't you thought

about water that you're drinking haven't

you reflected on the water that you're

drinking and tomb right and Zell to move

home in animals me I'm an animals II

don't did you maintain it in the clouds

right are you the one that brought it up

into the clouds or are we the ones that

brought it down to you did you do it or

did we do it right I mean now think of

the hydrological cycle all that allah

subhanallah dad doing and then never to

nog right and then allah reminds us lone

Hashanah who Jojo had we wanted we would

have made it bitter brackish fellow that

to scoodle would that you would just

show gratitude it's all about gratitude

that's all I said a vitamin or elegy to

don't look at the fire that you're

bringing about antimension shahadat ahem

not on what you own

did you bring that fire about or did we

bring it about who dried the tree right

why does the tree change it goes you

can't light up try to start a fire with

a living tree really try to do it try to

start a living tree on fire who dried it

out right who made it flammable

antimension shot at the nanomachine did

we do it or you right Nana Donna had to

theöto mohammed an animal queen we did

this as a Ted Kyra WOM Italian McQueen

and a way of making travelers have ease

in their journeys the ability to light

fire on a cold night when you're

traveling forcibly bismi rabbika

darlings say subhanAllah I mean that

really reflect on these and then say


who's that this is this is a man right

unlettered from the Arabian Peninsula

this is just one small verse and he's

saying think about those for nem the

Nama of your fluids your vital fluids

the name of your agriculture that gave

you those vital fluids then

of water that gave you the agriculture

and then the name of fire that gives you

benefit from from and then sub X Mel B

for the oxen within WAP and newsroom and

I swear by the where I've placed the

stars well in know who doc cusamano Tata

Manali this is a great oath if you bet

new look up into the sky it's a great

oath now they tell you oh that stars 400

million light years away mean traveling

186,000 miles per second it would take

you 400 million years to get there and

they know that now 400 million life did

you see what he said at the Astronomy

thing you know what he said I don't know

people were paying attention

okay you know what he said he said if

when you look up in the sky all you

should see is light because when they

take their telescopes the closer they

get the more dense the light gets if did

you see those pictures remember they

showed us how the sky should look

remember they said that how this guy

should look at night if it was following

normal physics that's why they got the

idea of dark matter because they realize

only some of these lights are

penetrating what's happening why are

only some of them penetrating was some

you will bottom wama adraka melodic

animal Talib the night and the light

visitors the stars that visit you and

what will convey to you what those

visiting stars are the ones who

penetrate in other words there's all

these ones up there that are penetrating

but there's ones that are called badhak

who taught him that who taught it why

does allah swore an oath about that was

summer you will bod up whoever thought

of that by the heavens and those night

visitors welcome ibadah in other words

their light is visiting the earth and

what will convey to you what a night

visitor is because the Arabs knew what a

night you know what a night visitor is a

photic he's the guy that knocks on your

door at night

he shows up that's what I thought Italy

is but that's not the thought of

I was talking about what's in there you

will thought one that that I come about

it an engine without the the star that

pierces and comes to the earth really

it's you know it just goes on and on and

on you just I'm serious

you just start looking at that book and

you'll just start seeing it just goes on

and on and on I mean why don't they

believe because they've never even

examined it when I was 16 years old I

came to the realization that the only

reason I was a Christian is because I

was born in a Christian family I

realized that I said the only because

I'm a Christian could my parents told me

Jesus was my Savior bla bla bla right

that's the only reason I realized that I

just realized I thought if I was born in

Sri Lanka I would be a Buddhist because

my parents would tell me here's your God

and pray to him you'll get whatever you

want if I was born in Israel I would

have been a Jew maybe or a Palestinian

who but I realized that I realized at

sixteen I remember very clearly that

realization the only reason I'm a

Christian is because I was born a

Christian and then I thought I should

think about this and then I thought okay

let me look at these world religions and

I took this class in world religions at

the universe at a college and we had the

book by Houston Smith world religions

religions a man or something time and I

started reading about this I thinks they

have 1 billion followers what do they

believe they have this and I started

thinking about all these different

religion I started studying and then I

remember hitting on Islam I thought now

wait a second what's going on here and

then I went nice God I put on and I read

the introduction I remember saying the

whole of the Islamic Creed is summed up

in the statement there is no god but God

and Muhammad is His Messenger

I haven't what does that mean you know

really what there is no god but God I

mean that's such a strange statement

when you first hear that you know I

don't know about people in here but the

first time I heard that I remember

thinking well I wanted to know what that

means there's no

oh god but God I mean now I know what it

means but then you know I was thinking

what does that mean I'm is better -

tries it there's nothing worthy of

worship in reality but God but there's

no god but God is very strange

translation but I remember it just it

and there was some very intriguing about

it there's no god but God and I remember

our sin there's no god but God it was

kind of like some kind of Zen Cohen like

what's the trick here you know what is

it what's like what what am I supposed

to realize here and then I realized what

it meant I just that's it there's no god

but God it's that's that makes perfect

sense there's nothing else that can be

worshipped but what's worshiped in truth

let my mood to be Hopkins see you a lot

that's how our anima interpreted Lam a

Buddha be - see wallah there is nothing

worshipped in truth except Allah

everything other than Allah that is

worshipped is worshipped in by falsehood

but then the second one will Muhammad

Rasul Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of

God what does that mean who was that man

then you start reading about that you

realize this is amazing

you know what and why haven't we been

taught this because I remember when I

became Massaro my father a letter and he

wrote me a letter back and he said

because he the first thing he did he

read Gibbon the decline fall of Roman

Empire he was read the section on Islam

and given actually despite some of the

things that he says he preferred Islam

to Christianity and he does say that

it's a great religion and he talked

about the theology of Islam makes a lot

more sense than the theology of

Christianity so he read that and he

brought me the letter saying that our

ignorant of Islam is historical you know

we should know more about this religion

the fact that it had such a massive

impact on the world why don't we know

about that I mean really why don't

people know about the Prophet Muhammad's

Eliza as a historical they everybody

knows about Napoleon do you think

Napoleon had more impact on on human

history people know about Nepal

they know about Waterloo people know

about you know Michael Jordan really

they know he's the greatest basketball

player that ever lived

Americans know them American know about

you know General Grant they know about


you know the defeat of Atlanta I know

about all these things that are so

insignificant in terms of human history

and nobody yet you ask them about the

Prophet Muhammad SAW lice em ya know

that's that that's that crazy religion

right really why is it crazy well that

guy who sama Bin Ladin well no wait a

second let's follow this through here do

you remember that guy down and I mean

I'm not comparing but I'm just saying

same logic you where that guy down in

Waco Texas which guy that guy remember

that guy that you know David Koresh oh

yeah that crazy guy wait wasn't he a

Christian well he said he was right well

okay so you mean he doesn't represent

all Christians no that would be stupid

too so so does Osama bin Laden represent

all Muslims I mean same logic by just a

simple I was on a plane once and my wife

we were in that uh you know those that

were that your face each other Southwest

Airlines you face each other and my wife

was facing this lady and about halfway

through the flight she just kind of

blurted out because when I was wearing a

hijab you know and she had her baby with

her and she looked she said did you ever

see that movie with not without my

daughter that's what she said so I

looked at this lady and I said what do

you mean by that and she said well you

know it was about these Muslims that

like kidnap babies and thing and I just

said to her I said have you ever looked

on your milk carton you know that thing

that says missing on the back or you got

those things in the mail that say

missing she said yeah I said do you get

them regularly she said yeah

I says amazing huh now if you read it

it'll say like Toby Smith last seen with

Kelly Smith

right so who kidnapped her the

biological parent because they're almost

all those kidnappings are divorced

situations and I just said to her you

know Americans are kidnapping their

babies all the time I mean that's why

they're so just because a film was made

of a guy who happened to be an Iranian

who happened to want his child to be

raised in his culture in his land so he

took his kid to Iran one case I mean do

you think that all Muslims are like that

and she says why I guess not

yeah that makes sense you know but I

mean I said if they would teach logic in

their public schools just teach them how

to think logically

it's really sad people can't think

anymore you know every time there's a

like a terrorist thing all the like I

have a friend who's an Egyptian he does

Egyptian tours every time there's a

terrorist event in anywhere in the world

by Muslims all his flights to Cairo the

people cancel them

you'd be you'll be much safer in Cairo

than you would going into San Francisco

today you have much better chance of

surviving a day in Cairo than a day in

San Francisco really but they people

can't think anymore it's like getting

struck by lightning you know I mean

who's it's you know it's very highly

unlikely that you'll be struck by

lightning so don't start worrying about

it it's all fear this would show up on

you I think I'm a fuckup

she'll probably I'm gonna cope with a

shell Don's always all about fear don't

go there

those are dangerous people I mean people

ask me aren't you frightened going to

the Muslim world I said I'm frightened

living in America if I'm gonna be

frightened of I'm gonna be frightened

about realistic concerns right really I

mean I'm I should be worried about

living in California we're on the most

the most incredible fault line on this

planet according to geologists it goes

right through Hayward California right

is right right under Zaytuna Institute

the biggest fault line on the planet if

I'm going to start worrying I should

worry about that but why worry I mean

what whose hands are we in really whose

hands I am I in my hands until hidaka

Samantha's going energy I mean are you

protecting yourself really it's all

crazy so just be grateful to say

alhamdulillah should believe that start

thanking Allah