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ee the thing about one of them

oh no he said always look in fact no

there's a hadith he said the Provencal

item said about dunya that you should

look at people who are less than you in

dunya because you'll always feel

grateful now there's always people less

than you that guarantee you you'll

always find people less than you right

so you say I'm doing that I mean if you

don't have a lot of money in this

country were rich in the biblical times

to put a jar of honey on your table was

a sign of great wealth a jar of honey on

your table was a sign of great wealth

really and now people one man said to uh

if a null model he said to him you know

I'm a poor man and he said do you have a

house he said yes he said then you're

not poor he said do you have a wife he

said yes and he said you're wealthy and

then he said you have a servant he said

yes because in those days like now you

know in some countries you don't have to

be wealthy to have a servant there's a

lot of cultures like if you live in in

in Bangladesh

or Pakistan you even you know lower

middle class people have really poor

people as their servants because all

they have to do is give them food and

they'll work in their house so he said I

even have a servant he said you are rich

beyond you know so this is the thing

here in America the majority of people

are would be considered in any previous

time they would be considered living in

palaces the idea of having running water

in this country in the 1930s still about

70% of Americans did not have running

water the idea of having running water

the fact that you can take a hot shower

by just turning a a knob

people don't even think about that you

in Mauritania will lie where mop that

has lives there's three women Aisha

Afiya and I can't remember the third one

three women their job is to bring water

every day it takes them about two hours

to go get the water it takes about an

hour to fill it up and it takes them two

hours to come back five hours every day

just to bring drinking water to their

village and that's their life that's

their life they have to load the

donkey's right with the kettlebell when

they drink water

well lie these and have didn't amitin

meThe narrative man do their water is

it's brown it's brown most of them have

urinary problems because of the sediment

in the water


people forgotten this you know I'll just

give you an example well I I read this

the other day I was reading a letter and

don't ask me why I was reading it but I

was reading a letter by robert e lee who

was the head of the Confederate Army in

the Civil War and after his house had

been taken by the federal troops his

wife he wrote a letter to his wife

because she had to flee the house it's a

it's a mansion now you if anybody's been

to Arlington Cemetery is called the

Custis Lee mansion anyway that was his

house and it was captured she had to

flee so he wrote this letter and he said

I reflect on all of the great blessings

that we shared in that house and I feel

fear in my heart that we did not show

enough gratitude to God while that house

was in our possession and for that from

his wisdom he has taken it away from us

that's that is the way Muslims used to

think I mean did that was a Christian

man but that's how he thought about it

because that that's that is hikmah

that's a way to think you know why did

this happen to me this is unfair that's

not the response the response is what

did I do to lose this blessing because

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says in the

Quran in allaha la ayuda Muhammad had to

die you know maybe enthusiam Allah does

not change a people until they change

themselves the attic Vienna lauhala

McCune when I am an amateur at opponent

my idea in Edmonton and amaha de palma

had to Yanam IBM for zoom Allah will not

take a blessing away from a people until

they change something in their hearts in

other words they don't show gratitude

for it

in Kunta phenom eaten for in an mile c20

name like the poet said Allah if you're

in a blessing then be vigilant about

that blessing because disobedience will

take that blessing away from you so

people used to know that people don't

know that anymore they've forgotten that

just the nemah of the houses we live in

think about that really

nana of the houses we live in the nana

of water the nemah of food on our table

the Ngata of clothes to cover our

nakedness to keep us warm the nemah of a

bed you know the namma of being healthy

I mean never todavía that you got up

this morning and you weren't sick think

of how many people got up this morning

they had to empty out a bag that had

their their urine in it a bag that

they'd have to change every day think of

how many people got up this morning

think of how many people that got up

they couldn't go to the toilet or that

bled blood think of how many people with

asthma that couldn't breathe this

morning that woke up you know without

really think of how many people that

spent their night coughing last night

couldn't sleep because of a cough really

that's why I mean then just shook up

just showing gratitude for a loss of

Hannah a tad just gratitude I mean this

country you have to wonder about this

country just the blessings that this

country has been given and the

complaints of people but also the Muslim

world Muslims complain a lot now I mean

Muslim there's still people and of all

the Muslim people that I know the best

ones that I've seen are pride the

Mauretania the second best are the

Moroccans Moroccans are pretty

impressive if you go to Morocco you ask

because i if you go to some color I'm

going to mention them but I've been to

some Muslim countries you because I

always do this it's a test of levels of

gratitude you ask the taxi driver how

things are going they start complaining

the gas is too high you know this that

the government etc etc you ask a

Moroccan taxi driver I'm serious you get

in rockin taxi you say Kiva da hua a

town dude I'm fine animal I'm in a

blessing I swear you they you know 90%

or more of those guys you ask them how

things are happening now I was in one

place in a Muslim country and I asked

this guy how things were going he said


he said petrol is so expensive

I'm not making any money and I said you

know what the complaint will make it get

more expensive if you complain about

it's going to get more expensive like

Americans they're all grumbling about

the price of gas this is the cheapest

gas in the world they drive the biggest

cars in the world look at the cars they

drive some of these cars I don't know

how they get them in their garages do

you know and the bigger the car the more

arrogant the person generally it's

axiomatic the smaller the car the more

humble by the nature of cars you know

people get in big cars especially those

big trucks that elevate them those

people it's amazing some of those

characters you know I'm sorry about

truck people but I've just watched them

and observed them on the road in fact I

just saw two people today I was with

Issa and you know there's a lot of

traffic and there were two cars one was

a truck person and I let him go I didn't

have to do that but I just stopped my

car a little early and let him get in

the thing he didn't even acknowledge me

not even a you know a wave that's fine

you know if you do things to get thanks

from people you'll be disappointed you

know but just to be human being try to

maintain our humanity out there right so

I'm that's what I'm doing out there

despite it all I'm just fighting to stay

human because I don't want to turn into

one of those people

so he goes car truck guy as if it's his

right you know of course I have to stop

he's a truck and I'm just a little car

you know but that's the reason so he

goes on fine that's fine and I said

watch this next guy small car I told

that he said I said he'll wave right so

he goes on you know he gives me a wave

like thanks a lot you know because he

sees your cars a little bigger than mine

you're letting me go

you know whatever I mean it's

interesting why people are like that you

know but there's people out there like

that do you know if you have people that

have very fancy cars it intense and


aha rahu stamina human being start

becoming oppressive when they start

feeling independently wealthy it's just

ecology that's why a wealthy person

that's humble is something very high in

a lot of sight because the nature of and

that's a way a lot of people are out

there they're just arrogant either

really arrogant there's people out there

they think they own the road and you

will see generally if he's got a 1965

Volkswagen Beetle he doesn't have that

psychology he's just driving around

trying to get where he's going he's very

humble and but if he's got a Jaguar you

know this or that and he's out there

with that arrogance and it's all about

thinking that I'm independently wealthy

it's an arrow from Allah if Allah gives

you wealth it should humble you it

shouldn't make you arrogant should do

the opposite because you look at other

people out there and you feel super

Haleh I don't you know you people say

what did I do to deserve this they can

do it both ways if somebody too horrible

happens they say what did I do to

deserve this

you exist that's that is enough as a

crime right really it's enough as a

crime to think that you exist beside

Allah you are a criminal because let you

die in Allah there's nothing worthy of

worship but Allah and yet here you are

walking around thinking this little

contingent creature that is totally

dependent for every breath for every

instant on Allah subhana wa tada and he

thinks he's independent if you're in a

state of heedlessness you are a criminal

if you forget Allah for one instant you

are a criminal and you stand condemned

and anything that happens to you you

deserve it because you've forgotten who

allah subhana wa tada is yeah you

wouldn't send Mahara kabir Abeka Kadeem

what has deluded you about your Lord

what what has deluded you about your

Lord why are you in a state of delusion

thinking that you don't need every

instant you don't need a lawsuit pan

over to Ana just to take the next breath

to have the next heartbeat the heartbeat

what activates it an electrical impulse

who's activating it a lawsuit behind

with youth

get your brain is not your brain your

brain is not doing that they don't even

know what's doing it you can cut all of

the heart you can cut all of your nerves

to the brain and the heart still beats

right there's some people doctors at

Asia you studied physiology here are you

a doctor

yeah what makes the heart beat seriously

tell us and all this knowledge they gave

you at the university what makes the

heart beat

do you know physiologically what makes

it beat right there's a there's a

electrical activity there's no doubt

about that

right but what what makes that beat why

I mean you well I mean no but seriously

how can you explain that be they don't

even know why cells heart cells start

beating at a certain point they beat

before the central nervous system is

even formed in the infant right in the

embryo what makes those cells just start

beating not only that if they cut them

up they've done these experiments they

cut them up and separate them they start

beating on different beats they bring

them back together they synchronize

again right I mean that's one of the

things that's in that book evolutions

and he talks about that look at the

hadith of the Prophet when he told

people to close ranks in their prayer

because he said if you don't your hearts

will differ one of the things about

people that are close together their

hearts synchronized we know that now

seriously your breathing will

synchronize women who live in the same

house will start having the periods at

the same time of the month they

synchronize it's well known if you live

in close circulation with people you

begin to breathe as one and that look at

that Hadees staked close together in the

prayer line if you don't your hearts

will be different because you want to

beat together as one thing I mean look

at this hadith

Aladin you cut in a liability no kata

Rocephin Ola Bell Idina patroness often

Booya no muscles as if they're a

well-structured house they fight

together in one rank as if they're a

well structured house

what's a well structured house it's well

designed Muslims fight based on strategy

on thinking on design right military art

straight they don't just go out and do

things without planning he gave you the

blessing of this you were just like

those Mu Shu became cadet occur come to

mental Furman Allah I think um you were

just like that before and then Allah

gave you the blessing of Islam what

woody why you think you're so different

I mean the beauty of Islam for from one

of the many beauties but one of the

beauties of Islam and this is what I

love about share abdullah bin via islam

you see there's two ways of embracing

there's the embrace of an equal and then

there's the embrace of a superior did

you ever think about that

what's the embrace of an equal well I

mean you embrace somebody who's the same

as you like if I embrace you you're my

brother you're a little bigger than me

but we have an equal embrace I put my

arms around you you put your arms around


what's the embrace of a inferior a

superior to an inferior the child the

child can't put his arms around you you

pick them up and you embrace them and

you hold them see that's Islam Islam can

take all those other religions and just

embrace them all God is so great that

God will even allow somebody that denies

him to exist I mean that's greatness

he'll feed him nurture him give him

reign keep his body healthy give him a

wife children that love him Allah will

do all of that and that person denies

God's existence

all that does is it it shows the

greatness of God now if if you can't let

that person survive it's like there's a

story it's an apocryphal story I don't

know how but there's a wisdom in moment

of Azadi mentions it about ibraheem and

asa damn one night a he's he never ate

alone sane abraham ever he always found

somebody eat with but

night he couldn't find anybody he went

out found a man and he bottom he was a

mushrik and before the man ate he

blessed his food in the names of his

idols and when abraham heard that he

said you can't eat any of my food you're

an idol worshipper get out of here the

man left and then allah revealed to

ibrahim that that man i have been

feeding him for forty years

and patient with his idolatry you

couldn't be patient with him for one

meal and so if i hit my knees and i went

and found that man and apologized to him

and invited him back to his table and

the man asked him why and he told him in

the man became muslim that's islam we

can embrace them

she Dawa what is Dawa in Arabic what

does that word mean Dawa

it's an invitation now if I put a gun to

your head and say you're coming to

dinner tonight at my house is that an

invitation seriously it's not is it

that you're not inviting somebody you're

forcing them to come lettre have a dean

an invitation is only valid if you allow

the person the possibility of refusing

the invitation now who would allow the

person that possibility a generous host

Allah has made a house he called it

dawdled Islam and he invited his

creation to it and he gave them the

option to refuse to come to the house so

if people refuse it why why are you so

fearful of them why are we so afraid of

those people you should have no fear the

see the thing about people that are

ignorant they fear that that's that's

what a fundamentalist is is somebody

who's afraid of the other he's afraid of

having his Eman he's so afraid and his

he's so afraid that he won't even allow

for the other to exist he can't he's not

going to allow that possibility he wants

them eliminated

really and that's a disease that's why

Islam is the only religion that's ever

allowed other religions to exist side by

side with it you study the history of

religion Christians never did it this

all this tolerance now it came from

John Locke who wasn't even a he didn't

even like Christianity or David Hume who

didn't like Christian that's where they

got all this ideology do you think these

founding fathers were Christians see

Christians now they brag about how great

Christianity is in America were number

one blah blah blah they don't even

realize that this is all anti-christian

the whole thing was founded based on

people that rejected Christianity it

really was Thomas Jefferson wrote a

gospel called the Gospel according to

Thomas Jefferson and he took out

everything that bothered him I mean

that's blasphemy you tell a

fundamentalist that he'll say that guy's

going to hell well why are you boasting

about him as this great Patriot and

great American if he's going to hell


so where did they get those ideas the

Muslims had those ideas centuries before

the Christians we got it from our

booklet Carroll heffa Dean there's no

coercion in the religion because we are

not afraid

but now the Muslims are so empty they

have no knowledge of their religion

they're threatened by all of these

ideologies out there you see really

because it's all there's no see if

you're on you're not on solid ground

you're afraid of the slightest wind if

your house is made of you know in in

West Africa they have these houses made

of grass right if your house is made of

grass you're afraid of wind if your

house is made of stone you think wind

bothers you wind doesn't bother you're

not afraid of it it's not going to do

anything to you but now we're afraid of

it because our house is no longer solid

it's not on solid foundation because

we've displaced our teaching

we don't have educated scholars anymore

we don't have them with the Kalima we

don't have theologian do you think we

have any theologians in the Muslim world

right now I'm serious most of these

Christian theologians that are really

well trained because I've read some of

their books they have brilliant they

have genius is still working in theology

they would wrap rings around most of

these so-called Muslim scholars

cuz Muslims don't even know there to

hate anymore really

that's why Muslims are so fearful of all

this stuff because we've lost our

tradition we don't learn it we don't

study it we don't think about it we

don't reflect on it so that's the second

mahkum of sugar and then he says that

the basis of lack of gratitude is

ignorance well also local data sugar Al

Jarreau bin mo it's ignorant see if

you're ignorant you don't realize how

much blessing you actually have and if

you don't realize that then what

subbable jihad been amicus or al Midler

and the reason for ignorant about your

blessing is your lack of knowledge about

our loss of behan with data first of all

what is the greatest Nana

well what proceeds even islam existence

narrated egad that he has given you

existence consciousness

what an mo really people say oh I don't

want that namma why to have just to be

conscious to have a conscious your

essential creature to have the ability

to think what an mo what is the next

namah namah tude M dad that he sustains

your existence I mean I read this I was

reading this book is called the atheists

the Atheist debaters handbook and it

teaches atheist how to debate religious

people right

I wouldn't recommend reading it but I

mean it's it's interesting if you're you

know I think for me it's just

understanding how they think you know

because if you're confronted with that

the thing about a Muslim scholar or a

daddy or anybody working in in the field

you have to be prepared for questions

for you really do and you shouldn't be

afraid I'm not afraid because I've

studied my Dean I've studied Torah he'd

I'm not afraid anything they throw at me

not worried about it but in this book he

said he was talking about the Ark the

cosmological argument which is the

favorite argument of Muslims right and

he said

these he said these people argue that

everything is contingent upon something

else and then he says which is that's

patently false

for instance human society is not

contingent upon anything other than

humans right this is his argument so

he's giving somebody fuel right

so he says human society is only needs

humans right so it doesn't need anything

outside of humans so there's something

that's not contingent upon anything

other than the thing itself so he said

so why should the universe not be

contingent upon anything other than


that's his argument that's a that's in

the Atheist debaters published by

Prometheus books and they published very

anti Islamic books as well they

published there's this guy even what a

rock right you know that guy that's

probably from Prometheus books they

published a book called the problem of

God right well I mean they admit he God

is a problem and for them he is a

problem he's going to get bigger and

bigger the problem right

but anyway so look at that argument all

right well human society is not

contingent upon anything other than

humans what about space can't have

humans without space so that's not part

of that's outside of humans your space

is outside of yourself you occupy space

without space you couldn't exist what

about time can't have human society

without time right I mean it's an

addictive thing so they say well the

universe doesn't need anything but

itself the universe needs space with the

University of space dummy right well

wait a second what was there before

there was no universe nothing so the

universe needed space to exist in right

doesn't it I mean the universe can't

exist without space the so if you're

going to say universes space well what

was there before the universe nothing

well so it had to fill something right

and space is dependent on what what is

space dependent on

matter you have to have something to

fill the space if there's nothing that

fills the space there's nothing so

everything is depending on something

outside of itself right I mean this is

this is just thinking things through but

this is the nature of ass officed the

nature of Sophos is that they make what

what Socrates asked what ass office was

he said they make the better the worst

cause look like the better one we calm

lawyers now right lawyers that's what a

lawyer does he can take the worst case

they say a jury is 12 people who decide

who paid the most for their lawyer

that's what they do they just decide who

was the most eloquent who is the most

convincing and that usually is the one

that cost the most money not always but

not usually so ignorant about a lawsuit

vahana with Donna and Morten him

why are you ignorant about a lot turcica

to or Fein at me he see you have to

reflect on the blessings of Allah Allah

subhanAllah darkness tells us to reflect

he says the Prophet SAW isome said let

half a coral feel air but I can't ever

go to VI lae he don't reflect on Allah

but reflect on the blessings of Allah

what does that mean not to reflect on

allah subhanhu that not to reflect on

allah you cannot conceive you can't

conceptualize allah you can't you cannot

your intellect is finite and you cannot

conceptualize the infinite you just

can't do it

and therefore it's Haram to think about

Allah you cannot think about allah

sydney abu bakr said l hold Oh

hell Allah he is Scirocco that to

reflect on allah subhana wa da Dada his

nature is shirk right well as you an

Iraqi he otaku and the incapacity to

conceptualize Allah is conceptualizing

Allah in other words the fact that you

know that Allah is laser committed ishe

you know who Allah is when you know

there's nothing like Allah you know who

Allah is that's why the

as him said about the end of time in the

end of time

he said if everything gets confusing

know that your Lord does not have one

eye right so anybody that tells you that

this is God it has one eye this can't be

God right this is not God but they

called the almighty dollar people die

for it

Fiza be to dole out really they'll die

should he do the law people will kill

for this it's a piece of paper you can

light it on fire and it disappears you

can't do that to gold

Gold doesn't disappear and if you're

going to worship something worship gold

you know this is not worthy of worship

neither is gold but I mean if you're

going to compare the two get it straight

this is not money this is not real money

this is monopoly it's a paper game right

but they've convinced people that this

has intrinsic value it doesn't they just

print them up that's why things get it

more expensive every year because they

just keep printing it up right it's not

money it's not God and yet people

worship it they'll die for it they

believe that their sustenance comes from

this they believe that there's people

that think that the only reason they can

buy food is because they have money in

their pocket don't worship the Sun in

the moon but worship the one who created

the Sun and the moon right that table

with the ships well I'll come up don't

worship the Sun or the moon but worship

the one who created the Sun in the moon

don't worship the the dollar don't

worship gold worship the one who created

all those things Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

says food guru

Allah Allah he look him to flee hone

remember the blessings of Allah what is

the greatest blessing of Allah of all

the blessings what is the greatest

blessing of Allah as really the Prophet

is the greatest blessing he's the

greatest blessing he's an animated Cobra

he's an amateur Ozma

that is why reflecting on him is the

highest thing that you can reflect on in

this world because he has the qualities

of human perfection he has all the luck

he has the a lot of divine attributes

that's why Allah called him but are

opened rahim

these are two attributes of allah he's

not divine but he is the most generous

of those humans that can show generosity

nobody was more generous than mara a to

occur Amaterasu Dida I never saw anyone

more generous than the prophet of Allah

I never saw anybody more gentle Mara a

to Eliana arica - Meera Sudha I never

saw anybody more gentle than the

messenger of allah the prophet sal Ison

was gentle in his nature so reflecting

on the prophets a license attributes his

qualities that's why learning his serie

learning his Shama ill all of these

things will draw you closer to Allah

I really they'll draw you and they'll

make you love him more and more the more

you find out about him the more you have

to love him and that's why the most

ignorant people of him are the furthest

from Allah and those who know him the

most are the closest to Allah

really and that's why even one of them

said whoever sees me will enter paradise

this is a shop hat it's a famous

statement of Samara but somebody's one

of the owner may heard that he said abu

jahal saw the prophet and he goes to

hell and they told this man that and he

said Allah Mira nebula

your team Benny Hashim he didn't see the

prophet of Allah he saw the orphan of

Benny Hashim had he seen the prophet of

Allah he would have been for paradise

you see to see someone and to see their

reality are two different things and and

so seeing the prophets all I am is

seeing who he was and he was a little

colicky let the best of Allah's creation

so he is an admitted Cobra right because

without him you wouldn't know Allah had

it not been for him you wouldn't know

Allah well Olin Wasi apart that they

have become Al Queda and more salt had

it not been for the means you would have

not known the end

that's why why did Allah say Muhammad

Allah saw a lot to become Muslim yet why

wasn't it just a shadow Allah in a hail


why not that really think about that

why do you have to say wash had one in

Mohammed up why if shirk is the only

thing Allah won't forgive why did he

make his toe he'd well I shadow under

Mohammad ur Rasool Allah and I bear

witness that Muhammad is the Messenger

of Allah that's part of till he'd you

can't have to hate without that I

guarantee you in our understanding of of

towheads and motto he'd is three things

it's the Allah he at the Nevada and the

summer yet right if you don't believe in

in in the o Muhammad that's your toe he

is not complete so knowing Allah is one

is not enough you have to know who

taught you that because the the Jews and

the Christians no longer know Allah is

one the way we know Allah is one the

Christians believe that he's

three-in-one and the Jews believe that

he has parts right the Jews actually

believe they have anthropomorphism if

you study Jewish theology they have

anthropomorphism they believe that Allah

is in space Speight if you're in space

then you fill up you need space

so you're dependent how can Allah be in

space but then you what then that means

alot nothing no that doesn't mean a lot

of nothing it just means you can't think

of what Allah is because all you know is

space so you assume everything has to

fill space that's only because your

analogically reasoning with your

intellect but when we speak about Allah

leisa committee he che there's nothing

like him

so all we know is he doesn't have space

we don't know his nature because we

can't know his nature but we know his

the negative aspects we know the selby

yet right so allah has existence without

space now Oh Sue Ann Veronica Roth are

bad he says if you forget the Nima if

you if you're ignorant of Anatomy you

don't know it and if you don't know it

you don't give gratitude and if you

don't give gratitude it gets cut off

that how do I know plenty like that so

you have to know the name of Allah

because you'll lose them what does he

say well Sunni remember alpha played era

thought about the first the

root blessings are for right

the first blessing is the nutfah because

all of living creatures came from it in

other words you were initially as I got

and Allah brought you forth from as I

got as I got is just it's a two proteins

that come together and form the first

cell that's what we were initially and

then a lot of right this is a blessing

Lydia regime Gaza and Jimmy Jimmy a

thermal everything that was brought out

Allah brought forth from the earth was

was the blessing of bringing forth all

of the plant life the vegetative life so

the first is animal life and then

vegetative life right and then what he

says the next is elma right because

without water there's no animal or

vegetable life so you have animal life

vegetable life and then you have the

blessing of water without which neither

can exist and then fire right because

fire with it you have light that you can

see and live and then you have all the

blessings of food from it right and then

also because for the people of inner