Stations of Gratitude

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Event Name: Stations of Gratitude
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very time there's a

terrorist event in anywhere in the world

by Muslims all his flights to Cairo the

people cancel them

you'd be you'll be much safer in Cairo

than you would going into San Francisco

today you have much better chance of

surviving a day in Cairo than a day in

San Francisco really but they people

can't think anymore it's like getting

struck by lightning you know I mean

who's it's you know it's very highly

unlikely that you'll be struck by

lightning so don't start worrying about

it it's all fear this would show up on

you I think I'm a fuckup

she'll probably I'm gonna cope with a

shell Don's always all about fear don't

go there

those are dangerous people I mean people

ask me aren't you frightened going to

the Muslim world I said I'm frightened

living in America if I'm gonna be

frightened of I'm gonna be frightened

about realistic concerns right really I

mean I'm I should be worried about

living in California we're on the most

the most incredible fault line on this

planet according to geologists it goes

right through Hayward California right

is right right under Zaytuna Institute

the biggest fault line on the planet if

I'm going to start worrying I should

worry about that but why worry I mean

what whose hands are we in really whose

hands I am I in my hands until hidaka

Samantha's going energy I mean are you

protecting yourself really it's all

crazy so just be grateful to say

alhamdulillah should believe that start

thanking Allah