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hings where ignorance is not an

excuse even in Sharia but generally if

you don't do something willfully there's

not an intention behind it

it's not considered disobedience in that

way so and there are many other examples

of that I mean all the prophets have

been excused and and the excuses have

been written in great detail I work with

schizophrenic who have auditory and

visual hallucinations where they

actually say they see people could that

be demonic presence or jinn well there's

an interesting book called in the

presence of other worlds by Van Doren

and he was a psychiatrist at Sonoma

State mental institution and he

initially was completely did not believe

he was a materialist but after working

20 years in that institution he came to

the conclusion that there really were

things happening so you know I we

definitely believe in gin and gin do

cause problems I'm

jincan preoccupy people and the best

protection against them is is to be and

will do you know to do the mile with

attained the profit did the mile with

attained every day those those type


there's definitely madness I mean

madness is real the Arabic word for

being mad is Majnoon which literally

means like possessed so and obviously

there's benign jinn and then there's

malevolent jinn and then there's

mischievous jinn that aren't so that

they're malevolent in their you know in

that they're mischievous but there are a

lot of benign jinn and I mean some

cultures get obsessed with jinn I I you

know I I think a lot of these

hallucinations go away with you know

certain drugs now that they have things

so they can suppress these type things

so I mean obviously we know like people

that have taken LSD I mean I never took

LSD but I know people that have and

people have taken LSD had very

extraordinary experiences on that drug

and so obviously that you know the the

possibilities of the mind are endless in

the mind is you know imam ali said

Tassimo kanasu nuts tax even f ck german

severe on a second towel animal akbar oh

you think yourself to be an

insignificant creature but in you all of

the world's are are are wrapped up that

we're a microcosm of all of existence

and there's a lot of weird stuff in the

world i mean there's a lot of very

strange stuff i mean if you've ever seen

like mad people that really talk to you

know i'm they're having a conversation

you know like would you shut up

leave me alone and I mean it's real so

whatever is happening although Onam

whether that's gin or just a type of

madness that the mind plays on itself

although Hannam but but we do believe in

miss you know mess is real like people

can get a type of possession and the

quran mentions that the mess so it's

real and you know i I definitely I know

some people that have had very weird

experiences I mean I think everybody

most people you know George Leonard

talks about the weird scale you know

there's certain things that you know

you'll tell everybody there's certain

things you'll tell your close friends

there's certain things you'll only tell

your wife or your husband and then

there's certain things you just keep to


so you know I mean everybody's had

experiences that are very strange I

think most people at least I certainly

have I mean I've got some things I

wouldn't tell anybody but you know where

does imam ahmed have fall entertainment

Izumo Quran being come a lot and not

creation apart from three Imams you

mentioned Imam Ahmed is the the one that

stood up in defense of the the uncreated

nough Subhan he was in prison for during

them the manner of the people of

verities at so Mohammed is I mean he he

stood up for that I shall deny Allah

said ma baina deaf at a and must have

Kadam Allah what's between the two

covers of the most half is the Kaname

law so we do say that and it's not not

the Kaname law but the Kodama law that

is uncreated that that's where the Sunni

scholars differentiated that's all that

if you read the Quran and and they say

that it's only permissible to say this

in a teaching environment like you don't

say this you don't go out and say oh

that's not the poor honor that's not you

know it's only permissible to say this

in a teaching environment that that when

you if I say this mean

and Rahim that was sound waves that

emanated from my breath and and through

my vocal cords and and and they reached

your ears because they're in the world

so that coming into the world of the

speech of Allah that's what they're

differentiating that that speech is not

what we mean by the uncreated word of

Allah that's the is that clear to

everybody yeah that's that's what they

mean mm-hmm yeah mm-hmm

yeah mm-hmm well I wrote a paper called

who are the disbelievers that was its

online and I went into great detail

about that generally I mean I inclined

towards the position of Imam of Azadi

who says that the majority of human

beings will have salvation in the end

yeah no he uses I mean he he bases it on

he doesn't base it just he didn't just

say that he based it on well I mean

there's scholars that yeah they're

scholars that limit greatly the mercy of

God and you know but there's a reason

why it's not permissible to do tagging

and that's all of our limit say that you

cannot say any individuals going to hell

because only god can judge people and

and I think the best position to be

concerned about where you're going and

not where other people are going you

know I mean Muslims tend to obsess about

where other people are going and and the

real problem is not where they're going

it's where I'm going or what you know

but generally generally the you know

Kufa is to reject truth once it's clear

to you and Imam Ghazali said that people

who have been given distorted versions

of Islam and reject the distortions do

not fall under the

category of caffeine because they're not

rejecting Islam they're rejecting a

distorted version of an Islam that says

you have to blow yourself up to get

close to God or something like that you

know I mean if I was a I thank God that

I became Muslim

you know 32 years ago because I don't

know how I would feel about Islam if I

was living in this type of environment

and being bombarded on a daily basis

with all this negativity and then seeing

insane Muslims because you have to

wonder like what's going on with those

people but really I mean just people

average people here just why are they so

angry do you know well you drop bombs on

people they tend to get angry that's

true but on the other hand if it's

really a spiritual teaching then why are

the bombs being dropped on you I mean

that's also a question because from week

I can say to people here you shouldn't

drop bombs on people but the people that

are getting dropped bombs dropped on

them have to ask themselves why is this

happening do you know what what is it

saying about our state

what have we you know what have we done

collectively because the problem you

know one of the things the Quran is very

clear about is that calamities when when

corruption spreads the response to

corruption is calamity it's very clear

so to roam Allah says that he causes you

to taste tribulation to Humble you and

to call you back to the truth but what

the Quran says is you know a tackle fits

a Nutella to see been melody Nevada

moment Omaha be fearful of calamities

that don't just afflict the guilty they

hit everybody so you can't say that

they're all bad or evil no when

corruption spreads it brings on

calamities that afflict everybody I mean

for instance there are

venereal diseases that are a direct

result of people practicing certain

sexual practices that have brought on

those diseases but then your blood gets

contaminated and the innocent child gets

the transfusion you say oh what did they

do to deserve that that's the whole

point that if only the guilty got

afflicted the innocent would never care

about changing anything because you know

they'll get what they deserve but once

you realize no it affects us all

then the impetus to actually call to

virtue and to you know to decry vice

becomes much stronger and that's part of

what people of God are supposed to be in

their witnesses so they're here to do

testing you know to witness the truth

and part of witnessing the truth is

condemning what's wrong yeah no I mean I

yeah well you know Jews and Christians

are Abrahamic people and they they both

believe in one God I mean even

Christians with the Trinity if you get

into real Christian theology it's very

confusing and most average Christians

don't really understand it but if you

get into like if you read Aquinas on the

Trinity it's very clear that they he

doesn't believe gods like three separate

beings or three separate parts I mean he

believes in infinite God

insubstantiality as part of the Catholic

and Orthodox belief about God that that

the God's not like anything right so you

know they're they're they're more i

deunan and the verses in the padang are

very clear the hadees' are clear that

that you know people of tawheed you know

there will be a point in which everybody

who says believe in one god is removed

from the fire the Prophet did however

inside Muslim is it's a hadith

the Prophet did say no Christian or

Muslim no Christian or Jew will hear

about me and died not believing in me

except that they'll enter the fire and

that hadith is understood obviously that

they know he's a prophet you know so if

you reject a prophet you're you're in a

dangerous situation because he's in the

line of prophets but and even the Hindus

and the Buddhists and all these other

people I mean most of them the Quran

says let it out early lay and dad and

one to Tana moon don't set up idols with

God once you know and that's called

joomla heylia in arabic the howl of the

people is that they know that they

shouldn't be doing that and that's why

even the people of shirk are not

condemned to hell fire if they weren't

given a message or made to be understand

that what they were doing was wrong

that's why the ad Asuna believed that

the Alpha Torah are saved

that's a domino peen there's a enough

opinion but I just feel like why do

people want it if there's a debate and

the autumn are saying that these people

are saved I mean one of my favorite

Hadees is about the the prophet Elijah

have said that two men a lot condemns

them to the fire and so they start

heading towards the fire but one of them

looks back its idea says yellow TV - so

Allah stops and says why do you look

back he said I thought you were going to

forgive me and and and and so Allah says

it'll Jannetty enter into my paradise

just because of his good opinion of God

like the other one just said I I knew

I'd never get forgiven you know so have

a good opinion of God you know I mean

I've met wonderful Christians that I

mean I'm sorry I have a hard time

believing God's just gonna zap

you know it's just if you read the

descriptions of the evil people in the

Quran they're puffed up they're arrogant

they don't feed the poor people read the

descriptions of the kuffar in the Quran

and they're not people of humility these

are people that reject the truth even

though they know it's the truth they're

people that won't listen they plug their

ears so you know I mean I'm not uh you

know I'm I believe in the peda and what

I was taught and I'm not in any way

giving some kind of California version

of Islam so I want to make that clear

you know but these things I mean this is

in the tradition and I that's what I

it's like even the Russia you know he

talked about whether or not the Quran if

you read the Quran for dead people does

it benefit the dead people or not

there's a he laughs there's a difference

of opinion even LaRoche it says this is

a difference of opinion about the mercy

of God

shouldn't we err on the side of mercy

like that it benefits them given that

there's a difference of you know it

doesn't benefit them you know I mean I'm

sorry I would prefer that opinion that

it benefits them you know and the proofs

are strong the proofs are strong so the

other people have their opinion but it's

very interesting about people that you

know it's like the man who urinated in

the Masjid and on that I never

understood this until I lived with

Bedouins I was once talking to a Bedouin

and he literally unbuttoned his saying

and turned around and urinated right in

front of me like veteran are like that

you know so I never understood that

hadith until that happened to me you

know I mean Bedouin does urinate

whenever they get the urge you know and

and it's desert and they just covered up

with sand or whatever but anyway that

you know the Bedouin urinated in the

Masjid of the Prophet Elisha them now

the somme wanted to kill this guy the

Prophet told Amanda just cover him you

know like put things so he was hidden

and when he finished you know the

problem went at me said look you know

this is a place of purity

you know don't urinate in the

and but the Sahaba were so angry and I

don't want to say you know that they

were anyway but they were angry and and

so this man you know when he saw how

they react and then he saw how the

Prophet slicin reacted he said alone

that how many what I have Mohammad

Ramallah tomcee wanna Allah forgive me

and forgive Muhammad and don't forgive

anybody else yeah and and the Prophet

SAW I said him said had dealt Eliza you

know you've you've narrowed the vast and

that's what these people do they just

narrow the vastness of God makalapa

Padre God can forgive anybody and the

Matuidi believe if lawful worried is not

does not diminish God in other words if

you fail to fulfill your promise that

diminishes you but if you fail to fulfil

your threat it actually enhances you and

that's the Matua the opinion that if God

threatens you to do something and if he

chooses not to fulfill his threat like

these threatens to send you to hell

and then he he doesn't do that that it

actually it enhances God's esteem it

doesn't diminish it unlike if he

promised you paradise for doing

something then you do it and then he

doesn't give you paradise that

diminishes just like I say we'll live

you come I'm gonna I'm gonna really

you'll see I'm going to take my

vengeance on you and then you come and I

say you know I thought about I forgive

you people say much a lot that you know

that's a high thing it's not a low thing

so a lot I mean there's a man who burned

him had his self burnt after he died

it's in the sahih hadith right does

everybody know that how do people know

that hadith he had himself burnt

cremated and he told his sons to spread

his ashes out right when he was the

Prophet said he was brought before God

and God said why did you do that and he

said because I didn't want you to

resurrect me because I was so afraid of

being judged by you that belief that he

could somehow scatter his ashes and God

couldn't bring him back together that's

couponer and that belief is covered

because you is a stage as Pavarotti let

it's it's it's considering that God's

not omnipotent that he's not

all-powerful you actually think that God

can't do something that's Kofa and yet

God forgave that man this is clearer in

the hadith God can forgive whomever he


I mean even if you look at the verse

that innallaha lion if you don't a new

Scirocco be you know I mean you just

look at the way the verse was was

revealed it doesn't say he won't forgive

the mushnick it says a new Chaka be he

doesn't forgive the act of shirk

somebody can pardon a murderer but he

doesn't forgive the murder

I really saw an interview with one of

the Imams of the harem saying that those

who condemned Aisha or Omar are

considered Kafar this is correct if they

say that Aisha you know that she was not

free of what God freed her from the

claim that she committed adultery

that's Kofun because that's not sort of


you know if they consider to her to a

betrayed the Prophet SAW lied to them by

opposing Ali or whatever that's fist

according to the Sunni scholars that

it's it's but it's not Kofa so it

depends on what they say and it's again

tat wheel most of these things are done

with tat wheel like they don't you know

the people that attack the Sahaba don't

attack them because their Sahaba it's

important to understand that they're not

saying we don't like them because their

Sahaba they're saying we don't like them

because they betrayed the Prophet do you

see that's their tat wheel we don't

accept the tet wheel but that's why it's

not Kufa do you understand the

distinction there because it's an

important distinction I feel

uncomfortable when people say we should

not pray behind us yeah because I feel

that we were saying their prayers not

accept another person you know I mean

we're not saying that their prayer is

not accepted at all but you know that's

that's what I learned in my teachers and

I can't you know I'm not I'm not going

to go against that you know the if I've

prayed behind here before and you know

the prayer the Shia prayer is the same

prayer that we pray I mean they have the

same number of records they recite the

fatiha they do everything that we do so

the prayer is not like some alien prayer

to Islam

a person on the path of Susu how can

they distinguish between demonic

experience and a good spiritual

experience well I mean like I said it's

a science the hell out there is a

science Neffs an arab animal akane

shaytani and there's different types of

thoughts there's different types of like

pub than bustle or experiences generally

true the spiritual experiences are often

you know there can be initial

contraction and then followed by an

expansion you know there's there's

different the prophet saw him when he

first had the revelation his initial

experience was contraction and then he

had this incredible expansion which is

you know even in Catholicism they called

the law of discernment they have that

understanding so and then there are

other experiences that but generally if

the experience leads to humility to

being humbled by it then it's a it's a

true experience if it leads to feeling

like that you're special or something

you know then it's it's a it's from nafs

or Shep on enough sani experiences are

very tricky they're the demonic

experiences are usually a lot clearer

but enough sani are very tricky demonic

is usually always followed by a sense of

pride wanting to tell other people about

it true spiritual experiences are best

kept to yourself unless you go to a

master but it's best kept to yourself

not to talk to it about other people

because of the problem of korea and and you know ostentation and spiritual pride / spiritual pride is very real and very difficult to excise from the nufs (SOul).

I think it's time for isha