An-Nawawi's 40 Hadith

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Event Name: An-Nawawi's 40 Hadith
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assalamu alaikum grass little la cerva

ricardo insha allah in a series of

twelve we're going to look at the famous

book of imam an Nawawi

we the thirty hadith of prophetic traditions the book was written by one of the greatest of the muslim scholars Imam an-Nawawi, who was born in the city of mela near, damascus.  He's regarded as a great jurist and a great magic the word scholar the prophetic traditions the books is generally regarded as the most popular anthologies for the prophetic traditions

and a great introduction for the studying of the prophetic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him this is because it

contains the essential teachings of the

Muslim religion so it must be important

to note that these hobbies were

originally recorded in the tongue of the

Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be

upon him the Arabic language and the

superb arm which is the word of Allah

which the Prophet only dropped as he was

a messenger he was the mediator between

Allah and mankind whereas these

prophetic traditions are from the

teachings of the Prophet himself so it's

important that the actual hadith are not

to be confused with the Quran because

there are two different sources induced

monitor living it begins the first

hadith on the authority of Allah even a

kebab he says actions are but by

intention and every man shall have but

that which he intended this huge

migrations was for Allah and His

Messenger his migration was for Allah

and His Messenger and he was migration

was to achieve some worldly benefit or

to take some woman

nerd his migration was for that so which

he migrated his hadith was related by

the two greatest scholars of hadith or

prophetic traditions imam abu javi and

imam muslim their few books are

considered the most authentic books

after before and so in the hadith the

Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be

upon him is telling us the basis of a

man's actions that their intentions and

this hadith is considered by imam Chavez

and Ahmed Mohamed and I will delve and

many of the great Muslim scholars to the

assertive knowledge and that's because

of what it contains in importance for a

man's life he begins by telling us that

actions are about my intention in other

words any action that a man does it's

based on his original intention behind

the action so that a man giving out well

for instance if his intention was to

help somebody in need for the face of

Allah or for the sake of Allah then use

rewarded based on that intention if he's

giving out so the people say this man's

a generous man then he's rewarded for

that intention the hadeeth came about

because of the pilgrimage that migration

that the early Muslims made from Mecca

to the city of Medina because of the

persecution that they had endured for 13

years at the hands of for age and many

other of the Arab tribes before finally

accepting the Islamic message the

perfect peace and blessings of Allah be

upon him was commanded to make this he

drive from Mecca to Medina with all of

his followers and they were making it in

order that the deen of islam of

where this room could be strengthened

and established in Medina where the arms

are or the helpers had told the purpose

that they would give them sanctity there

and protect them so when they set out on

this migration one of the men in Mecca

who was a Muslim was told by a woman in

medina remembers own fight if he would

make this migration then she would marry

him so that when he set out his

intention behind the migration was to

marry this woman so when this news

arrived to the purpose he told his

companions that actions are by


if this man made the intention to marry

this woman

then that's what he's rewarded for

despite the fact that he did the

physical or our actions of migrating

with the believers his intention was

different from those who made the

intentions to go he said be beloved or

in the way of Allah

but this reason this man was called

Mahajan in faith for the one who

emigrated to emplace later the Prophet

peace and blessings of Allah be upon him

said in the hadith that whoever makes

religion or migration for some worldly

aspect so that despite the fact that

this hadith or tradition came about

because of a certain circumstance it

contains a general principle and that

principle is that anyone who does an

action including a migration if his

intention as Allah and His Messenger

that's his intention and he'll be

rewarded so that on the day of judgement

if his intention in it is other than

that he stays here peace and blessings

of Allah be upon him leave dunya you'll

see with her for some worldly things

that he should gain it attain some

worldly benefit so that we fight as an

example in this age many people going

from the Muslim countries to Europe and

America they go with the intention of

getting better jobs leaving here in


these great drainages so that they go

hoping to get a move will be benefit so

that their migration they should

understand is based on that that they

think they're going for something but

their intention behind it is a worldly

intention if they were going to spread

the deen up above for the way of the

prophet muhammad peace and blessings of

allah be upon him likewise they'll be

rewarded based on that intention so that

we find the human being in his life it's

constantly called in the patties to look

at his intention none of the great

Muslim scholars of Islam from North

Africa even had from the city of status

and more also wrote a book based on the

rectification of the intentions and he's

faith in his introduction that the

reason that he wrote the book was he saw

so many people losing reward in their

actions based on their bad intentions

but based on not having any intention at

all so that many people will go through

their lives in almost a trance-like

state they'll do things based on habits

or they'll do things out of necessity

with no intention so that the believer

when he think this hadith as a principle

in which to live his life he begins to

eat with the intention of strengthening

his body for the worship and for gaining

halal provisions so that he's rewarded

by his feeding which is in its outward

aspect müber or an accept is permissible

for anyone to eat but if he makes his

intention well mom if you make them his

intention to strengthen his body he gets

the reward of an obligation when a man

puts on his clothes in the morning the

public sees investees have allah be upon

him was the most awake of mankind so

that every action he did he did with a

supplication to his Lord when he put on

his clothes he made an intention of

closing his nakedness so then in doing

that he was doing some things that are


made obligatory upon him thus getting

the reward of an obligation another man

will simply put on his clothes without

any intention at all and thus losing the

reward of the obligation so thus each

action in a man's life he does with the

intention of gaining a lost contentment

and in doing that he comes the oume

Fiamma or on the last day with mountains

of hathor nuts or good actions that he

wasn't even aware of and this is the

main reason in which a man is a movement

or believer is doing these good actions

Allah he says in the four own units that

would be Santa Yama even in the Americas

Mo Rocca very easy

Sanwa dynasty vivas fira 100 on the idea

in truth man is aware of the working of

his self even though he put forward his

excuses so that the man is aware of what

he's doing and on that day his excuses

will be of no avail

so that in this happy we see that

actions are by intention and the man

must purify his action with pure

intentions in order to gain the

contentment of Allah we ask Allah that

he give a success in implementing this

in shallower data for Salaam alaikum

warahmatullah wabarakatuh

bismillah r-rahman machine but bharata

was padam wada a sharper dandiya he was

not studying at Salaam alaikum

Rasmus allah wa barakato inshallah were

going to look today at the second hadith

or prophetic traditions of famiy Manolis

famous books 240 hadith it begins on the

authority of Omar may Allah be pleased

with him who said one day while we were

sitting with The Messenger of Allah may

the blessings and peace of Allah be

there appeared before us a man whose

clothes were exceedingly white and his

hair was exceedingly black no signs of

journey were to be seen on him and none

of us knew him he washed up and sat down

by the process manifesting some peace of

Allah be upon him nursing his knees

against his and placing the palm of his

hands on his side

he said o Muhammad tell me about Islam

The Messenger of Allah make us blessings

and peace of Allah be upon him said it's

now mr. testified that there is no god

but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger

of Allah to perform the prayers to pay

the zakat to fast in Ramadan and to make

the pilgrimage to the house if you are

able to do so he said you have spoken

rightly and we were amazed at him asking

him and saying that he had spoken

rightly he said then tell me about Iman

he said it is to believe in Allah his

angels his books his messengers and the

last day and to believe in divine

destiny both the good and evil thereof

he said you are spoken rightly he said

then tell me about X son he said it is

to worship Allah as though you are

seeing him and why you see him not he

truly sees you he said then tell me

about the hour he said the one question

about it knows no better than the

questioner he said then tell me about it

sign he said that the slave girl will

divert to her mistress and that you will

see the barefooted naked destitute

herdsmen competing in constructing lofty

buildings then he took himself off and I

stayed for a time then he said oh oh ma

do you know who the questioner was I

said Allah and His Messenger no Bev he

said it was Gabriel they came to teach

you your religion this was related by

Muslims this hadith contains the three

aspects of Islam Islam which is

the outward form of Islam the prayers

the fasting and all of the laws that go

with this round and then email which is

believe or save and then f son which is

the highest degree of Islam but then is

something inside the heart of a movement

that purifies all of these actions so

that he's only doing actions for the

faith of Allah so each one of these

three aspects is excuse explained here

by the Prophet peace and blessings of

Allah be upon him upon being asked about

them by Gabriel or the angel he begins

by saying tell me about the sanam and

the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah

be upon him

does it slowly to testify that there is

no god but Allah and Muhammad is the

Messenger of Allah in Arabic this means

to say a shadow a la ilaha illallah WA

ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasul Allah and

this Shahada or witnessing or testa

fication is the first thing that a

person must do in order to embrace Islam

when he says this now inna hang the law

there's no god but allah he's bearing

witness to the unity of the creator in

his acts his attributes and his essence

that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has no

partner in any action that he does and

that in the Quran it says makes a

committee he faced there's no thing like

him there are scholars say that anything

that comes to the mind of the human

being Allah is other than that so that

Allah has no form Allah has no gender

he's neither female or male Allah is

above all of these aspects Allah has no

human attributes all of his attributes

are pure and mothers or holy they have

nothing that resembles any human

attribute then insane slightly behind

the law he must also testify to the fact


Matt is the Messenger of Allah in

sangria's he is saying that Muhammad

peace and blessings of Allah be upon him

is the last messenger and he affirmed

all of the previous messengers then he

says to perform the first to pay the

zakat constantly in the Quran Ilan he

joins Salah and zakah he is always

saying that the believers are those who

pray and they pay the zakat so he says

you feel ill about many martyrs a

phenomenal difference from alone I'll be

they establish the prayer the believers

and for what we've given them they give

out from what we've provided them

they're spending so that this dacha or

for tax is obligatory on every Muslim

then he says the fasting Ramadan the

month out of the year based on the lunar

calendar that he stops eating and then

he says to make pilgrimage to the house

that means going to Mecca once in one's

life on the s-1 table then he asked him

about Eman and he says belief in Allah

his angels and his angels means that he

believes in beings of light that are

lots of Hannah Montana has prescribes

that they have functions in the creation

many of these things we don't understand

and that they're not to be looked at in

the way that the Christians look at

angels that they give them form since

they put wings on them and all these

things that are learned to handle at the

Anna you've made his angels in many

different aspects they have the capacity

to change film then he says his books

his messengers and the last day and

divine destiny or further both the good

and evil there are and then he says F

son and he says the business to usable

Isaac you serious and this is right the

highest aspect of Islam when a man

completed his Imam he arrives to the

stations of X M then he asked him about

the hour

sighs and this in the hold on a large

behind what the other tells us that the

earth the heavens and the earth will

come to an end at a certain point and

every believer has to believe this it's

one of the essentials of his belief and

Alana's messenger so he asked him he

tells him that he doesn't know the

profit these investments of Allah be

upon him has no knowledge of the exact

appointed times when the star will come

so he says tell me about it science so

you said that the slave girl will give

birth to her mistress the owner more

scholars of Islam disagree on the

meaning of this statement some say that

it means that in the end of time

children will order their parents around

taking them like slaves and we see this

happening some say that many more people

will be born of destitute families and

become so wealthy that they'll they are

able to use their parents as servants

and then he says you'll see the barefoot

naked destitute herdsmen competing and

constructing lofty buildings among no we

says in his commentary that at the end

of time you'll see the people of the

desert building and setting up lofty

buildings and vying in that so to say

there you see these buildings in the

deserts appearing where there weren't

buildings and we're witnessing in this

in in this time and in this age we're

seeing this happen in many places in the

desert so this all of these three things

that are explained here and then the

star or the last time are essential

elements in the Islamic teachings and

the Muslim must know each one of these

and you must practice them so that he

must know what his lamb is and he must

know what Iman is and he what must know

what excellent and more than that you

must attempt to implement them in his


and in doing that he will find success

in this world on the neck so that this

hadith should be taken as a principle in

and life he should take it and study it

understand it and then implement it and

in doing that Allah will give him


inshallah Terada assalamualaikum right


so our council history national our team

roster ottawa said i'm wanna die a

charter and yeah even were studying at

surama lake wa rahmatullah wa barakatu

today inshaallah were going to look at

the third hadith or prophetic tradition

from imam Noli famous book the 40 hadith

it begins on the authority of arrived

rahman abdullah the