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and he was a habit ehi woman today I

only accented pyrimidine allahumma la


them our Lenten encounter any more Hakim

a lot of Milan among fellow fan and

antenna was nelma along after heading a

hikmah to ensure our dynamometer cure

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seed in o Muhammad wine an early hit

Quran when I hold her went up water

level and Ali an odd name alhamdulillah

smiie not know nor him it's a blessing

always to participate in these things in

may loss behind without a reward all the

people that worked very hard to put this

together the the the modern world is

very fast and people feel the time and

the pressure of just their daily lives

it's hard to justify balance in those

lives and it's a blessing to be able to

to remove oneself somewhat from that

hustle and bustle out there and to be in

a place where there's a lot of nature

and things that historically people were

very connected to I mean there this

there's still are people connected to

these things but they're increasingly

diminishing in terms of just numbers on

the earth the major cities that are

emerging all over the world are there

they're terrifying in that so many

people that traditionally were living

off the land and connected to the

natural cycles have moved in and we have

massive slums all over the world for

people that have travelled and seen some

of these places we've got about even

one-fourth of theirs

datian now living in really slum

conditions which was very very different

modern modern poverty is not like

pre-modern poverty because pre-modern

poverty was was rarely qualified with

impoverishment of the soul if you went

if you if any of you have been to

Pakistan a lot of you are unfortunately

some of the really young people don't

realize how much has changed just in the

last twenty thirty years

Swat Valley was one of the most

beautiful places in the world and I know

people that became Muslim because they

visited Swat Valley so and the stories

about just the incredible hospitality

and the beauty of the people of the Swat

Valley so when you read now about what's

happening in places like that it's very

disturbing when I first went to West

Africa what was that it's actually my

second time my first time it's in 1978

but the second time that I went the


Mauritania was an isolated place that

had a lot of people there didn't even

know about America just that there was a

country called America I actually met

people in the Sahara Desert that did not

know America as a as a place so it was

it was very amazing to see people that

weren't just pre-modern people but they

were pre-modern people that had almost

no interaction with the modern world so

you got a very different perspective on

just how people view things and the now

in Mauritania recently there was a

tourist that was killed and even though

it was very shocking for the people

generally that the fact that there were

some you know Muslim extremists that did

something like that in Mauritania was

like very shocking for Mauritania

because that type of Islam or that

manifestation of Muslim behavior not

that type of Islam that manifestation of

Muslim behavior was really unknown in

that place so it was a big shock so

things have changed but it's very nice

for us and to be able to come out here

and so I think we should do our best to

take advantage of I went Imams it and I

took a walk and there's a place called

the Baptist Vacation Bible School and

right down the road but that was a nice

I like the name Vacation Bible School

because vacation is from a Latin word to

empty out you know vacuum comes from the

same root

so vacating is emptying out and the the

set of called it Talia

there's a hadith that the Prophet shall

I send him said that the Prophet emptied

us out of jahiliyya and then he filled

us of Islam so the spiritual practice is

about emptying before it's about so you

have to be emptied before you can be

filled if you're already filled in fact

where most of us are full of ourselves

so that's the problem is how do we empty

our souls of ourselves emptying the soul

of the self and that's a very difficult

thing but what's what's interesting is

the prophets Allah TM was when when

gibreel first met him on Jevon or

mountain of light he squeezed him and

some of the ummah talked from that the

ishara he squeezed him three times and

it was actually to make sure that he was

completely empty of himself before

giving him the revelation and that's why

he thought that he was going to kill him

because he literally crushed his just

sides but that that was a physical

manifestation of a spiritual reality

because the Provencal I said him in the

books they always say Kenny at the hand

Ethel you know yet the hen death and

in the commentaries always say attendeth

hua tabbed would the tendeth is a type

of devotional practice so the practice

that the prophesizing was doing the

meditation that he was doing in the hall

Hara there on Yemen or was called

tendeth now we just read in surah Tauba

kara what what verse had that word in it

anybody who's al hinted all theme right

so the hint is in surah taha dad

what does it mean in there and hint

anybody luckily you're doing in surah to

walk out with Shariah so you'll know

what and hence is shirk so de hann north

is to han north is in the morphology of

arabic to handle one of the meanings of

the TEFL wasn't it's called to file the

paradigm of tough out one of the

meanings is to avoid so you have like

who Jude is sleep to head Jude is to

avoid sleep so yet the head jet means

you're struggling to avoid sleep Tejanos

means to avoid ship to remove oneself

from share now the the greatest shirk is

worship of the self the idolatry has

nothing on self Allah tree right really

because the the worship of the self and

a las mentions about people that take

their hawa as their God right it tejada

allahu how ah who like he took as his

God his his desires his self whatever

the self wants the dictates of the cell

so the emptying out of the self is

necessary in order to prepare for

your journey to a lots of behind of

Italian even though it's part of the

journey because the journey you have to

pack before you you go on a journey

right you get your provisions ready so

the journey actually starts before you

set out on the physical journey of

actually moving towards your destination

there's things you have to do you have

to get your visa you need a visa you

have to get your tickets you have to do

all these things so the emptying out is

really the preparation to to to to

really move spiritually on the path and

that's why the asana is such an

interesting event in the profits a

license life because now tonight which

is 27th of rajab is there's nothing

confirmed about lailatul is all nothing

and that's why we don't there's no ebody

that is specific to these nights in the

sun no that's true and if people say

there is it becomes a bit that is a bit

add to introduce things that aren't from

the religion into the religion so but

having said that the ulama do take a

blessing from the 27th of Rajab

generally I mean a lot of them say it's

a good night because the majority of

Roma do think that it is the night of

this or all but Imam no we did not

so even to say by Kesh or something that

it's this night

I don't think Imam no it was one of the

great olia of our tradition but he did

not agree with that opinion there's

nothing confirmed but generally it is

the night

if you look on Muslim calendars it's the

night that they put for the night of the

Asura and so it's it's a good night to

remember the astrologist generally the

the the Prophet allies to them if you

look at what happened right before the

Israel right before the Asura was

probably the most difficult

got time of the prophets life so

lightest and they say that the you know

the darkest hour is the one right before

dawn the the prophets item had gone to

Thoth and he had been rejected by the

people of Pi but worse than that they

they really humiliated him I mean they

can't you can't humiliate in reality

dignified people you know it's not but

but they they attempted to humiliate him

because humiliation is really an

internal experience more than I mean

somebody can can to condena great you

but but humiliation is something you

experience I was so humiliated

you know people that's what they say you

know so when you say he humiliated me

it's really you're saying he allowed I

allowed myself to be humiliated by him

because people can't really humiliate

you they can be disrespectful but it

says more about them than it does about

you in reality so you can allow yourself

to be humiliated now the prophets have

also said and want me to allow you the

Lughnasa a believer shouldn't ever

humiliate himself and what CDI mizerock

said that it meant it meant opposing

government you know like like rebels and

things like that and that's how he

interpreted because he said when you do

that and then they capture you and they

put you in shackles and they do all the

you you've become humiliated but he what

Amazon rope the Prophet said and what

Menelaus Lilu Neffs a who the believer

doesn't humiliate himself which really

means that that it's you that's

humiliating yourself and tonight it's

not somebody else it's you that's doing

it but you can cause yourself to be

humiliated by doing stupid things so

what the Prophet I said was doing was

the most honourable of things

there was nothing dishonorable about it

and there was nothing that should have

warranted what happened to him

whereas when you go against a government

for instance and oppose them you've

basically done something that justifies

their response because that's how

they're going to

they're going to spawn by humiliating

you so in essence you've humiliated

yourself by putting yourself into a

position like that so when when the

Prophet slice and went to thought if he

was basically looking for people to give

him protection

so that he could to his Dawa and and

they didn't they didn't respond but the

worse than that they sent the the

servants out to throw rocks at him some

of the children threw rocks at him and

he actually had his feet were bloodied

from that and he was very distressed

about it because it it was like his last

Gila it was his last strategy that's

what that was he was doing the us bad

even though his trust was completely

with Allah he was doing the s babb and

that's why his dua is so interesting

because well there's two things that are

interesting one is who comes to him at

that time we need when he goes to did

he's sitting under the tree who comes to

him huh the Christian man at does and an

noe where and where was he from because

he asked him were you from what do you

say he said he was from Nineveh and and

the Prophet SAW he said I'm said that's

the city of the the blessed man you know

Savino Mehta now what's interesting

about that because this is you know

these are the things that that God plans

I mean what's interesting about that

story I mean what would be interesting

about a man from Nineveh coming to the

prophets Allison I'm at that point

because what's the story of Nineveh

what's the story of Nineveh

we see they did good yeah it's

interesting because they disbelieved in

him but he gets fed up see yunus jonah

basically writes them off and says you

know these people there's no real hope

for them and he goes and then he gets on

the ship and then his/her storm and they

throw lots and they throw him over and

then the whale comes and but the point

of that story is that he was in the same

situation the Prophet was in the

situation of Units he'd been a meta now

what happens with Yunus in the belly


he's like his realization is this is all

from God I mean like I had my plan but

God had his plan because he was trying

to get on the boat and get but it didn't

work out the way he thought in his mind

it was going to work out and he ends up

in the belly of this of the whale and

praising God right in the kunta mental

body meaning now who does he blame does

he blame the people of Nineveh he's in

the belly of the whale

oh Allah look what they've done to me

destroy these people right I mean does

he do that that's like he does he blame

the people what's he say he blames

himself it's so interesting

it's like Muslims tenda I don't know

what happened but at a certain point

they stopped reading these stories

correctly or something but he blames

himself and he says you know if you

don't help me I'm finished so that the

fact that a man from the city of Nineveh

comes to the Prophet at that time is

very symbolic and the Prophet item says

that his famous da where where he says

to Allah you are the lord of the

oppressed and he said I don't have any

strategy you know

hey lady I don't really have a strategy

to do it yeah I've tried everything that

I can but then he says you know I don't

know who you're going to send me to is

it an enemy that will treat me horribly

or some stranger that doesn't know who I

am there's no warmth there's no help

coming from them a demented loony and

but then he says you know but if you're

pleased with me you know if you're

pleased with me then I don't care what

you do to me as long as you're pleased

with me in other words I don't whatever

the circumstances you put me in I'm not

going to complain about them as long as

you're and then he said well I have here

- oh so you know the well being is

easier for me it's easier to be in a

situation where you're not in that

constriction and and difficulties but

what's interesting about that is he said

you know that I aku I take a Hawaiian II

on an ass you know I complain to you my

insignificance in the eyes of the people

he didn't complain about how they

treated him he complained about his the

fact that he didn't Hawaii had an S you

know that I'm in this situation where

they're not respecting me and and he all

if you look at that he didn't complain

about the people it's a very interesting

it's very similar to what Jonah did and

one of the things the Prophet said let

old a loony eyelid envía

do not prefer me over other prophets and

in every why he's a Leto forbid only a

day unicity Mehta don't prefer me over

Jonah I don't prefer me over Jonah which

is from his humility and what it means

is do not prefer the Prophet sighs him

in any way that diminishes from the

other prophets that that's what it means

it's also from

humility because he said aniseed will do

Adam whatever ha I am the best of the

children of Adam and I'm not boasting in

other words this is not something that I

really want to tell you about me but

it's something that I was commanded to

tell you so now and then on the way back

what happens from from five what happens

on the way back the angel comes and

offers him thank you offers him to

destroy the people just he'll wipe them

out for him now again here's a test of

who the prophesy him is because there's

people that would do that after being

humiliated like that they're so angry

and the Prophet I sent him said no and

what was the reason that he gave for

saying no that he'd the children the

children because as long as there's

children there's hope doesn't you know

children have the purity and the fifth

law and the Bharata that makes it

possible for them to be open to a

message of truth because children by

their nature are not disbelievers

children by their nature are believes