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son of all not even

a kebab may allah be pleased with them


who said I heard the Messenger of Allah

may the blessings and peace of Allah be

upon him says Islam has been built on

five pillars testifying that there is no

god but Allah and that Muhammad is the

messenger of our law for filming the

prayer saying that that's half making

the pilgrimage to the house and fasting

in Ramadan this was related by both at

the party and mission this hadith is a

Hadees that explains the basic

foundations of the Islamic faith it

begins by the process peace and

blessings of Allah be upon him telling

us that Islam has been built on five

these five things are what every Muslim

is obliged to practice in his life it

begins by saying that he bears witness

that there is no god but Allah and

Muhammad is His Messenger this bearing

witness in the Arabic is Shahada and

that either hang upon what I'm the

Muhammad Allah suitable the Shahada in

Arabic means to witness with the eye the

Imam no he says in his commentary that

this witnessing is with the eye of the

outwards and the eye of the inwards

mother what about Sara that means this

is the man when he looked at creation he

begins to see the unity of Allah in the

creation so that he begins to see that

the creation is a sign of our large

unity aligned he says constantly in the

Quran about looking so he says for

instance in surah al-e-imran and lavinia

School in Omaha the yamen worker Oda

wadda movie hymn plays up at Cahoon as

he has this temerity without a banner

maja dr. Heather about potential panic

subpoena a double mouth he says that

they look and reflect in the creation of

the heavens and the earth and in doing

that they say our banner oh my god you

haven't created this in vain so that the

human being is looking at the creation

of the heavens and the earth and Allah

is telling him to look he's saying

haven't they look he said in the Quran

with the iron comes after a so

versatile and in yourself how did she

look and this looking is what takes a

man to the witnessing the Shahada that

there's no god but Allah when he looks

in the creation it tells us in the or

iron that Ibraheem the Prophet Abraham

peace be upon him that me first he

looked at the heavens and he looked at

the sky and when he saw the star he he

looked and he said this is my lord and

when the star says he said this is not

my lord because my lord he doesn't stack

and then he saw the moon until it's set

and he kept looking until he realized

that nothing in creation his

representatives of our life it's only

indicating around the story of at us my

the great Arab poet tells about him

meeting up Arab in the desert and he

asked him how have you known your Lord

and the Arab replied to him he said the

camel dung indicates the camel

this indirect murmur he was fatih Terim


a chartered india even must study after

Anwar they can watch football robotic

tattoo today inshallah we'll look at the

13th Hadees or prophetic traditions from

Imam Noah's broke the cornea hadith it

begins on the authority of abu hamza and

it's automatic may allah be pleased with

him the servant of the prophet of allah

may the blessings and peace of allah be

upon him that the Prophet may the

blessings and peace of Allah be upon him

said now that you truly believe until he

wishes for his brother what he wishes

for himself this was related by a

Bukhari and Muslim the hadith begins on

the authority of abu musa anna who said

to be the servants of the messenger of

allah this came about when the Prophet

peace and blessings of Allah be upon him

made his migration from Mecca to Medina

fleeing from the persecution of the for

a on arrival in Medina the mother of

Anna this boy mentioned in the hadith

was came to the Messenger of Allah with

the boy Ana's at that time he was a

young boy at the age of 10 the woman

said o Messenger of Allah I want to give

this boy to be of service to you that

you can teach him and the Prophet

accepted so Anna stayed with the Prophet

for a period of 10 years and in that

period Ana's said in one hadith the

Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be

upon him never once said to me if I did

a thing why did you do that thing I

never once said to me if I didn't do a


why didn't you do that thing and never

once said to me hope which was an Arabic

way of showing displeasure at something

this treatment or this courtesy this way

that the Prophet peace and blessings of

Allah be upon him dealt with his own

servant is embodied

hadith as follows he says never

blessings and peace of Allah be upon him

none of you truly believes until he

wishes for his brother what he wishes

for himself in this hadith he begins by

telling us in the arabic let me know a

Hadouken none of you believe none of you

have email this means none of you has

completed your email so in other words

email is something that exists on many

different levels the anima or the

scholars of Islam say that demand

increases and decreases it increases

with good action and decreases with bad

action and in one prophetic tradition

the Prophet tells us that a man has 60

some-odd parts or sharjah Envy each one

of these parts is a specific aspect of

Iman and this is one of them in fact

it's one of the most important in the

know he says in his commentary this flag

of Rahman al Rahim surprised was said of

Lada I shut up at MBA even more study

assalamualaikum warahmatullah

wabarakatuh inshallah today we'll look

at the seventh hadith or prophetic

tradition in Imam Noah's books

it begins by the process by the

blessings and peace of Allah be upon him

saying religion is conservative we said

meaning the companion to move he said to

Allah and his book and his messenger and

to the leaders of the Muslims and their

common folk it was related by Muslims

the tradition begins by the Prophet

telling us that the Dean for the way of

Islam is nasi ha

now see aha is an Arabic word which

means sincerity

it also means counsel giving advice so

it begins by the Companions asking the

Prophet to move to whom its distance

arity the Prophet answers to Allah and

his book so that the nasi AHA that the

believer gives is first to allow and

then the book the Quran so that his

worship his way of turning to Allah his

way of looking to Allah is with total

sincerity he doesn't have the authority

he doesn't have doubt he's made his

whole life sincerely for Allah and then

he says to his messenger the sincerity

to the messenger is believing in him

believing it up that which he came to

bring to mankind is true that the moment

the believer believes this with all his

heart and then he says to the leaders of

the Muslim which are called that in

month the meaning of mafia

towards the leaders of the Muslims is

council is helping them if they go

outside the limits of Allah boundaries

of Allah slaw if they stop implementing

the Sharia or the law of Allah at this

point it becomes obligatory for the

believer to give counsel sincere counsel

to the leaders of the Muslims

this is on the scholars of Islam that

enemy must give counsel to the leaders

especially the ones that

access to the leaders so that if they

see people doing wrong against other

people they must stop them for profit in

one hadith he said help your brother the

oppressed and the oppressor the

Companions they said as for the

oppressed we understand but as for the

oppressor how do we help him the Prophet

answered you help him by stopping him

from his oppression so we see that

anyone that says nida in Baba there's no

god but Allah and Muhammad is His

Messenger but and believe this he is

considered from amongst the Muslims

therefore if he does wrong actions the

movement of the believer does not hate

the man himself

he only despises the action that's

coming from the man but he won't for

himself what he has himself he wants for

this man who's doing these wrong actions

to become straight to rest afire himself

then he says and to the common folk this

means that the believer has to have

sincerity and counsel for his brother if

he sees a man doing wrong action he

doesn't look at the man and despise him

he goes and he helps him he tries to

pull him out of the darkness that he's

fallen into all the time the Muslim is

constantly snorting for his brother this

to find in his heart the sweetness of

Iman the sweetness of belief in Allah

and his messenger when he does this he

finds that he begins to go out to

mankind he begins to go out to the

people that are having trouble the

people that are Wayfarers they've lost

their way they've gone astray the Muslim

according to Islam is the one whose hand

and his tongue are the evil of these two

things the people are free from so that

the Muslim will not speak bad about

another Muslim he does in fact

he'll go to the man himself and tell him

I've seen this in you or I think you're

doing this wrong but he doesn't say it

in a way that's going to disturb the man

or going to make the men not accept the

council he'll take them aside from other

people he won't say it in front of

people showing his self the Prophet said

whoever exposes the faults of his

brother our law will expose his fault

even if he was inside his house so that

the Muslim does not want to expose the

faults of other people but he wants to

rectify them in a way in the best way in

a way that's going to allow them to

become straight it's going to allow them

to accept this council this Melfi house

with a good heart so the Muslim when he

sees wrong actions he hopes for that

believer for that Muslim is doing this

wrong actions to change but he's not

going to change if he's not given

counsel this is one of the most

important aspects of Islam Allah he says

in the Quran constantly about commanding

to good action and forbidding drawing

action the arm of the model Romanian in

Mongkok he said that by doing this we

attain success and we changed that which

is around us we transform our societies

so that the believer by transforming

himself he'll begin to want to transform

with around him from oppression from of

aggression of the wrong actions of the

in Justices that he sees so that when he

sees his brothers addressing others he

must go out to them he must stop them

too according to his capacity if he's

unable to stop them or by stopping them

he's going to place himself into harm

then our law doesn't make him

responsible for changing them Aulani

says in the quran i become unphysical

lay a little cumin bangla Edythe today

too he says you should create concern

for yourself it won't harm you the one

who's gone

gray if you've been guided but the

commentators of this ayat they say that

the guidance the hidayah this meant in

this ayat of Quran is enjoining right

action and forbidding wrong actions so

that it won't harm you what other people

are doing around you in the society if

you're enjoying right action and

forbidding wrong action so that when you

see people doing wrong actions by you're

telling them no this is wrong

you're saving yourselves but the man

who's quiet about these things is

placing himself in great danger the

Prophet peace be upon him told us a

story about a man in a city who was a

pure man but everyone in the city was

doing wrong actions and this man was

quiet about this wrong action he didn't

tell people to stop their own action so

Allah sent an angel to destroy the city

and the angel said o Allah there's a man

in the city who worships you and he says

that doesn't matter

he doesn't command the other people to

worship me or to stop them from their

wrong action so it's not enough for the

moment or the believer simply to say

themselves it's on him to save other

people to help other people to take them

out of their sufferings to take them out

of their misery and by doing this he is

sincere he has sincerity to the Muslims

as a majority and in having this

sincerity along he promises that he'll

change the situation Allah he says that

he won't change what's in a people until

they change what's in themselves so that

many many of the things that we witness

in our lives the oppression the

suffering is

only from the wrong actions of human

beings and it's only from the fact that

people have left stomping these things

and have thoughts calling people to

right action and forbidding wrong

actions if one takes this hadith and

follows it in its true meaning and

attempt to make his life sincere to make

his action sincere then you'll see

change in himself and then the people

around him and by doing this

the movement is having a way of gaining

success in this world and in the next

and inshallah this hadith has been a

benefit for those who hear it and we

hope that we take it not as words but as

a principle in which to live our lives

and in which to implement not simply to

be heard and then forgotten like so many

words we hear every day and insha'Allah

allow you the success and practicing

with heavy assalamualaikum rocket Allah

of our attention bismillah ar-rahman

rahim preparada words that I'm Radha I

shut up the Panda Yahoo animal studies

assalamualaikum document amounts of

attention today we'll look at the eighth

hadith for prophetic traditions in Imam

Noah's great books for 40 hadith it

comes with the Prophet said I have been

ordered to fight against people until

they testify that there is no god but

Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger

of Allah and until they perform the

prayer and pain as a cos and if they do

so they will have gained protection from

me for their lives and their properties

unless they do acts that are permissible

in accordance with Islam and their

reckoning will be with our live the

Almighty this was related by a Bukhari

and Muslim the Prophet peace and

blessings of Allah be upon him tells us

in the beginning of this tradition that

he was commanded

la to price people this fighting is what

the Muslims call jihad jihad is a word

which means to struggle and jihad has

many aspects jihad is not simply

struggling with the sword but jihadist

circling with the tongue

Giada struggling with the cell so that

the Muslim is constantly commanded by

Allah to stop a person to stop to stop

social injustice the Muslim is not a

pacifist but at the same time he's not

an aggressor Allah has commanded the

moment in the or on to fight where he

sees oppression he says what might you

do whom have stood at the corner 15

anyway akunis being with is bad for even


so there is one in out of body means and

fight them those who fight you until

there's no worse addition and the Dean

is for Allah so if they stop their

aggression then there's no aggression

except on the oppressors this means that

the Muslim fight when he's attacked and

it's permissible for him to fight when

he's not being attacked if there were

oppressors stopping him from taking this

message to mankind if he is allowed to

take this message in a peaceful in a

harmonious way then he does not make

aggression against those that are not

making aggression against him his lone

sees the world divided up into two

aspects one which is called Babel house

and the other is bottle-fed I'm Noddin

house is means the place of war those

who are against the Muslims who are

opposing them Goddess Quran means the

place of peace because if the naam comes

from a word which means peace it is the

Deen of peace but it demands that it be

given a voice to all of mankind so that

the Muslims is striving he is making

jihad to take this message to all of

mankind because the system of Islam

which is a complete and total

system is the only system on the earth

that can establish social justice for

all mankind the reason is is because

this system is not a system invented by


this system is a system that came from

the creator of man Allah he says in the

quran allah other woman hara rahu allah

paper kabir doesn't he know who's

created and he's the all-knowing but all

aware Allah is telling us in this ayat

he knows mankind when he forbids men to

do something he's forbidden him because

he has knowledge so that his forbidding

man to do illicit sex he knows what the

results of the man doing these things

will have they need two illnesses they

need two diseases that were unknown from

man they lead to a social breakdown they

lead to the whole complex of the society

breaking down the social structure so

the Prophet he says that if they say

value by him allah muhammad rasul allah

and they perform the prayer and pay the

for tax then they have his protection

his realm allows for the jew and for the

christian to live inside out of dollars

fellow to live inside the Muslim

countries but that they pay attacks like

the Muslims this tax is called jizya the

fire worshipper the Christian and the

Jew all must pay this tax which is

actually less than what the Muslim pays

this tax enables him to live amongst the

Muslims in harmony as long as he doesn't

stop the Muslims from practicing their

religion and lived according to the

social structure that Islam demand such

as social justice and social harmony

amongst people if we look at the history

of this ROM we find that the Jews and

the Christians lived in harmony with the

Muslims for centuries we find that in

Spain when the Muslims were finally

defeated by the Christians there the

Jews living under Muslim rule actually

chose to go to North Africa and live

there under the rule of the Muslims

because they

fear from the Christians and from the

retribution that the Christians would

make against them we find today that so

much trouble so much strife is in the

world based on aggression based on

social injustice based on oppression of

the big against the smells of the

powerful against the weak Islam demands

that the Muslim fall

social injustice and he demands that he

do it if necessary with war so that the

Muslim is commanded to war when he sees

injustice when it sees a friendship when

he sees aggression until these things

stop at the last corner fit enough until

there's no sedition until there's no

oppression when he does this he does it

with the intention of making a laws word

paramount he doesn't do it with the

attention of oppressing people for this

reason when the Muslims came in two

countries came in as conquerors they

came in conquering them with the sword

but their hearts were conquered with the

social justice and with the equality

that the Muslims created in these

countries so that in Egypt when the

Muslims arrived the early muslims

arrived to egypt they showed the people

there the social justice of islam as

opposed to the injustice and oppression

of the romans that were ruling the

country at that time

immediately the egyptian people became

muslims not through coercion but through

their contentment and their knowledge

that this Deen was true that this was

the true Deen of Allah this also

happened in North Africa in India much

of the Muslims that became Muslim in the

early time became from the examples of

the Muslims from their fine qualities

from the truthfulness in their speech

from the correct manners in their

merchandise in the way they traded with

the people in their example the Prophet

peace and blessings of Allah be upon him

was the best exam

for mankind he the aboard war in itself

but he knew and he was commanded by

Allah to fight to stop the aggression so

this appropriate peace and blessings of

allah be upon him when he was in a

battle in the early part of the song one

of the trauma or companions said to him

o prophet of allah curse these people

because he knew that the process his

supplication with the answer the prophet

then answered memorized to the island I

wasn't sent as a cursor with a king many


Diane's Rahman but I was sent as a

caller too good and as a mercy Allah

says in quran wa ma arsalnaka exact

method anatomy and we haven't sent you

except as a mercy to all the world

so that the prophets teachings are a

mercy to mankind and mankind only in

looking at these true teachings in their

proper perspective will he accepts them

allah says in quran you can't coerce

them to be moaning into these believers

allah knows that people will only

believe when they accept something when

they see this true and this is what the

muslim is striving to do to show the

people the truth of Islam to take this

message to all of mankind and if you

stop then he's commanded to fight i'm

allah subhanho wa taala gives victory to

those who strive in his way Allah he

says ja he do today how a jihadi

struggle in the way of Allah in a true

struggling so we hope that everyone

every moment will take on him upon

himself to strive in the way of Allah

and in doing this he will establish

social justice on the earth and we hope

inshallah that this has been a benefit

to those who hear it and we ask Allah

for success absalom body from that

little buffer that offensive

bismillah ar-rahman rahim restaurateur

Sarah mada a shot at the MBA even more


assalamualaikum warahmatullah


today in sha allah were going to look at

the ninth hadith or prophetic tradition

of email know is both supporting hadith

it begins on the authority of abu

huraira may allah be pleased with them

who said I heard the Messenger of Allah

may the blessings and peace of Allah be

upon him say but I have forbidden to you

avoid what I have ordered you to do do

as much of it as you can it was only

their excessive questioning and they're

disagreeing with their prophets that

destroyed those who will before you it

was related by Bukhari and Muslim this

hadith begins by telling us what the

messenger has forbidden for the moment

he must avoid and this begins by telling

us also the two aspects of Islam the two

aspects of the Sharia or the legal law

of Islam of the Quran and the Sunna the

Sunna is the way of The Messenger

Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be

upon him he said peace and blessings of

Allah be upon him on the last Hajj where

he was leaving the people he said I left

with you two things as long as you wrote

to them you'll never go astray the Quran

and my son knows before and has many

different aspects to it it has stories

of the ancient it has love it has


it has wisdoms it has all different

aspects the similar in the way in which

the Prophet lived his life it's based on

his words

on his actions and on what he saw and

acknowledged that it was alright to do

so he tells us that that would use

forbid forbidden we must avoid in other

words anything that the Prophet for

the believer to do he must avoid it

because of the two aspects of this

forbidding none of them is the

forbidding of studying or absolute

forbidden the other is the forbidding or

nehru which is something that

disapproves up or dislikes in the first

one the Prophet

for example forbade the movement or the

believers to go alone with a woman if

she wasn't a relative or his wife

this is forbidden absolutely and if a

person does it then he's done a wrong

action the second one is a forbidding

that's dislike for the Prophet gave the

example of a man who goes into the

hammam for the public baths with other

men and takes most of his clothes off

this is just right and it's preferable

that he doesn't do that then he says

what I have ordered you to do do as much

of it as you can in other words the

Sunnah or the way of the life of the

purpose is for the moment who loves the

Prophet to attempt to emulate the

Prophet as much as possible so that the

Prophet gave us an example of how he

lived his life and were the aspects of

his life how he got up in the morning

what he said when he got up in the

morning at humbly the landlady and even

I am Anthony praise be to the one who's

given me life after causing me to die

the death of meaning or his sleep then

when he put on his clothes he was put on

his clothes using the write first and

then the left when he went out he made

supplications to allow how he was with

his wife when he ate he ate with his

right hand and commanded us to eat with

our right hand these are all aspects of

the Sunnah in fact the Prophet didn't

leave any aspect of a human beings life

except that he gave us injunctions and

showed us the right way in which to live

our lives the believer who does this is

doing it out of emulation

the best of creation because the Muslims

recognize that the Prophet Muhammad is

the best of creation along he says you

have a good example in the messenger so

taking this example the moment in every

action in his life he tried as much as

possible to emulate the Prophet for this

reason he says do as much of it as you

can because everyone's capacity differs

from that of his brother so a man who

has a strong capacity was able to

emulate the Prophet in all the aspects

of his life

this man has given a great success in

this life even Omar the great companion

of the prophet of Allah used to attempt

to emulate the present in every single

detailed aspect of his life the Prophet

once heard people talking about it all

mouth and he said never mot wasn't even

home up he's the best of men even Hamas

if only you would stand up in the night


well now arrived to even Omar he

immediately began to stand up in the

night and pray because he knew that the

Prophet wouldn't have said it unless

there was a direct meaning to it for

action that he should apply to himself

and the purpose himself was commanded to

stand up in the night and pray so then

he says it was only their excessive

questioning and their disagreeing with

their prophets that destroyed those who

were before you

this is an indication that excessive

questioning is disliked in Islam the

Prophet he said he said putting alaykum

Elpida well Todd it's been just right

for you to say such-and-such and

so-and-so or to speak excessive talk it

has no use will tell press us to add and

too much questioning that a person

should question the purpose peace and

blessings of Allah be upon him said if

you meet a man you should ask him his

name the name of his father and the

tribe from which he's from and other

than that is considered excessive

questioning unless

man is willing to come from himself we

also find that in the hadith is an

indication of one man at the time when

the head came down or the pilgrimage to

the Muslims and Allah he said when he

they had a net had debate Mena's Papa

eating Sevilla and it's for the mankind

to make the pilgrimage to the house

who's ever able to so one man when he

heard this ayat he asked the Prophet

should we do it every year and the

Prophet said if I would have said yes it

would have become a blicket or for you

in other words Allah has left it clear

he's left it open

don't ask find details until it becomes

too difficult for you and this in fact

is mentioned that the Jews when in the

surah Baqarah or the chapter of the cow

in the Quran were asking about the cows

that along commanded them to sacrifice

is it a female cow is it what color is

it does it eat from this is it a version

they asked so many questions that Allah

the he became angry at them and said

that they almost didn't sacrifice it and

then he said and they're disagreeing

with their prophets so the people that

if the Prophet has given us a

commandment and we disagree with it then

this is what this will destroy it this

is what destroyed the early people that

they didn't accept things that came from

their prophet they began to see oh I

don't like this or this doesn't agree

with what I believe or how I feel and

this is a great wrong this is going away

from the prophetic tradition the Prophet

was so concerned for his Ummah for his

community that he only did the things

that he knew that they would be able to

do he said about using the Seawatch

stick before the prayers if I didn't

fear that it would be too great for my

Ummah I would have commanded them to do

it at every prayer this is an indication

that he should the moment should do it

at every prayer brushing his teeth with

the miswak stick but the process he was

feared for his Ummah that

become too difficult for him to do it so

he said he didn't command them to do it

but only said that its beloved for them

to do it the Prophet Muhammad peace and

blessings of Allah be upon him his

Aurasma he's a mercy for all the worlds

and his life is a guidance for all of

the believers and for those who take him

as an example in their lives they find a

constant spiritual nourishment they find

a criterion in Wistar based align they

find a behavior in which is only the

finest and noblest of behaviors if they

follow the Prophet they'll find that

Allah begins to love them because Allah

says if you love me then follow the

Prophet so that by following prophets we

gain the love of Allah and this should

be the desire of every believing Muslim

and in sha Allah Ta'ala we hope that

this has been a benefit for those who've

heard it with Salam alaikum bracknell to

LA without attention miss Cindy Hosmer

machine that far out two words that are

more other I thought that mdard what

most studies absalom why they from

Rockler film our robotic husband which

Allah today we're going to look at the

number-10 hadith of Imam Noah's book

before the hadith begins

Allah the Almighty is good and accepts

only that which is good Allah has

commanded the faithful to do that which

he commanded the messengers and the

Almighty has said o you messengers each

of the good thing and do right and Allah

the Almighty has said o you who believe

these of the good things wherewith we

have provided you then you mentioned the

case of a man who having journeyed far

is disheveled and dusty and he spread

out his hands to the sky say O Lord O


while his food is unlawful his drink

unlawful his clothing unlawful and he is

nourished unlawfully so how can he view

answer it was related by Muslims the

hadith begins with a very important

in Islam and that is Allah telling us

that he is good ru and that he accepts

only that which is good in other words

if a man wishes to GU do good actions

such as giving out from his well the

wealth that he gives out must be allow

or permissible well it can't be wealth

obtained from interest from thanks

it can't be wealth that he stole it

can't be anything that has any doubtful

thing concerning it it must be good in

its essence then also he's telling us

see some blessings of Allah be upon him

that any action that a man does must

have a good intention behind it and it

can't have any doubt for matters

concerning it so that a man who's pray

must be doing it without conceit so

without doing it for once of showing off

to other people and then he says Allah

has commanded the faithful to do that

which he commanded the messenger this is

another important aspect in his sanam

and that is that the messengers

themselves are commanded to do what the

believers are commanded so that the

Prophet himself had to pray the five

roses a that were prescribed upon the


he was never setting himself above the

believers in one story that comes down

to us the Prophet was with his

companions on a journey and he ordered

his companions to slaughter a sheep to

be eaten and then he ordered some

companions to sacrifice the sheets and

then to take the skin off and then he

said I'll gather the firewood and one of

the Companions contested and said

how can we allow you to do that and he

says a lot for bade me to raise myself

over th