An-Nawawi's 40 Hadith

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Event Name: An-Nawawi's 40 Hadith
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ut so

that their wealth was used in what

concerned them it wasn't used in what

didn't concern them their speech was

only things that concern them only

things that have benefit for them the

Prophet you said in another hadith that

a man shouldn't speak except that which

else has benefit for him and he said in

one hadith Muhammad anneza whoever is

silent has had success because in being

silent if one has nothing good or

positive to say or nothing beneficial or

relevant to what is the conversation is

about then he could be quiet again we

see that the Prophet is telling us that

this is from in the Arabic manner hustla

is nomina money from the good aspect of

the issue

of a person so that this is in other

words he's telling us that there's a

Muslim who perhaps is concerned with

many things that don't involve him in

reality and this Muslim he has lack in

his Xena Xena is not complete so that a

Muslim in the true sense of what the

Prophet is telling us here he should

only be concerned about that which has

benefit for his life so that when he

sees someone doing wrong actions he

should only be concerned in changing

that wrong action because he knows

himself that he's responsible for it

every single human being he on the day

of judgment is going to be called before

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and he's going

to be asked for every single action that

he did imam al awzai

a great imam and scholar of the Muslims

from Syria he said that the moment or

the believer will see on the day of

judgment with all other people every

single hour that he spent on this earth

run before him like a movie he'll see

every single action that he did in this

life go before him and he'll be taken to

account Allah he says him for arms I

last would in stand a neutral kusuda

does man think that he reckons that

he'll be left in vain does he think that

his actions are for nothing

does he think that he can oppress the

three things that he can be aggressive

since he thinks that he can murder

cheese and that he won't be called to

account does he think that by enduring

good actions he won't be rewarded this

is the justice of our last that he's

promised the believers this justice will

be established on the day of judgment

Allah is al hakam this is one of his

name's the judger he will judge every

human being according to what he meant

how he lived his life and on this basis

the moment he knows he has absolute

certainty that this day is going to

happen the you must be honest the day of


the day when every single human being is

brought before his world his maker and

he'll know with the Athenian with

certainty Allah he says in the Quran

rajulun youma even now better it out of

fear on Avila the face is on that day

are overjoyed to their lords are looking

these are the faces of the believers so

allah subhana wa ta'ala he's giving

bashar or the good news for the believer

in that if he does right actions he will

reward him so this is making him

continue want to do that which confirms

him for his worldly good and for his

next world be good and the kaffir or the

non-believer is constantly involved in

things that have no benefit for him

either in this life or the next slide

he's constantly involved in talking

about people in fact fighting he's

involved in finding ways of increasing

only his worldly goods no matter what

the price Allah says in the Quran and

happen with the council has puzzled from


he says that the capital or multiplicity

has you bedazzled gathering well trying

to obtain more has you bedazzle it's

taken you away it's made you heedless

until you visit your grave the instant

that the human being dies he has

absolute awareness he has absolute

certainty he's out of the realm of the

world and he's into the realm of the

unseen he's into the realm of the real

world he's gone out of the transient the

property said in one hadith an anthem

again by either metal and tobacco people

are asleep and when they die they wake

up they become aware but the believer he

wants to awake up he wants to wake up in

this life he wants to take this life as

a means of arriving to

love the knowledge of Allah Allah says

Sodom and Julieta devil know that he

Allah is one so that the moment in this

life wants this absolute certainty and

he leaves what doesn't concern him

because he's concerned with a matter

much greater than that along he says in

quran we could limit in minimum Yola

even shattering you'll need for every

human being on that day he'll be

preoccupied with himself alone so on the

day of judgement the prophet told us

that a man will come to his mother and

he'll say Oh mother help me and she'll

say medina see myself myself because

she's preoccupied with her own safety

her own sanctity she's forgotten her own

son then he'll go to his father he'll

say the same and he'll go to each one of

the prophets and they'll all say the

same everyone on that day is concerned

with himself except the Prophet Muhammad

he's the intercessor for those who

believed in him and those who attempt in

their life to do good actions and

concern themselves with what Allah has

made them responsible for they're the

ones that have success on that day and

in doing that in continually leaving

alone that which doesn't concern him the

believer is concerning himself in what

concerns him he's concerning himself in

what he knows will be will be

responsible for on the day of judgement

so we hope that Allah will occupy us in

that which concerns us in this world in

order that we have success in the next

world and we hope that this had these is

not mere words to be listened to and

then forgotten but to be applied in our

lives daily and in every second and then

shall rot it's been beneficial to those

who heard it without our body from

laughs little ball or bellicose