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don't cover up the truth children

and even really little children when

they do they they're not really covering

up the truth they're just because

they're in the imaginal world they can

make things out the way they want them

so children don't lie like your little


five four year old you know who broke

the glass you see then the brain is like


I don't know now adults assume it's a

lie but it's not because in in that

world of all possibility there are other

alternatives really that's the way the

child's mind is working and that's why

the seven years is called salute amuse

the age of discrimination because they

can start to describe but that's only

the beginning it's not complete until

they're 14 14 15 it's not complete so

they don't they're in that world of

possibility so the Prophet SAW said

wanted good for them he maybe they won't

believe what their children will believe

that's what he hoped and and that's what

unis that was what Jonah learns because

he goes back to Nineveh and and that's

why it's not you don't decide these

things Lisa like a minute Emma D shade

this isn't about you that Allah said

that to the Prophet it's a lot is in him

when he wanted to to take revenge on the

for H Allah said this isn't about you in

other words it's not about the self it's

not about this this is something much

bigger and and after that the Prophet

slicin would mention on the the minbar

because he's sworn oath when he saw

Hamza mutilated and that's his humanity

the Prophet was human being he got angry

he said if you ever hear me curse

anybody I'm he said I'm a man and I get

angry but the angels will turn my curse

into a prayer for that person so even if

the proper got angry his that his

reality was Rama and so whatever his

human nature

was was manifesting his his reality was

all mercy a broad base and motifs he

said all of the prophets were created

from the mercy of God but the Prophet is

I know Rama

he's the essence of mercy Omar sanika

illa rahmatan lil I mean we only sent

you as a mercy to all the world and so

when he goes to

back to the second thing that happens is

he meets the jinn right and some of them

they heard the pollen in Seminole Quran

and algebra via DLL rushed I'm and Nabi

they heard the Quran and they heard it

calling to guidance and they believed in

it so the unseen world I mean you said I

don't know people heard use of Islam

wrote a really nice song recently you

know every pearl drop in the sky knows

about you it's it's a song he wrote

about the prophet's life it was very

beautiful song but he taught you know

the fish in the sea every fish in the

sea knows about you and that's a thing

about the problem is that even the rocks

were greeting him and so he was in this

I mean we couldn't even imagine what

that state would be like to wear things

you know even though humans are negating

you the the clouds are covering you I

mean people saw that but Berra the monk

the Christian monks saw the cloud moving

with the caravan and it may said I saw

that may said I went to hadith and he

said the whole time he said there was a

cloud covering him in and I've ridden in

the desert like I got sunstroke on a

camel because I rode for about eight

hours once and and I literally got

sunstroke so it would have been nice to

have a cloud over over but you know mom

in the Elohim upon my loom

so this sarita Muharram in leyland era

Haram Commissar Al Bhed roofied a demon

Abdullah me imam abu city says that you

moved across from one haram one

sanctuary to another sanctuary

just like the full moon moves in the

darkness of the night across the sky

and that is reference to the his night

journey which is called the Asura and

then there's the Mirage the Mirage is

the Ascension so there's a difference

between the is raw and the Ascension the

Asura is by consensus it's much matting

you have to believe in it it's in the

Quran Subhan Allah the Asura be AB de


glory be to the one who took his servant

by night in in the night it's realized

and the early might differ about why

because Sarah is to travel at night in

the Arabic language and an Astra is

somebody take you by night so behind

lady Astaroth the add the heel a land

it'll Masjid it'll Masjid al-haram Eden

Masjid al-aqsa that took you from the

the sanctuary in Mecca to the sanctuary

there's a there's a Hebrew out there

that says bay to hamikdash to go out

there and ha in Hebrews like al in

Arabic that so they called Beit


as well in Hebrews be paid to a hammock

dish there's a thing right out there on

on the wall so this was a sanctuary for

the Jews obviously before the the

prophets Ummah took that place you hear

avada Dini Kalihi you know well carry

hello Kathy room so the he that you have

to believe in now whether it was in the

body or whether it was a vision or that

there's a head of the dominant opinion

of the anima is that it was the bodily

the first part the second part the

mirage cannot be a physical journey it's

it's you stay here and that's that's all

of our ulema with the exception of the

Mooji SEMA the the anthropomorphise

which is a very small group but all of

the uma agree that window madonna

feted ella can oppose you know a dinner

you know that when he got close to Allah

and was brought near and was to Bo's

length which is a metaphor because in

the Arabian tradition if you came into

the presence of a king you could not

come closer than two bows length that

was the closest that you are allowed to

get to the king and so that was an

honorific expression of how close the

prophet got to God as close as you can

get to a king without breaching the dub

so but that denno is denno

maqam lemak and you know it's it's a

demo of station not of place it's really

important so people should not think

that there's any physicality there you

don't go into the physical presence of

God because God does not have

physicality so but the essaouira is much

my life if you reject it is that you're

rejecting no Soren and generally it was

considered you know you just out of

Islam if you reject it but obviously if

somebody doesn't believe in the bodily

journey they're not that's not disbelief

but I y'all mm say you fossil will you

bet down they're considered Moop today

and fess up

but it's not out of Islam so it's an

innovative belief so


so he says that the benefit one of the

benefits of mentioning that in in verse

in the Quran Subhan Allah driv Abdi he

by saying leyland is that it was a

journey that took the Arabs about thirty

nights to make that journey from Mecca

so it was reinforcing that it was in one

night and even Mossad has a parada that

said Baba layin some of the night so it

was a portion of the night because the

Prophet SAW lies in him and the hadith

that Aisha relates even though she was

not married to the Prophet at the time

but she might have heard that from

somebody who was there was that his his

bed was still warm by the time that he

got back so the journey was obviously

it's a metaphysical journey in that it

was not in the normal time-space

continuum that we're in it was it was in

and now I mean they have you know they

in modern physics they have IED things

like wormholes do you know where you can

be in one part of the universe and and

go through a wormhole and you're

instantaneously in another part of the

universe so these ideas at that time the

Barak which is from a root word bark

which is lightning and was like the

speed of light the Baraat was moving at

because it went from one horizon to the

other in one step so it's instantaneous

travelling but the Prophet Elias said

I'm what's what's intriguing now is that

these things are just common to go from

Mecca to Syria you know or from Jeddah

to Syria it takes you 40 minutes or

something by airplane so it's just

not you know at that time it sounded

completely just and some people lost

their faith there were people that

literally it was too much but Abu Bakr

said I think the best thing about it

because when they came to him and the

Polish were really happy about this

because they thought people aren't

they're not going to buy this so they

went out Bukka and I said did you hear

what your companions saying that he did

and he said no what what what did he do

and he said he says he went to Jerusalem

last night and came back a journey that

takes us a month and abu-bakr said in

the bottom of a pod so doc if he did

indeed say that in other words I don't

necessarily trust you but if he did

indeed say that I believe him and they

said you believe him that he could do

that he said I believe him in something

more extraordinary than that that he's

getting revelation from God that's

that's what's really I mean once you

once you ex

then everything becomes possible within

that because that that's the really

challenging thing the idea of you know

God communicating to a human being but

once you accept that everything else

becomes very very but that's what's so

interesting about prophets is is why do

people believe then people don't believe

mad people I mean you get cults you know

like you can have a small cult of people

that believe in in something but when

you get these manifestations that huge

numbers of people believe in and that's

why it's one of the proofs of of the

prophets is their acceptance the

acceptance of these great numbers of

people for what they're what they're

telling so the the other thing that

happens which is interesting is he he

sees mu Silas and I'm in at bihari he

sees him praying at cos panorama at the

place in Sinai in his grave which is a

proof of the Allison that the prophets

are alive in their grave

so people that say the prophet's dead he

died a physical death but the prophets

are not dead none of the prophets are

dead the prophets are alive the Shahadah

are alive and and then he met the other

prophet so if they were dead how did he

meet them because that's also Hadees

like he met first of all he met them at

the Beit al-maqdis at the mission locks

law here and they asked him to lead the

prayer in fact Ibrahim Ali said them

when the prophet Elijah he said uh you

know ethanal ambien Allah work unto

machine Ian you know I they were

praising God and I was praising God and

one of the things that he said was

alhamdulillah subhanaka

paducah you know I'm praising you and

then he said you made me a mercy to all

the world and Ibrahim said be hada for

Delta Elena by this you have this

preference as it you're Rama goes

extends to all the worlds and and that's

when they asked him to lead the prayer

so he led the prayer and the his heart

according to one rewire was washed also

again at that point there's three

prewired that the heart was washed now

the the physical washing of his heart

that took place when he was a just a few

years old he was little boy in in the

they were playing he was playing with

his uh his of nurse his brother in

nursing a home for Allah and the little

boy saw that two angels came and

besought Rahul and he ran to tell

Halima's idea what had happened but

what's interesting about that story is

again it was something the idea of

taking a heart out and washing the heart

and was something

just beyond imagination at that time

it's something that happens everyday in

our civilization I mean this is one of

the things that Sania Maya Tina that I

thought people feel museum hottie at the

very end at home and would help you know

we will continue to show them our signs

until it becomes clear but if you look

at what happened his heart was put into

a basin of ice which is what you do when

when you take a heart out you know they

put it on they put it in some cool

temperature to slow down the metabolic

rate so that the cells don't die and

then they pour over a cryonic fluid

which is high in potassium and calcium

and electrolytes so they have

electrolytic fluid that they pour which

is what the Angels did according to

Dudley why they're pouring over the zem

zem which is very salty water over the

heart and then they put it back in his

chest but the Sahaba said that they saw

the scar like if you ever seen anybody

that's had open-heart surgery they have

that very scar they saw fine scar down

the front of his chest from from the

splitting of the chest so that occurred

and according to the hadith he was

washed the thoughts that they used every

prophet had their heart washed all the

prophets had their heart washed and that

pass the original toss was was the same

one it's always used the same one so

their hearts are all washed in the same

now the other thing that is a plethora a

man died at the I'll be here to Cobra he

saw these great signs of his Lord and

the Provencal I said I'm as he was

moving when the Mirage began which is

the Ascension Mirage means latter in

Arabic or do jiz to ascend when he was

ascending and there's a Jacob's Ladder

in the Bible which is like a mirage

where he has a ladder up to the heavens

so the when he was when he was ascending

he saw he was seeing all these

extraordinary things like the unseen was


up completely but the Quran says

Mazzella pasa Omata

his I didn't deviate you know his I

didn't swerve he wasn't he didn't look

at all he was focused completely on a

lawsuit Panama Donna and the I mean

ultimately that you know it's it's he's

done the journey that all everybody

makes the journey to their Lord

everybody's on a journey to their Lord

you either do it wittingly or willingly

or you do it unwillingly but everybody

is headed to God and and so the prophesy

center is rah is really it is the story

of Islam in that it is the purpose of of

this teaching and that's why the is what

is the essential thing that happens on a

surrounding now watch what's what's the

prayer I mean that's what he was given

he was given the prayer and and and and

also the affirmation from the other

prophets because he meets Adam in the

first heaven he meets mimosa Dianna see

use of in the second heaven he needs to

ISA in the third heaven he meets Harun

threes in the fourth heaven he meets

Harun in the fifth he meets moose and

the six and then he meets Ibrahim at him

and he told us I have what each one of

them look like in relation to people

they knew so he said he looks like so

and then he said about Ibraheem he said

hashiba hope you saw he become he looks

most like your companion meaning himself

but and then each one of the prophets

affirmed him and prayed and for his help

and this is called some of the elements

say that this is the raffia kalila you

know some say it refers to Allah and

Mela lillah

you know the this the highest because

the Prophet when he died that's what he

was saying the the highest companionship

which is a lot but it's also the company

the profits and so they affirmed all of

them affirmed what he was teaching

because the Prophet didn't never saw

himself outside of their of their

teaching he was not bringing anything

new he was not a bidden minute

Rossellini wasn't an innovator from the

messengers everything and that's why you

know people say oh you know he he got

these stories from the Bible right I

mean there's the Orientalist have said

that but if you look it's it's very

interesting how consistently it the

Quran avoids all of these things in the

Bible that are in the Bible like in the

stories you know they complain to the

Prophet that the poor on was not linear

you know they said that it's not like a

story and that that's when sort of Yusef

came down like we can do that we've

already done that before you know

because the Bible's like that

but the Quran is not like that but Allah

when they said to him that it wasn't

like anything they'd heard before it

didn't it didn't have a narrative it

didn't have like a traditional beginning

a middle and an end that's when the use

of came down it's like there you go

that's possible because they complain

some of the people said they wanted

stories Passos and that's when that that

that's possible but the Quran is it's

very different from any previous

dispensation but it's not teaching

different things it's teaching the same

things and that's why it's a very

interesting it has it has Old Testament

elements but it's got New Testament

elements it's not it's not fixed in one

or the other perspective although if

anything it inclines more towards a

ESA's approach to things and if you if

you look at the I as the deal with

justice and they're always followed up

by eyes of forgiving and overlooking and

it's a higher thing and that's why the

Prophet was commanded to do those things

even though his own was not commanded

they can redress wrongs if they want to

but he was obligated to forgive and

that's why he millennion tuck him D&F;

see here cut he never took avenged

vengeance or any revenge for himself

ever woman can get fat I see yeah

the see aware I can yahoo we all feel

like in the Hilliard says he never

returned a wrong with another wrong but

he used to forgive and overlook

so the and then the other thing that's

very interesting about you know in Imam

elbow CDs boorda when when he talks

about Ezra he says vitarka era and

Eltham and 0 10 min oppa Bukowski

Needham to the Requiem Torah me you know

you continue to go up in rank until you

got to pop up how saying this rank of

two bows links that had never been

achieved before even gibreel had to stop

and let him go and and then but what's

very interesting you know walk at the

matka demeanor and vab ha water suit

academia dome and an academy and and all

the prophets they put you forward and he

says wanted to tear a possibly Bobby him

female given Kentucky you so I banana me

and you broke through the seven heavens

with them in a procession you were the

the standard barrier there in that

procession of all these prophets but

then what he says which is very

interesting he says Boucheron and I'm I

should eat salami right first Akula

fahara no vitamist erican which is the

column accommodate almost any mashallah

Israel it's a it's a very beautiful

section of the border mmm

the Prophet SAW I sent him said even

address relates he said I lemony or not

be later

yeoman said he that my lord taught me

many knowledge 'as on the night of the


and but then he says Bashar al and I

measured Islam in Elena Manila NIT

Rahman a Roman heading me let me down

Allah their anal authority be Akram

arose laconic remember me when when he

says after that he talks about the Asura

he murmured ball Sadie says what good

news we have o people of submission

because we have a providential care a

pillar of support that can never be

destroyed this pillar of the prophets

Elias nm and then he says when God

called his prophet and said o best of

messengers by that we became the best of

omen what's really interesting I just

want to read you this because I thought

this was so extraordinary the Macan of

him only him in a nightie

Yaman with alum and Haley the lead and

Fuu siarad Erica Oh Luca di facade Erica

Oda cara de lluvia de llamada Allah that

Allah who Yanni Limassol ahuna beginner

mohammed and saladin a melody who were

there in elite RIT he tell our

anivia krama Rosalee last moment Attica

and Coonan a new Elodie no home on Metro

a common enemy

Andrew Jalla WA ala DN a chrono Rosalee

Lemieux bad in the era a caramel omen

the Jamie Roman member 88 a ham hi Roman

mama no home hyrule momineen work f your

own guru catherine and i just thought

that was so amazing auditor adam arsenic

a lot a little an amine so he says that

when when Iman was lady says that God

called the one who called us to his

obedience by the best of messengers we


must be the best of nations because

that's his Delisle that the fact that

he's a Croma Russell makes kuntum hi

Roma 1003 gentleness but then he says

that the believers of this Ummah are the

best believers and the kaffir oon are

the best Catherine which is very

interesting to me because if you look

never in history like have there been so

many people that are espousing the

truths that the Prophet is M was was

espousing at a time when nobody had

articulated those things like the

Prophet is the first there's no human

being that I've ever seen in history and

all the readings I've done and I've

asked people to show me I've never seen

anybody make the remark about human

equality that the Prophet slicin made I

don't find anywhere in human history

anybody that said there is no preference

of a white man over a black man or a

black man over a white man or an Arab

over non Arab or non Arab over an Arab

except in piety

I don't found anything that even comes

close to that in really attacking racism

at its at its root and that now has

become people that don't even believe in

God have come to accept that as a truth

whereas that was not widely acknowledged

at all in fact it wasn't really

acknowledged the superiority was a

common belief in the pre-modern world of

tribal racial religious superiority

whatever and also women's rights just

the elevation of women the abolition of

slavery I mean all of these things that

have happened in in this which which is

very clear that it's like his OMA is not

just the people that believe in him but

it's all the people of the world that

are in existence after he comes into the

world so we believe there the OMA

because the OMA is divided in two

omma to Dawa wanted st Jabba the OMA of

download Ummah of invitation people that

are invited to the prophets Lyceum to

accept him to believe him and then the

people that answer that invitation

because people have a choice and even

that like I'll have a Dean right I mean

before the Prophet SAW I said religion

was about coercion right people people

were forced to believe in things that

they didn't necessarily want to believe

once people got into power so if you

look at religious traditions once they

got into power rarely do you find in

human history religions that were

tolerant of other religions and the

Muslims have their blemishes I mean

there's there's no doubt about that but

in terms of the pre-modern world they

have by far the best record of any

civilization but the moderns have become

more tolerant I mean there's nothing in

human history that parallels Western

tolerance post-enlightenment tolerance

of religions nothing which is quite

extraordinary because that I mean to me

it's it's proof of what because this is

this Imam I mean he was writing over a

hundred years ago but I just thought

that was very interesting that he said

that that even the people that don't

believe in him are the best of of those

times that an interesting point I just

absolutely interesting to me I'm doing

so what time does the Isha come in what

time is it now 954 alright so does

anybody have any question yeah I think

you're observing they're struggling a

lot with Islam because the thing about

Europe unlike America Europe has largely

abandoned religion I mean they really

see religion is very backward thing it's

it's something that it's almost an

embarrassment to modern many modern

Europeans I mean there's still

Christians and believers in Europe but

generally they're very

I mean the vodka issue is a classic

issue in France of you know pourquoi no

vodka you know what I mean why not let

it fall one wants to cover a phase why

not let I mean they they let you go to a

plastic surgeon and rearrange your face

I mean there's no laws against that it's

amazing and there's some faces out there

that I think could be as social service

to cover them so I don't know you know

that's a real problem it's a problem

it's very interesting I mean why you

know why there is that that split but

generally the problem with human rights

is there's no ground for them you know

secularity is not a grounds for human

rights secularity is about power it's

not you know the Germans argued that

that Jews were not worthy of you know

they're just subhuman and from a secular

point of view if you don't have any any

grounds for then that argument is as

valid as any other argument in terms of

power and that's why goring at the at

the Nuremberg trials goring said you

know he refused to even partake and he

just said this is about power he said we

were in power now you're in power so

you're dictating to us just like we

dictate it before and that without

religion things are about power

so even human rights you know we we

frame things in human rights but what

Human Rights did the Iraqis have when

they were bombed do you know I mean

that's just power so you you can say

wonderful things about human rights

which you know Europe and America do

they say wonderful things

and I and a lot of people generally

believe these things but in the end the

people in power behave according to

power they don't behave according to

human right they're just it's about

power and so the only time that these

things are really truly meaningful is

when you bring in the sacred and and and

rites become grounded in in divine

rights not human right divine rights

that these are divine rights that a lots

of behind without I've created people

and gave them dignity what irrespective

of their religion humans have dignity

that laqad karramna bani adam' we have

in noble and dignified the children of

adam every human being has dignity and

as that's an islamic belief and the

prophets eyes have taught that when he

stood up for the jew in the in the

funeral when they were bringing the Jew

by and this was a time when the muslims

and jews were were at it they weren't

you know it wasn't a peaceful time but

when that when the the funeral came by

the prophets stood up and one of the

Sahaba said it's a Jew as inside Behati

you know and it's sad how some of the

commentators try to like erase that

meaning you know by giving you know

really I think you know just really

crazy interpretations but but the

Prophet said Ola said Neffs al isn't it

a soul and and that's why the Ummah that

I think got it right said he stood up to

acknowledge a soul returning to its Lord

irrespective of what the persona you

know because religion is personality

right you know Islam were Muslims

hamdulillah but who's really a Muslim

you know it the happy ha of Islam the

reality of Islam is very different from

the sociological box that you check when

it asks you what religion you adhere to

you know you put your little box there

but are you head unto Muslim oon you

know Allah says that to the Muslims are

you Muslims

that question is about your happy paw

it's not about outward forms you know

there's lots of people everybody can

perform the outward things of Islam

you can pray you can fast you can pay

your zakat you can do all those things

but is your inner reality a Muslim

reality which is a human being in total

submission to the Divine Will

that's another thing and and that's why

religion is more about personality than

reality so when I say I'm a Muslim er

you said you're a Muslim you're talking

about you know a certain set of social

circumstances and a certain set of

outward practices that you might or

might not adhere to if it's social

circumstances you're a Muslim because

you were born in Karachi and there's a

lot of people that's the extent of their

Islam they were born in Cairo and they

were told they're Muslims and that was

it but they haven't really ever entered

into a state of real Islam with their

Lord and then there's most of us who are

struggling with that like that wonderful

title to that book struggling to

surrender you know because it is a

struggle to surrender to the will of

Allah subhanAllah Dada so the Prophet

was honoring the soul stripped of the

personality because the Jew is the

personality the Muslim is the

personality the Christians the

personality and these personalities I

mean we had experience down here was so

I was with my wife a minute down here

guys were I thought downright

belligerent you know but the point is

whatever whatever upset them whether it

was my wife's P jab or you know or

whatever or they thought we were Muslims

and and and I'm supposed to have angry

feelings towards Muslims or I'm supposed

to have angry feelings towards Jews

because right now Palestine and Israel

is a mess

do you know what I mean so I'm supposed

to have these feelings towards these

people because but in the end of the day

if you just strip away that personality

they're just flesh and blood we're flesh

and blood they have souls we have souls

right and that trying to get to that is

such a hard place to get to and that's

where the Prophet was at so a lot is

that I mean he did not

see people as evil he saw people as

divine potential when he looked at

people he saw their potential and that's

why in the if you look in the in the in

the verse in surah 10 add that it ends

with this the B which is so beautiful

that the Quran has you know they they

the machete kun said what is this book

you know it has ankle boot and nav and


you know like ants and spiders and you

know they just thought that was so

strange but and bees but now we know all

these what these things are you know

spiders they're controlling all the we

do have a room filled with flies without

spiders so you know they're doing this

and then bees are pollinating all the

you know they're pollinating all the all

the food most of the food we eat is

pollinated by bees but at the end if you

say Oda truly that CBD Arabica bitter

hikmah you know call to the wave your

lord with wisdom what a more a that

husana and exhort them in in a beautiful

way you know don't be don't be harsh

lookin to follow one bloody they'll be

them fall demand how Lika you know if

you were hard and harsh hearted people

would flee from around you so it says

call with wisdom and with a goodly

exhaustion and then it says which I did

on the latias and and and debate with

them in the best way in the most

beautiful way and then it says that in

arabic animal beam imbalance a beauty he

who were animal Vilma 13 your lord knows

who's guided and he knows who's astray

right in other words just call to your

lord don't don't assume that you know

who you're talking to

you know don't assume that this person's

a Kaffir which is why the tang and Kufa

is haram in sharia you know tiny Nalco


is Haram the owner must say that this is

in the books of a PITA you cannot say

that an individual is a caveat because

Cathy you're saying that there Mahalo

did not write that you know there

hellbound and you can't say that about

anybody so you can talk about you know

these people go far but specific people

you don't know what people's reality is

and that's what Dow is about but then

you know when I captain five people be

Miss America to me you know if you have

to redress wrongs redress them in the

best you know in the most just way don't

don't transgress when you redress don't

don't translate so if somebody kills you

don't go kill their cousin you know I

mean say if somebody kills your you know

one of your tribe members right