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and he was a habit ehi woman today I

only accented pyrimidine allahumma la


them our Lenten encounter any more Hakim

a lot of Milan among fellow fan and

antenna was nelma along after heading a

hikmah to ensure our dynamometer cure

than charity work Ramos a leader mother

seed in o Muhammad wine an early hit

Quran when I hold her went up water

level and Ali an odd name alhamdulillah

smiie not know nor him it's a blessing

always to participate in these things in

may loss behind without a reward all the

people that worked very hard to put this

together the the the modern world is

very fast and people feel the time and

the pressure of just their daily lives

it's hard to justify balance in those

lives and it's a blessing to be able to

to remove oneself somewhat from that

hustle and bustle out there and to be in

a place where there's a lot of nature

and things that historically people were

very connected to I mean there this

there's still are people connected to

these things but they're increasingly

diminishing in terms of just numbers on

the earth the major cities that are

emerging all over the world are there

they're terrifying in that so many

people that traditionally were living

off the land and connected to the

natural cycles have moved in and we have

massive slums all over the world for

people that have travelled and seen some

of these places we've got about even

one-fourth of theirs

datian now living in really slum

conditions which was very very different

modern modern poverty is not like

pre-modern poverty because pre-modern

poverty was was rarely qualified with

impoverishment of the soul if you went

if you if any of you have been to

Pakistan a lot of you are unfortunately

some of the really young people don't

realize how much has changed just in the

last twenty thirty years

Swat Valley was one of the most

beautiful places in the world and I know

people that became Muslim because they

visited Swat Valley so and the stories

about just the incredible hospitality

and the beauty of the people of the Swat

Valley so when you read now about what's

happening in places like that it's very

disturbing when I first went to West

Africa what was that it's actually my

second time my first time it's in 1978

but the second time that I went the


Mauritania was an isolated place that

had a lot of people there didn't even

know about America just that there was a

country called America I actually met

people in the Sahara Desert that did not

know America as a as a place so it was

it was very amazing to see people that

weren't just pre-modern people but they

were pre-modern people that had almost

no interaction with the modern world so

you got a very different perspective on

just how people view things and the now

in Mauritania recently there was a

tourist that was killed and even though

it was very shocking for the people

generally that the fact that there were

some you know Muslim extremists that did

something like that in Mauritania was

like very shocking for Mauritania

because that type of Islam or that

manifestation of Muslim behavior not

that type of Islam that manifestation of

Muslim behavior was really unknown in

that place so it was a big shock so

things have changed but it's very nice

for us and to be able to come out here

and so I think we should do our best to

take advantage of I went Imams it and I

took a walk and there's a place called

the Baptist Vacation Bible School and

right down the road but that was a nice

I like the name Vacation Bible School

because vacation is from a Latin word to

empty out you know vacuum comes from the

same root

so vacating is emptying out and the the

set of called it Talia

there's a hadith that the Prophet shall

I send him said that the Prophet emptied

us out of jahiliyya and then he filled

us of Islam so the spiritual practice is

about emptying before it's about so you

have to be emptied before you can be

filled if you're already filled in fact

where most of us are full of ourselves

so that's the problem is how do we empty

our souls of ourselves emptying the soul

of the self and that's a very difficult

thing but what's what's interesting is

the prophets Allah TM was when when

gibreel first met him on Jevon or

mountain of light he squeezed him and

some of the ummah talked from that the

ishara he squeezed him three times and

it was actually to make sure that he was

completely empty of himself before

giving him the revelation and that's why

he thought that he was going to kill him

because he literally crushed his just

sides but that that was a physical

manifestation of a spiritual reality

because the Provencal I said him in the

books they always say Kenny at the hand

Ethel you know yet the hen death and

in the commentaries always say attendeth

hua tabbed would the tendeth is a type

of devotional practice so the practice

that the prophesizing was doing the

meditation that he was doing in the hall

Hara there on Yemen or was called

tendeth now we just read in surah Tauba

kara what what verse had that word in it

anybody who's al hinted all theme right

so the hint is in surah taha dad

what does it mean in there and hint

anybody luckily you're doing in surah to

walk out with Shariah so you'll know

what and hence is shirk so de hann north

is to han north is in the morphology of

arabic to handle one of the meanings of

the TEFL wasn't it's called to file the

paradigm of tough out one of the

meanings is to avoid so you have like

who Jude is sleep to head Jude is to

avoid sleep so yet the head jet means

you're struggling to avoid sleep Tejanos

means to avoid ship to remove oneself

from share now the the greatest shirk is

worship of the self the idolatry has

nothing on self Allah tree right really

because the the worship of the self and

a las mentions about people that take

their hawa as their God right it tejada

allahu how ah who like he took as his

God his his desires his self whatever

the self wants the dictates of the cell

so the emptying out of the self is

necessary in order to prepare for

your journey to a lots of behind of

Italian even though it's part of the

journey because the journey you have to

pack before you you go on a journey

right you get your provisions ready so

the journey actually starts before you

set out on the physical journey of

actually moving towards your destination

there's things you have to do you have

to get your visa you need a visa you

have to get your tickets you have to do

all these things so the emptying out is

really the preparation to to to to

really move spiritually on the path and

that's why the asana is such an

interesting event in the profits a

license life because now tonight which

is 27th of rajab is there's nothing

confirmed about lailatul is all nothing

and that's why we don't there's no ebody

that is specific to these nights in the

sun no that's true and if people say

there is it becomes a bit that is a bit

add to introduce things that aren't from

the religion into the religion so but

having said that the ulama do take a

blessing from the 27th of Rajab

generally I mean a lot of them say it's

a good night because the majority of

Roma do think that it is the night of

this or all but Imam no we did not

so even to say by Kesh or something that

it's this night

I don't think Imam no it was one of the

great olia of our tradition but he did

not agree with that opinion there's

nothing confirmed but generally it is

the night

if you look on Muslim calendars it's the

night that they put for the night of the

Asura and so it's it's a good night to

remember the astrologist generally the

the the Prophet allies to them if you

look at what happened right before the

Israel right before the Asura was

probably the most difficult

got time of the prophets life so

lightest and they say that the you know

the darkest hour is the one right before

dawn the the prophets item had gone to

Thoth and he had been rejected by the

people of Pi but worse than that they

they really humiliated him I mean they

can't you can't humiliate in reality

dignified people you know it's not but

but they they attempted to humiliate him

because humiliation is really an

internal experience more than I mean

somebody can can to condena great you

but but humiliation is something you

experience I was so humiliated

you know people that's what they say you

know so when you say he humiliated me

it's really you're saying he allowed I

allowed myself to be humiliated by him

because people can't really humiliate

you they can be disrespectful but it

says more about them than it does about

you in reality so you can allow yourself

to be humiliated now the prophets have

also said and want me to allow you the

Lughnasa a believer shouldn't ever

humiliate himself and what CDI mizerock

said that it meant it meant opposing

government you know like like rebels and

things like that and that's how he

interpreted because he said when you do

that and then they capture you and they

put you in shackles and they do all the

you you've become humiliated but he what

Amazon rope the Prophet said and what

Menelaus Lilu Neffs a who the believer

doesn't humiliate himself which really

means that that it's you that's

humiliating yourself and tonight it's

not somebody else it's you that's doing

it but you can cause yourself to be

humiliated by doing stupid things so

what the Prophet I said was doing was

the most honourable of things

there was nothing dishonorable about it

and there was nothing that should have

warranted what happened to him

whereas when you go against a government

for instance and oppose them you've

basically done something that justifies

their response because that's how

they're going to

they're going to spawn by humiliating

you so in essence you've humiliated

yourself by putting yourself into a

position like that so when when the

Prophet slice and went to thought if he

was basically looking for people to give

him protection

so that he could to his Dawa and and

they didn't they didn't respond but the

worse than that they sent the the

servants out to throw rocks at him some

of the children threw rocks at him and

he actually had his feet were bloodied

from that and he was very distressed

about it because it it was like his last

Gila it was his last strategy that's

what that was he was doing the us bad

even though his trust was completely

with Allah he was doing the s babb and

that's why his dua is so interesting

because well there's two things that are

interesting one is who comes to him at

that time we need when he goes to did

he's sitting under the tree who comes to

him huh the Christian man at does and an

noe where and where was he from because

he asked him were you from what do you

say he said he was from Nineveh and and

the Prophet SAW he said I'm said that's

the city of the the blessed man you know

Savino Mehta now what's interesting

about that because this is you know

these are the things that that God plans

I mean what's interesting about that

story I mean what would be interesting

about a man from Nineveh coming to the

prophets Allison I'm at that point

because what's the story of Nineveh

what's the story of Nineveh

we see they did good yeah it's

interesting because they disbelieved in

him but he gets fed up see yunus jonah

basically writes them off and says you

know these people there's no real hope

for them and he goes and then he gets on

the ship and then his/her storm and they

throw lots and they throw him over and

then the whale comes and but the point

of that story is that he was in the same

situation the Prophet was in the

situation of Units he'd been a meta now

what happens with Yunus in the belly


he's like his realization is this is all

from God I mean like I had my plan but

God had his plan because he was trying

to get on the boat and get but it didn't

work out the way he thought in his mind

it was going to work out and he ends up

in the belly of this of the whale and

praising God right in the kunta mental

body meaning now who does he blame does

he blame the people of Nineveh he's in

the belly of the whale

oh Allah look what they've done to me

destroy these people right I mean does

he do that that's like he does he blame

the people what's he say he blames

himself it's so interesting

it's like Muslims tenda I don't know

what happened but at a certain point

they stopped reading these stories

correctly or something but he blames

himself and he says you know if you

don't help me I'm finished so that the

fact that a man from the city of Nineveh

comes to the Prophet at that time is

very symbolic and the Prophet item says

that his famous da where where he says

to Allah you are the lord of the

oppressed and he said I don't have any

strategy you know

hey lady I don't really have a strategy

to do it yeah I've tried everything that

I can but then he says you know I don't

know who you're going to send me to is

it an enemy that will treat me horribly

or some stranger that doesn't know who I

am there's no warmth there's no help

coming from them a demented loony and

but then he says you know but if you're

pleased with me you know if you're

pleased with me then I don't care what

you do to me as long as you're pleased

with me in other words I don't whatever

the circumstances you put me in I'm not

going to complain about them as long as

you're and then he said well I have here

- oh so you know the well being is

easier for me it's easier to be in a

situation where you're not in that

constriction and and difficulties but

what's interesting about that is he said

you know that I aku I take a Hawaiian II

on an ass you know I complain to you my

insignificance in the eyes of the people

he didn't complain about how they

treated him he complained about his the

fact that he didn't Hawaii had an S you

know that I'm in this situation where

they're not respecting me and and he all

if you look at that he didn't complain

about the people it's a very interesting

it's very similar to what Jonah did and

one of the things the Prophet said let

old a loony eyelid envía

do not prefer me over other prophets and

in every why he's a Leto forbid only a

day unicity Mehta don't prefer me over

Jonah I don't prefer me over Jonah which

is from his humility and what it means

is do not prefer the Prophet sighs him

in any way that diminishes from the

other prophets that that's what it means

it's also from

humility because he said aniseed will do

Adam whatever ha I am the best of the

children of Adam and I'm not boasting in

other words this is not something that I

really want to tell you about me but

it's something that I was commanded to

tell you so now and then on the way back

what happens from from five what happens

on the way back the angel comes and

offers him thank you offers him to

destroy the people just he'll wipe them

out for him now again here's a test of

who the prophesy him is because there's

people that would do that after being

humiliated like that they're so angry

and the Prophet I sent him said no and

what was the reason that he gave for

saying no that he'd the children the

children because as long as there's

children there's hope doesn't you know

children have the purity and the fifth

law and the Bharata that makes it

possible for them to be open to a

message of truth because children by

their nature are not disbelievers

children by their nature are believes

they don't cover up the truth children

and even really little children when

they do they they're not really covering

up the truth they're just because

they're in the imaginal world they can

make things out the way they want them

so children don't lie like your little


five four year old you know who broke

the glass you see then the brain is like


I don't know now adults assume it's a

lie but it's not because in in that

world of all possibility there are other

alternatives really that's the way the

child's mind is working and that's why

the seven years is called salute amuse

the age of discrimination because they

can start to describe but that's only

the beginning it's not complete until

they're 14 14 15 it's not complete so

they don't they're in that world of

possibility so the Prophet SAW said

wanted good for them he maybe they won't

believe what their children will believe

that's what he hoped and and that's what

unis that was what Jonah learns because

he goes back to Nineveh and and that's

why it's not you don't decide these

things Lisa like a minute Emma D shade

this isn't about you that Allah said

that to the Prophet it's a lot is in him

when he wanted to to take revenge on the

for H Allah said this isn't about you in

other words it's not about the self it's

not about this this is something much

bigger and and after that the Prophet

slicin would mention on the the minbar

because he's sworn oath when he saw

Hamza mutilated and that's his humanity

the Prophet was human being he got angry

he said if you ever hear me curse

anybody I'm he said I'm a man and I get

angry but the angels will turn my curse

into a prayer for that person so even if

the proper got angry his that his

reality was Rama and so whatever his

human nature

was was manifesting his his reality was

all mercy a broad base and motifs he

said all of the prophets were created

from the mercy of God but the Prophet is

I know Rama

he's the essence of mercy Omar sanika

illa rahmatan lil I mean we only sent

you as a mercy to all the world and so

when he goes to

back to the second thing that happens is

he meets the jinn right and some of them

they heard the pollen in Seminole Quran

and algebra via DLL rushed I'm and Nabi

they heard the Quran and they heard it

calling to guidance and they believed in

it so the unseen world I mean you said I

don't know people heard use of Islam

wrote a really nice song recently you

know every pearl drop in the sky knows

about you it's it's a song he wrote

about the prophet's life it was very

beautiful song but he taught you know

the fish in the sea every fish in the

sea knows about you and that's a thing

about the problem is that even the rocks

were greeting him and so he was in this

I mean we couldn't even imagine what

that state would be like to wear things

you know even though humans are negating

you the the clouds are covering you I

mean people saw that but Berra the monk

the Christian monks saw the cloud moving

with the caravan and it may said I saw

that may said I went to hadith and he

said the whole time he said there was a

cloud covering him in and I've ridden in

the desert like I got sunstroke on a

camel because I rode for about eight

hours once and and I literally got

sunstroke so it would have been nice to

have a cloud over over but you know mom

in the Elohim upon my loom

so this sarita Muharram in leyland era

Haram Commissar Al Bhed roofied a demon

Abdullah me imam abu city says that you

moved across from one haram one

sanctuary to another sanctuary

just like the full moon moves in the

darkness of the night across the sky

and that is reference to the his night

journey which is called the Asura and

then there's the Mirage the Mirage is

the Ascension so there's a difference

between the is raw and the Ascension the

Asura is by consensus it's much matting

you have to believe in it it's in the

Quran Subhan Allah the Asura be AB de


glory be to the one who took his servant

by night in in the night it's realized

and the early might differ about why

because Sarah is to travel at night in

the Arabic language and an Astra is

somebody take you by night so behind

lady Astaroth the add the heel a land

it'll Masjid it'll Masjid al-haram Eden

Masjid al-aqsa that took you from the

the sanctuary in Mecca to the sanctuary

there's a there's a Hebrew out there

that says bay to hamikdash to go out

there and ha in Hebrews like al in

Arabic that so they called Beit


as well in Hebrews be paid to a hammock

dish there's a thing right out there on

on the wall so this was a sanctuary for

the Jews obviously before the the

prophets Ummah took that place you hear

avada Dini Kalihi you know well carry

hello Kathy room so the he that you have

to believe in now whether it was in the

body or whether it was a vision or that

there's a head of the dominant opinion

of the anima is that it was the bodily

the first part the second part the

mirage cannot be a physical journey it's

it's you stay here and that's that's all

of our ulema with the exception of the

Mooji SEMA the the anthropomorphise

which is a very small group but all of

the uma agree that window madonna

feted ella can oppose you know a dinner

you know that when he got close to Allah

and was brought near and was to Bo's

length which is a metaphor because in

the Arabian tradition if you came into

the presence of a king you could not

come closer than two bows length that

was the closest that you are allowed to

get to the king and so that was an

honorific expression of how close the

prophet got to God as close as you can

get to a king without breaching the dub

so but that denno is denno

maqam lemak and you know it's it's a

demo of station not of place it's really

important so people should not think

that there's any physicality there you

don't go into the physical presence of

God because God does not have

physicality so but the essaouira is much

my life if you reject it is that you're

rejecting no Soren and generally it was

considered you know you just out of

Islam if you reject it but obviously if

somebody doesn't believe in the bodily

journey they're not that's not disbelief

but I y'all mm say you fossil will you

bet down they're considered Moop today

and fess up

but it's not out of Islam so it's an

innovative belief so


so he says that the benefit one of the

benefits of mentioning that in in verse

in the Quran Subhan Allah driv Abdi he

by saying leyland is that it was a

journey that took the Arabs about thirty

nights to make that journey from Mecca

so it was reinforcing that it was in one

night and even Mossad has a parada that

said Baba layin some of the night so it

was a portion of the night because the

Prophet SAW lies in him and the hadith

that Aisha relates even though she was

not married to the Prophet at the time

but she might have heard that from

somebody who was there was that his his

bed was still warm by the time that he

got back so the journey was obviously

it's a metaphysical journey in that it

was not in the normal time-space

continuum that we're in it was it was in

and now I mean they have you know they

in modern physics they have IED things

like wormholes do you know where you can

be in one part of the universe and and

go through a wormhole and you're

instantaneously in another part of the

universe so these ideas at that time the

Barak which is from a root word bark

which is lightning and was like the

speed of light the Baraat was moving at

because it went from one horizon to the

other in one step so it's instantaneous

travelling but the Prophet Elias said

I'm what's what's intriguing now is that

these things are just common to go from

Mecca to Syria you know or from Jeddah

to Syria it takes you 40 minutes or

something by airplane so it's just

not you know at that time it sounded

completely just and some people lost

their faith there were people that

literally it was too much but Abu Bakr

said I think the best thing about it

because when they came to him and the

Polish were really happy about this

because they thought people aren't

they're not going to buy this so they

went out Bukka and I said did you hear

what your companions saying that he did

and he said no what what what did he do

and he said he says he went to Jerusalem

last night and came back a journey that

takes us a month and abu-bakr said in

the bottom of a pod so doc if he did

indeed say that in other words I don't

necessarily trust you but if he did

indeed say that I believe him and they

said you believe him that he could do

that he said I believe him in something

more extraordinary than that that he's

getting revelation from God that's

that's what's really I mean once you

once you ex

then everything becomes possible within

that because that that's the really

challenging thing the idea of you know

God communicating to a human being but

once you accept that everything else

becomes very very but that's what's so

interesting about prophets is is why do

people believe then people don't believe

mad people I mean you get cults you know

like you can have a small cult of people

that believe in in something but when

you get these manifestations that huge

numbers of people believe in and that's

why it's one of the proofs of of the

prophets is their acceptance the

acceptance of these great numbers of

people for what they're what they're

telling so the the other thing that

happens which is interesting is he he

sees mu Silas and I'm in at bihari he

sees him praying at cos panorama at the

place in Sinai in his grave which is a

proof of the Allison that the prophets

are alive in their grave

so people that say the prophet's dead he

died a physical death but the prophets

are not dead none of the prophets are

dead the prophets are alive the Shahadah

are alive and and then he met the other

prophet so if they were dead how did he

meet them because that's also Hadees

like he met first of all he met them at

the Beit al-maqdis at the mission locks

law here and they asked him to lead the

prayer in fact Ibrahim Ali said them

when the prophet Elijah he said uh you

know ethanal ambien Allah work unto

machine Ian you know I they were

praising God and I was praising God and

one of the things that he said was

alhamdulillah subhanaka

paducah you know I'm praising you and

then he said you made me a mercy to all

the world and Ibrahim said be hada for

Delta Elena by this you have this

preference as it you're Rama goes

extends to all the worlds and and that's

when they asked him to lead the prayer

so he led the prayer and the his heart

according to one rewire was washed also

again at that point there's three

prewired that the heart was washed now

the the physical washing of his heart

that took place when he was a just a few

years old he was little boy in in the

they were playing he was playing with

his uh his of nurse his brother in

nursing a home for Allah and the little

boy saw that two angels came and

besought Rahul and he ran to tell

Halima's idea what had happened but

what's interesting about that story is

again it was something the idea of

taking a heart out and washing the heart

and was something

just beyond imagination at that time

it's something that happens everyday in

our civilization I mean this is one of

the things that Sania Maya Tina that I

thought people feel museum hottie at the

very end at home and would help you know

we will continue to show them our signs

until it becomes clear but if you look

at what happened his heart was put into

a basin of ice which is what you do when

when you take a heart out you know they

put it on they put it in some cool

temperature to slow down the metabolic

rate so that the cells don't die and

then they pour over a cryonic fluid

which is high in potassium and calcium

and electrolytes so they have

electrolytic fluid that they pour which

is what the Angels did according to

Dudley why they're pouring over the zem

zem which is very salty water over the

heart and then they put it back in his

chest but the Sahaba said that they saw

the scar like if you ever seen anybody

that's had open-heart surgery they have

that very scar they saw fine scar down

the front of his chest from from the

splitting of the chest so that occurred

and according to the hadith he was

washed the thoughts that they used every

prophet had their heart washed all the

prophets had their heart washed and that

pass the original toss was was the same

one it's always used the same one so

their hearts are all washed in the same

now the other thing that is a plethora a

man died at the I'll be here to Cobra he

saw these great signs of his Lord and

the Provencal I said I'm as he was

moving when the Mirage began which is

the Ascension Mirage means latter in

Arabic or do jiz to ascend when he was

ascending and there's a Jacob's Ladder

in the Bible which is like a mirage

where he has a ladder up to the heavens

so the when he was when he was ascending

he saw he was seeing all these

extraordinary things like the unseen was


up completely but the Quran says

Mazzella pasa Omata

his I didn't deviate you know his I

didn't swerve he wasn't he didn't look

at all he was focused completely on a

lawsuit Panama Donna and the I mean

ultimately that you know it's it's he's

done the journey that all everybody

makes the journey to their Lord

everybody's on a journey to their Lord

you either do it wittingly or willingly

or you do it unwillingly but everybody

is headed to God and and so the prophesy

center is rah is really it is the story

of Islam in that it is the purpose of of

this teaching and that's why the is what

is the essential thing that happens on a

surrounding now watch what's what's the

prayer I mean that's what he was given

he was given the prayer and and and and

also the affirmation from the other

prophets because he meets Adam in the

first heaven he meets mimosa Dianna see

use of in the second heaven he needs to

ISA in the third heaven he meets Harun

threes in the fourth heaven he meets

Harun in the fifth he meets moose and

the six and then he meets Ibrahim at him

and he told us I have what each one of

them look like in relation to people

they knew so he said he looks like so

and then he said about Ibraheem he said

hashiba hope you saw he become he looks

most like your companion meaning himself

but and then each one of the prophets

affirmed him and prayed and for his help

and this is called some of the elements

say that this is the raffia kalila you

know some say it refers to Allah and

Mela lillah

you know the this the highest because

the Prophet when he died that's what he

was saying the the highest companionship

which is a lot but it's also the company

the profits and so they affirmed all of

them affirmed what he was teaching

because the Prophet didn't never saw

himself outside of their of their

teaching he was not bringing anything

new he was not a bidden minute

Rossellini wasn't an innovator from the

messengers everything and that's why you

know people say oh you know he he got

these stories from the Bible right I

mean there's the Orientalist have said

that but if you look it's it's very

interesting how consistently it the

Quran avoids all of these things in the

Bible that are in the Bible like in the

stories you know they complain to the

Prophet that the poor on was not linear

you know they said that it's not like a

story and that that's when sort of Yusef

came down like we can do that we've

already done that before you know

because the Bible's like that

but the Quran is not like that but Allah

when they said to him that it wasn't

like anything they'd heard before it

didn't it didn't have a narrative it

didn't have like a traditional beginning

a middle and an end that's when the use

of came down it's like there you go

that's possible because they complain

some of the people said they wanted

stories Passos and that's when that that

that's possible but the Quran is it's

very different from any previous

dispensation but it's not teaching

different things it's teaching the same

things and that's why it's a very

interesting it has it has Old Testament

elements but it's got New Testament

elements it's not it's not fixed in one

or the other perspective although if

anything it inclines more towards a

ESA's approach to things and if you if

you look at the I as the deal with

justice and they're always followed up

by eyes of forgiving and overlooking and

it's a higher thing and that's why the

Prophet was commanded to do those things

even though his own was not commanded

they can redress wrongs if they want to

but he was obligated to forgive and

that's why he millennion tuck him D&F;

see here cut he never took avenged

vengeance or any revenge for himself

ever woman can get fat I see yeah

the see aware I can yahoo we all feel

like in the Hilliard says he never

returned a wrong with another wrong but

he used to forgive and overlook

so the and then the other thing that's

very interesting about you know in Imam

elbow CDs boorda when when he talks

about Ezra he says vitarka era and

Eltham and 0 10 min oppa Bukowski

Needham to the Requiem Torah me you know

you continue to go up in rank until you

got to pop up how saying this rank of

two bows links that had never been

achieved before even gibreel had to stop

and let him go and and then but what's

very interesting you know walk at the

matka demeanor and vab ha water suit

academia dome and an academy and and all

the prophets they put you forward and he

says wanted to tear a possibly Bobby him

female given Kentucky you so I banana me

and you broke through the seven heavens

with them in a procession you were the

the standard barrier there in that

procession of all these prophets but

then what he says which is very

interesting he says Boucheron and I'm I

should eat salami right first Akula

fahara no vitamist erican which is the

column accommodate almost any mashallah

Israel it's a it's a very beautiful

section of the border mmm

the Prophet SAW I sent him said even

address relates he said I lemony or not

be later

yeoman said he that my lord taught me

many knowledge 'as on the night of the


and but then he says Bashar al and I

measured Islam in Elena Manila NIT

Rahman a Roman heading me let me down

Allah their anal authority be Akram

arose laconic remember me when when he

says after that he talks about the Asura

he murmured ball Sadie says what good

news we have o people of submission

because we have a providential care a

pillar of support that can never be

destroyed this pillar of the prophets

Elias nm and then he says when God

called his prophet and said o best of

messengers by that we became the best of

omen what's really interesting I just

want to read you this because I thought

this was so extraordinary the Macan of

him only him in a nightie

Yaman with alum and Haley the lead and

Fuu siarad Erica Oh Luca di facade Erica

Oda cara de lluvia de llamada Allah that

Allah who Yanni Limassol ahuna beginner

mohammed and saladin a melody who were

there in elite RIT he tell our

anivia krama Rosalee last moment Attica

and Coonan a new Elodie no home on Metro

a common enemy

Andrew Jalla WA ala DN a chrono Rosalee

Lemieux bad in the era a caramel omen

the Jamie Roman member 88 a ham hi Roman

mama no home hyrule momineen work f your

own guru catherine and i just thought

that was so amazing auditor adam arsenic

a lot a little an amine so he says that

when when Iman was lady says that God

called the one who called us to his

obedience by the best of messengers we


must be the best of nations because

that's his Delisle that the fact that

he's a Croma Russell makes kuntum hi

Roma 1003 gentleness but then he says

that the believers of this Ummah are the

best believers and the kaffir oon are

the best Catherine which is very

interesting to me because if you look

never in history like have there been so

many people that are espousing the

truths that the Prophet is M was was

espousing at a time when nobody had

articulated those things like the

Prophet is the first there's no human

being that I've ever seen in history and

all the readings I've done and I've

asked people to show me I've never seen

anybody make the remark about human

equality that the Prophet slicin made I

don't find anywhere in human history

anybody that said there is no preference

of a white man over a black man or a

black man over a white man or an Arab

over non Arab or non Arab over an Arab

except in piety

I don't found anything that even comes

close to that in really attacking racism

at its at its root and that now has

become people that don't even believe in

God have come to accept that as a truth

whereas that was not widely acknowledged

at all in fact it wasn't really

acknowledged the superiority was a

common belief in the pre-modern world of

tribal racial religious superiority

whatever and also women's rights just

the elevation of women the abolition of

slavery I mean all of these things that

have happened in in this which which is

very clear that it's like his OMA is not

just the people that believe in him but

it's all the people of the world that

are in existence after he comes into the

world so we believe there the OMA

because the OMA is divided in two

omma to Dawa wanted st Jabba the OMA of

download Ummah of invitation people that

are invited to the prophets Lyceum to

accept him to believe him and then the

people that answer that invitation

because people have a choice and even

that like I'll have a Dean right I mean

before the Prophet SAW I said religion

was about coercion right people people

were forced to believe in things that

they didn't necessarily want to believe

once people got into power so if you

look at religious traditions once they

got into power rarely do you find in

human history religions that were

tolerant of other religions and the

Muslims have their blemishes I mean

there's there's no doubt about that but

in terms of the pre-modern world they

have by far the best record of any

civilization but the moderns have become

more tolerant I mean there's nothing in

human history that parallels Western

tolerance post-enlightenment tolerance

of religions nothing which is quite

extraordinary because that I mean to me

it's it's proof of what because this is

this Imam I mean he was writing over a

hundred years ago but I just thought

that was very interesting that he said

that that even the people that don't

believe in him are the best of of those

times that an interesting point I just

absolutely interesting to me I'm doing

so what time does the Isha come in what

time is it now 954 alright so does

anybody have any question yeah I think

you're observing they're struggling a

lot with Islam because the thing about

Europe unlike America Europe has largely

abandoned religion I mean they really

see religion is very backward thing it's

it's something that it's almost an

embarrassment to modern many modern

Europeans I mean there's still

Christians and believers in Europe but

generally they're very

I mean the vodka issue is a classic

issue in France of you know pourquoi no

vodka you know what I mean why not let

it fall one wants to cover a phase why

not let I mean they they let you go to a

plastic surgeon and rearrange your face

I mean there's no laws against that it's

amazing and there's some faces out there

that I think could be as social service

to cover them so I don't know you know

that's a real problem it's a problem

it's very interesting I mean why you

know why there is that that split but

generally the problem with human rights

is there's no ground for them you know

secularity is not a grounds for human

rights secularity is about power it's

not you know the Germans argued that

that Jews were not worthy of you know

they're just subhuman and from a secular

point of view if you don't have any any

grounds for then that argument is as

valid as any other argument in terms of

power and that's why goring at the at

the Nuremberg trials goring said you

know he refused to even partake and he

just said this is about power he said we

were in power now you're in power so

you're dictating to us just like we

dictate it before and that without

religion things are about power

so even human rights you know we we

frame things in human rights but what

Human Rights did the Iraqis have when

they were bombed do you know I mean

that's just power so you you can say

wonderful things about human rights

which you know Europe and America do

they say wonderful things

and I and a lot of people generally

believe these things but in the end the

people in power behave according to

power they don't behave according to

human right they're just it's about

power and so the only time that these

things are really truly meaningful is

when you bring in the sacred and and and

rites become grounded in in divine

rights not human right divine rights

that these are divine rights that a lots

of behind without I've created people

and gave them dignity what irrespective

of their religion humans have dignity

that laqad karramna bani adam' we have

in noble and dignified the children of

adam every human being has dignity and

as that's an islamic belief and the

prophets eyes have taught that when he

stood up for the jew in the in the

funeral when they were bringing the Jew

by and this was a time when the muslims

and jews were were at it they weren't

you know it wasn't a peaceful time but

when that when the the funeral came by

the prophets stood up and one of the

Sahaba said it's a Jew as inside Behati

you know and it's sad how some of the

commentators try to like erase that

meaning you know by giving you know

really I think you know just really

crazy interpretations but but the

Prophet said Ola said Neffs al isn't it

a soul and and that's why the Ummah that

I think got it right said he stood up to

acknowledge a soul returning to its Lord

irrespective of what the persona you

know because religion is personality

right you know Islam were Muslims

hamdulillah but who's really a Muslim

you know it the happy ha of Islam the

reality of Islam is very different from

the sociological box that you check when

it asks you what religion you adhere to

you know you put your little box there

but are you head unto Muslim oon you

know Allah says that to the Muslims are

you Muslims

that question is about your happy paw

it's not about outward forms you know

there's lots of people everybody can

perform the outward things of Islam

you can pray you can fast you can pay

your zakat you can do all those things

but is your inner reality a Muslim

reality which is a human being in total

submission to the Divine Will

that's another thing and and that's why

religion is more about personality than

reality so when I say I'm a Muslim er

you said you're a Muslim you're talking

about you know a certain set of social

circumstances and a certain set of

outward practices that you might or

might not adhere to if it's social

circumstances you're a Muslim because

you were born in Karachi and there's a

lot of people that's the extent of their

Islam they were born in Cairo and they

were told they're Muslims and that was

it but they haven't really ever entered

into a state of real Islam with their

Lord and then there's most of us who are

struggling with that like that wonderful

title to that book struggling to

surrender you know because it is a

struggle to surrender to the will of

Allah subhanAllah Dada so the Prophet

was honoring the soul stripped of the

personality because the Jew is the

personality the Muslim is the

personality the Christians the

personality and these personalities I

mean we had experience down here was so

I was with my wife a minute down here

guys were I thought downright

belligerent you know but the point is

whatever whatever upset them whether it

was my wife's P jab or you know or

whatever or they thought we were Muslims

and and and I'm supposed to have angry

feelings towards Muslims or I'm supposed

to have angry feelings towards Jews

because right now Palestine and Israel

is a mess

do you know what I mean so I'm supposed

to have these feelings towards these

people because but in the end of the day

if you just strip away that personality

they're just flesh and blood we're flesh

and blood they have souls we have souls

right and that trying to get to that is

such a hard place to get to and that's

where the Prophet was at so a lot is

that I mean he did not

see people as evil he saw people as

divine potential when he looked at

people he saw their potential and that's

why in the if you look in the in the in

the verse in surah 10 add that it ends

with this the B which is so beautiful

that the Quran has you know they they

the machete kun said what is this book

you know it has ankle boot and nav and


you know like ants and spiders and you

know they just thought that was so

strange but and bees but now we know all

these what these things are you know

spiders they're controlling all the we

do have a room filled with flies without

spiders so you know they're doing this

and then bees are pollinating all the

you know they're pollinating all the all

the food most of the food we eat is

pollinated by bees but at the end if you

say Oda truly that CBD Arabica bitter

hikmah you know call to the wave your

lord with wisdom what a more a that

husana and exhort them in in a beautiful

way you know don't be don't be harsh

lookin to follow one bloody they'll be

them fall demand how Lika you know if

you were hard and harsh hearted people

would flee from around you so it says

call with wisdom and with a goodly

exhaustion and then it says which I did

on the latias and and and debate with

them in the best way in the most

beautiful way and then it says that in

arabic animal beam imbalance a beauty he

who were animal Vilma 13 your lord knows

who's guided and he knows who's astray

right in other words just call to your

lord don't don't assume that you know

who you're talking to

you know don't assume that this person's

a Kaffir which is why the tang and Kufa

is haram in sharia you know tiny Nalco


is Haram the owner must say that this is

in the books of a PITA you cannot say

that an individual is a caveat because

Cathy you're saying that there Mahalo

did not write that you know there

hellbound and you can't say that about

anybody so you can talk about you know

these people go far but specific people

you don't know what people's reality is

and that's what Dow is about but then

you know when I captain five people be

Miss America to me you know if you have

to redress wrongs redress them in the

best you know in the most just way don't

don't transgress when you redress don't

don't translate so if somebody kills you

don't go kill their cousin you know I

mean say if somebody kills your you know

one of your tribe members right so if if

you know if if one Hindu kills a Muslim

you don't go out and find any Hindu to

kill them right that's there's people

that do that you know one one part of

the group does something to another part

so they go find anybody from that group

that's transgression this is not justice

as vengeance the difference between

justice and vengeance and then it says

when in sabar to the whole Hyrule is

sobbing but if you're patient it's

better to show patients you know it's

better then if you then redressing the

wrong then you know going on but then it

says while spitting you know you be


so like the OMA it said you know if you

want to redress your wrongs do it but be

just in it but it's better to be patient

but then it says but you prophets all

I'd assume you have to be patient you

don't have an option here because he's

the exemplars and the exemplar has to

embody the highest example and that's

why the prophets um when he looked at

people he did not look at them with

contempt nobody

he had no contempt for people he had no

kibbe there was no pride in his heart

when the man said to him he asked him

about the sandals and and he said you

know I love to wear nice sandals and I

like a nice shirt is that Eric

the Prophet said in a lodge Emilia

Benjamin God is beautiful and he loves

Beauty in other words the thing that you

love the fact that you like beautiful

sandals what you really love is the

thing that Allah loves you love that

attribute of that thing that is is a

reflection of a divine attribute which

is beauty that Allah is beautiful so

when you love beauty you're loving the

the reflection the divine reflection of

God's beauty in the world that's what

you're really attracted to and he was

acknowledging that that that's not a bad

thing it's a good thing because Allah

knows that thing that's why he made that

thing that's why he brought Beauty into

the world because Allah is beautiful and

your acknowledgment of that beauty is

your recognition of that attribute in

the world that's what you're attracted

to it's it's the beauty of Allah that's

manifesting in that thing that's what

you're attracted to but then he

explained what Kippur was what arrogance

was he said well a candle kibbe butter

will help will humbleness arrogance is

to reject the truth when it's presented

to you and it's to have contempt for

people people Nass people is to have

contempt for people I'm Dana

it was called cuthbun and amar it's

inside Bihari it's in Sinai and it was

only described as the red dune like

there was a dune over it like a red sand

did I answer that or not somebody sent

something up I think

where is Nineveh in the modern world

Nineveh is Mosul in Iraq it's a it's

having a lot of trouble right now yeah

you know I heard it from a well-known

share that Allah has made it forbidden

for the earth to take the bodies of the

prophets and that their flesh is still

fresh in their graves

how is this supposed to be understood

well I mean first of all the it's a

hadith the Prophet said avocado had said

that NBA the earth doesn't eat the

prophets but that's also that's not

that's a Catholic belief as well I mean

the Catholics actually one of the signs

of sanctification is that the bodies

aren't there called incorrigibles and

the Vatican is filled with those bodies

from from Saints that there was an

interesting article and discovery about

they let scientists go and examined the

bodies in in in the Vatican and it's

worth reading the article because a

couple of the scientists just were

flabbergasted so a lot of the bodies

were actually mummified because the

Pope's would they'd be a little worried

that they would get their flesh would

get corrupted so they'd have make sure

that they were mummified afterwards but

some of them weren't and there was one

fifth century Saint is like a patron

saint of prostitutes she was a

that had Toba and she became a saint and

but the one of the scientists just said

that like he was just amazed at the

preservation of the body he just like it

really floored him now I saw when I was

12 years old and I was went to a Greek

Orthodox summer camp in Greece I

actually visited the island of Zakynthos

and and there was a st. George Wright

who I'm I wonder if it's a Jew Age in

the story of the prophets eyes him where

they built the church for him but we saw

his body which is open to air it's

completely intact I mean I saw it with

my own eyes so you know incorrigibles

are they exist in the world

there's there's bodies that have not and

they're not mummified there's bodies

that were mummified but there's also

bodies that just have not been eaten by

the earth so that's that's not that's

not a you know that's a that's a reality

that's even accepted by the secular

world I mean they have their

explanations for it you know they think

it was the in that anyway that article

talks about why they think they were

preserved but still their preserves are

there for people to see even Medgar


when they exhumed his body in 1992 I

think he was killed in 62 61 when they

exhumed his body in 1992 it was

completely intact

so Medgar Evers a civil rights activist

hmm yeah he was shot in the back mm-hmm


guy was just reading from this book is a

commentary of the boertie by an Egyptian

share named Hassan and AD will hams away

it's a shot hello portable Syria yeah

it's very interesting I just suddenly

gave it to me a couple months ago or

last month could you please clarify what

you said about the maraj being a vision

for the Prophet does this mean that his

seeing the other prophet in being in the

divine presence and receiving the prayer

was not in his physical body no he was

definitely in his physical body when he

met the prophets also his the the ascent

through he did go through the malakut is

different from the mullick and i don't

know you know

the monk is what we're in here this is

the mulk the Mallicoat is is it's the

realm of the angels and then you have

the jaw borrowed so you there are

different rounds and the realms are not

the same like we're in a fixed physical

world where time-space affects us you

know if we if you know I'll bump into

the wall I'll hurt myself but there's

other worlds that are very different

from this world and the prophets eyes

have entered in to those worlds now we

don't know what I mean I don't know what

to tell you about it other than it's not

like here but that went that entering

into the divine presence was not

physical by consensus I mean that's just

anybody that tells you that that was a

physical thing was not now what was it I

mean I don't I don't I don't know I mean

I can't tell you what it was but the

reason that ultimate reject the

physicality of entering into the divine

presence is because it necessitates

certain beliefs that are impossible is

the hallo alle law one of them is that

it allows in a physical place God cannot

be in a physical locality because if he

was in a physical locality that

means he's muta he is in other words

something's around him there's something

outside of him which is impossible

because the hadoo de la who imam up to

how he says he has no limits God is in

finite Sheena - it means like a limit

and end infinite without end so a lot is

without limits so he cannot be contained

and and therefore - you know to enter

into the Divine Presence we don't know

what that means

I can't tell you what that means we're

all going to experience it so we just

have to wait for that but it's going to

happen and it's your we believe we're

going to see God but not with the

physical eye

not with Anil fannia with a nutbar piya

with the eight eternal eye the eye that

is able to witness the divine reality

and the anima say it's B let your heart

that you know there's no you don't see

God in any hotter sense you don't it's

it's it's a it's beyond company mala I

know lots

I mean if Jenna is what the eye has

never seen will a genuine semi had and

no ear has ever heard when a hotter a la

poly be better and it never occurred to

the human being that's Jenna so what is

God I mean if that's just Jenna that's

God's creation what is God because jenna

is what no eye has seen what no ear has

heard and what never occurred to the

human heart so when you know God is you

know an Angelina Iraqi adraka will hold

if Acuna Scirocco the same that Walker

said our inability to understand God is

our understanding of God and to speak

about the essence of God is to fall into


well because language is is limited I

mean when we speak in language even

language most of language is metaphor

even though we don't think about it most

of language when we speak we're using

metaphors constantly but we don't think

about them as metaphors because language

is symbolic language is expressing

things that are not really language

right I mean when I talk to you about I

saw a beautiful tree today

alright you know what a tree is but you

know that there's a whole branch of

philosophy that argues there's no such

thing as a tree because trees aren't no

tree is like any other trees so is there

a category of trees in reality and we're

just lumping them all together because

they look alike and that's what we do

with humans right but is there really

something called humanity there's a

whole bunch of individuals out there but

can we lump us all together and call us

humanity because that's a category but

its language it's limited so all of

language has its really gross

limitations in expression of how we're

going to talk about things and that's

why so much of this is metaphor

it's just the nature of language and

reality and when you talk about God I

mean you know Rumi says that that really

says theologians are like chaperones

they're just there to make sure nothing

haram happens with the lover and the

beloved you know but but you know in the

end of the day the Prophet SAW lies in

him you know he was in a state of divine

witnessing which I had no I mean say no

and he said I never saw anything except


saw Allah before it in it and after it

mean he didn't mean that physically that

he saw God but he saw whatever tidge nd

was there he saw it because the Taj

India tour had you know what they called

theophanies in in English you know a

Thea a theophany is like that in in

Arabic it's called Atta gently

which is how God expresses himself in

the world it's a manifestation of the

divine in the world the world is not the

divine but the world cannot exist

without the divine it's the mirror yeah

and we're the pupil we you know God is

contemplating himself through us but

that you know there's no there's no

we're not God I mean that's a Hyundai

love we're not that's we're not

pantheous or Penn anthias or you know

but we do we do believe that language is

limited you know that's why you know the

Quran has so many meanings it's just

endless meanings because of the nature

of language and the Quran is the richest

language and anybody who really studies

Arabic language will increasingly

realize that about the Quran you know

there's just endless possibility so but

the point is is that that rejection of

physicality even though the language you

him will Kunlun ulsan Ohama Tesh mija a

will who one is warm turns out onesa

Warrenton seha a will a widow for would

warrant and zahana

hmm you know every every text that in

any way indicates anthropomorphism

either interpreted metaphorically which

is the opinion of later muta kalamoon

the earlier opinion which i think is the

sound sound us and that's the one I

prefer is oh for well you know just

leave it to God don't don't say you know

what it mean just it doesn't mean what

it appears to mean

which is called taut wheel is Madi as

opposed to that wheel tough ceiling

mm-hmm anakata


well yeah racism is a major human

problem you know still and Muslims are

certainly not exempt from racism there's

different types of racism in the Muslim

world than say in in in the West

I mean Muslims have never had really a

color racism it's much more about tribe

and clan and family and you know and

also now like for instance the Arabs

some of the Arabs might look down on say

Pakistanis or South Asians but there was

a time when it was quite the opposite

you know I mean the South Asians were up

on the top and then again that's about

power and that's the nature of the world

that's why the world is a kind of

uninteresting place from that

perspective because so much of the world

is about power and that's why like

Bernie Madoff is such a wonderful gift

to humanity

you know because Bernie Madoff to me

once you understand Bernie Madoff you

can never take the world seriously you

know because Bernie Madoff was on he was

the head of several charitable

foundations you know he was lecturing on

ethics you know he was the head of

yeshiva Business School and he stole

their whole endowment and he had plaques

of honors I mean that's the world the

you know the world will honor the most

dishonorable and contemptible people

because the world is about appearances

and not about

reality and it's very easy to fool

people in the world because people are

generally naive and they're generally

simple and that's why the venal people

and the worst types of people in the

world get along very well in the world

you know for however long they get along

I mean Bernie did quite well for quite

some time and his wife even got off with

I think two and a half million dollars

or something and but she didn't know

anything about it of course I mean that

he'd stole billions ollars I mean my

wife knows everything about everything I

make and everything so and he had one

accountant he had one CPA and it's a lot

and that CPA I didn't know anything

about it either he was shocked as

everybody else

Bernie sons were shocked even though he

set him up in business everybody shocked

all of Bernie's best friends is one of

his closest friends that I can't believe

it he was one of the nicest guys ever

knew you know I mean that's just dunya

so you know at a certain point I mean

that the thing about it is and this is

it I'm going to tell you the truth

you're a young man like I've been around

long enough to know something we're

aliens really this is not our planet

we're just here for a short time it's

it's like a it's like a prison that

you've been put in and behave well and

you'll get off with good behavior really

just behave well but ignore the other

inmates really because it's it's crazy

and there's a lot of nutcase people out

there and prison makes people mad in

some ways do you know so you just have

to you know your mom addict said and

this is one of my favorite statements

that I've ever heard and this is worth

the whole sitting through this whole

lecture for this really it is mo Matic

said I knew a people a dr. Coleman you

know I

I experienced a people who had no faults

and they preoccupied theirselves with

faults of others and God gave them

faults and he said and I knew another

people who had faults and they pre

occupied themselves with purifying their

faults and ignored the fault of others

and God removed their faults so I think

the best thing for you is not to be that

and to to just be the witness you know

we're shuhada at a nest that that's what

the quran told us to be witnesses unto

mankind and if you're really a true

witness then you don't reflect that if

other people reflect that there's

nothing you can do about that other than

be a true witness to somebody who is not

a racist or who's not a and and just

watch yourself because we all have it

I mean there's people you know there's

been sociological studies of white

people in this culture where they had

had them interview different people with

the same degrees and everything and but

there have a black and Hispanic and a

white and they would their syntax would

change when they when they were talking

with the black people their syntax would

change because there's just sociological

assumptions that are really hard to

break in people so racism is very subtle

and it manifests in a lot of different

ways and and everybody's carrying around

baggage and everybody's had their time

at being on top you know

the blacks have been on top in human

history you know the Arabs were on top  and him in history the whites were on the bottom for a long time and the Irish still are so you know their time will come George Bernard Shaw said I want to be in Ireland when the end of time comes because everything happens fifty years later in Ireland.

It's time for Isha I think



the handle down salatu salam wanna see

they know what have even a cylinder on

and he was a happy woman today only i

sin and idiot hey ami Dean Aloha murder

in mallanna no madam tonight I can't

anymore Hakeem along I am the man fair

enough Anna be mad Anton was in the

ilknur alongside enigmatic one shot

Elena put together than enjoy daddy what

a crumb or salad of Madison the Mohammed

wanna edit Quran what I hold of an hour

what I never had an Italian and I handle

the the subject of tawheed is probably

the single it is the single most

important subject for Muslims to to have

some level of knowledge of I've been

accused of saying that you can learn to

heed in 10 minutes and I think I'll

explain what I meant by that basic

tawheed is is very simple a person can

say la ilaha illallah muhammad rasool

allah and there there Muslim because

Laila hey Lala can be explained very

quickly what exactly it means Lam Abood

be happen Sawalha there's nothing in

reality worthy of worship except Allah

lamb Abood and be happen there's nothing

worshiped in truth except Allah

Leila Heil Allah there is no God except

Allah there's no God except the one true

God that basic understanding is that's

how you get into Islam so from that

point of view it's very quick that's why

there's a Sahabi that said Shahada

that's all he did he did never prayed or

fast it and he went into a battle and he

was killed and he's saying

was for being the Sahabi that died and

went to paradise with her without ever

having prayed or fasted but he said

lately a lot now the Arabs the

pre-islamic Arabs knew Arabic so they

knew what Len if he legends meant like

they didn't have that term for it that's

a grammatical term that came later but

they knew when you have la followed by

an era that's mom soul but they didn't

have those terms either those are

grammatical terms but but they knew what

it was they knew when you have a Fatah

even though they didn't called maan soup

they knew LAN la illaha not la la una

because that changes the meaning that

Eli own la ilaha Neffe little Jin's

negates anything of what follows Allah

is most Athena it's an exception so in

the in the fundamental creed of Islam

you have a negation and an affirmation

the first thing children learn to do is

negate that's why they say let the first

word most kids learn that no because

negation is part of asserting something

one way to assert something is to negate

but the affirmation which follows

negation is done through an exception so

there is no God except Allah and Allah

subhanAllah Dianna the word Allah is a

Semitic word the the Hebrew said l-like

jibra eel eel Elohim is from the same

root yellow which is the Aramaic yellow

was the only Aramaic that's left in the

gospel is Eloi Eloi Lema Lema

sabachthani and that's the only thing in

the gospel from that language which was

probably the language that a scientist

and him spoke so Allah is a proper name


a loss of hand with data so when we wait

when we embark on to ahed there are

certain prerequisites the first thing

people here in Charlotte are what are

called to lobulated seekers of knowledge

and seeking knowledge is one of the

highest things that you can do the

prophets Eliza time said at Bath manhood

you had to seek knowledge is actually

jihad and he also said that with a

character who just doing what Accra is

to SPEA it's like saying subhanAllah so

when you're actually reviewing your

classes your notes and things that is

dhikr of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and the

Prophet said in the memory to my lima I

was only sent to teach people and he's a


he also said Salah why he said I'm that

more a luminous I'll hire the people

that teach people good get the reward of

the people they teach what am class

women many lethality and it doesn't

diminish from the ward of the one doing

it and that's why that that goes on

until the end of time so if everything

that every Muslim has ever done of good

goes back to the prophets Elias and

because they do it with that Nia and the

Prophet taught them Nia the Prophet

taught us will do he taught us prayer he

taught us to heed he taught us all these

things so everybody that's ever learned

that until the end of time has that

reward goes back to the Prophet SAW time

it goes back to the teachers and one of

the blessings of this tradition is the

chain of narration the chain of

transmission that people learn things

based on these chains so we're all links

in the chain and whoever's teaching

something that's learned it from a

teacher who learned it from a teacher

who learned it from a teacher goes back

to like in the case of this book Imam

Ali's book it goes back to Imam at the

Howey but Imam to how we learned

from his mother woman mezzanine Omaha

via Omaha we Iman Meza nice sister she's

also called hooked and Elmo's any and he

learned from his uncle amendment was any

one of the great Japanese scholars and

imam moussa he learned from Imam Shafi

imam shafi'i learned from imam malik

imam addict learned from Nana I learned

from even Omar even omar learned from

The Messenger of Allah so the chain

even among how he the chain is unbroken

it all goes back to the prophets Elijah

them so that that's the blessing of the

is net the prophets Allah serum also

said that in al Maleh Akata latardo as

neha Taha Leah palpable in real on beam

is now that even the Angels put their

wings down for the seeker of knowledge

out of joy for what they're seeking

seeking knowledge the Prophet Elias Adam

also said that man palpable Elma man

terrible Elma Paulo para but memorable

and Melinda he tell Jenna to fear Allah

be he woman palpable marcia tov an ROV

therapy he you know that if you if

you're seeking knowledge paradise is

seeking you if you're seeking knowledge

for allah's sake and if you're seeking

disobedience the fire is seeking you and

the prophets allah i am also the quran

tells us Pharaoh ala decree in

contemplate our Moon as the people knows

if you don't know and knowledge is there

are different types of knowledge one of

one one of the basic aspects of

knowledge which is it's not dialogical


didactical you the didactic that you

there's information somebody studies

grammar then they teach grammar it's

something you learn so in the Zaidan

baba i'm

you know that that's if we're going to

parse that sentence you have to learn

what in that is what it does to a noun

like Zaidan so it's Munsell because of

in and then you learn baba is a feral

and it's moving on the Fatah because

it's a feral Molly and then you learn

that Imran is Munsell because this

mother gonna be that's that's something

that you learn and that needs to be

taught there's not a lot of discussion

you can ask questions like why did

they'd hit alma and you can ask that

question i actually told the mufti of

egypt that the problem in the arab world

is not going to stop until they change

their grammatical sentences that they

teach little kids because it's always

eight hit dhamma and you know I said in

the West we've gotten you know Dixie's

Jane which is another problem you know

but anyway so the that's a knowledge you

know and either you know it or you don't

know it this as simple as that

and so it's information now in in

al-qaeda there's certain information now

you can read it in a book like that book

there that is the Creed of Imam Appa

Howie that book you can read the book

and you might have questions and if

you're clever you know you can

understand quite a bit of it maybe all

of it and you might understand it better

than the person that translated it

that's possible so but there is a

blessing in studying with this chain

there's a blessing we believe that and

and that's part of what this tradition

is about so you can learn from books but

there's always a blessing to go through

that now at a certain point especially

with students it's good to have more

that Kaaba which is where you actually

discuss things that you're learning and

because mother Kara is a way that real

questions begin to emerge because at

biological approach to knowledge is

actually a lot better than the didactic

approach when you discuss things you get

quite a bit out of discussion so it's

very important to recognize that that

this isn't just a dump you know that you

you come and you're empty vessels and

you get filled up these things their

meanings that you need to interact with

to make them real for you so that it's

not just information and and it's

important to to think about these things

and not just to take things all of you

here almost all of you I think are

adults and you know the religion is not

real if it's not based on on a real

belief and our religion has never shied

away from questions you know it's one of

the beauties of the religion is that no

scholar ever said you can't ask that as

far as I know that there are certain

things that you know come from arrogance

and from other things that's another

thing but genuinely if somebody is

generally trying to understand something

then there's usually answers now some

things and particularly with when you

get into tawheed when you're talking

about the essence of God there's real

limitations because of the nature of

language so that's that's also

understood that this is about language I

mean the book of imam at the Howey is a

book of words it's words and the words

are about God and God is the ineffable

God is what we really can't articulate

and language fall short of speaking

about God so before we get into that I

want to preface this by what are called

the Madadi in Nevada a co-defendant

ishara al had the one mobile summit

amara that the the foundation of all

knowledge is the the foundational

principles of every knowledge are 10

there's 10 foundational principles of

every knowledge

and before you start into that knowledge

it's good to know those foundational

principles the first one is called a

head which in our in the English

language we call that a definition it's

important to know the definition of what

you're studying now a definition and in

logic is something that gets to the

essence of a thing when you define

something you have to define it

essentially and a definition should be

inclusive and exclusive it should be

include everything that that thing is

and should exclude everything that it

isn't that's that's a real proper

definition so you know to give me an

example of this the logician say that a

human being is a rational animal human

beings are animals but they're rational

animals and that is a definition because

it gets to the essence of what a human

being is to be human is to be an animal

but also to be rational to be sapien

shal to be an animal that has intellect

the ability to reason other animals

don't have that so it excludes the

irrational it excludes the the animals

that are in an instinct that are working

on instinct and and then you have the

the mold WA which is the subject matter

what that thing is about and then you

have the thumb rot which is the fruit

what's the benefit of that thing well

fun little hole and then you have the

the virtue of that thing why that thing

should be learned because not all

knowledge should be learned there's some

knowledge --is that are superfluous

there's some knowledge --is that are a

complete waste of time

um there's you know astrology is a

knowledge it's a you can study astrology

and it's a knowledge but it's a waste of


alchemy is a type of knowledge also it's

a waste of time

so there our knowledge is out there and

that's why the Prophet said Allah

homogeneous arukadhimon nephew and you

know I ask you for beneficial knowledge

knowledge that benefits me benefits me

because information there's a lot of

information out there but a lot of

information is a complete waste of time

and I think most of us are filled with

trivia that I personally would like

those parts of my brain that have been

occupied by that trivia back but it's

it's something that unfortunately you

know we're stuck with that like

commercial jingles that you can never

get out of your head I mean I watched a

woman literally dying of lung cancer

saying a Chesterfield jingle which was

an old kind of cigarette back in the 40s

or something and she was cursing she

said those liars and she was literally

dying you know in the hospital but she

had that jingle that she heard when she

probably first starts smoking cigarettes

so there's a lot of things that we know

that are just unfortunate but this is

not I mean this is an incredibly

fruitful thing and so knowing it's

virtue is knowing why it's worthy of our

time and our consideration when is

spittoon and then knowing what what what

it's what it's relates to you know what

in other words what it's associated with

what a while there and who is the first

one that made that science what is

smallest him dad or hook Machado and

then to know its name because every

knowledge has an name or it has several

names to know its esteem dad is to know

what that knowledge is deriving its

principles and its facts or its opinions

because there's knowledge is opinion

also it's not just fact sound opinion

and what it's deriving them from what

are the sources of that knowledge

distant that walk machete and to know

the legal ruling of that knowledge to

know the legal ruling what is the ruling

of that knowledge is it for dying

is it for casaya and then we'll Masato

Bardo who bid bobby Activa and then to

know the mesial so the subject is what

it's talking about the mesial are the

details of of those things what it's

investigating so and then in other words

the topics because it is between subject

and topic so the mesial are the topics

and then he says Minh has a man Daryl

Jim yang has a sharafa if you know all

these things then you've attained an

honorable rank so anyway that's those

are called the my body and eye shadow so

in terms of tawheed the the definition

of it is it is the science that

investigates the nature of God and the

nature of prophecy and the nature of

eschatology in other words the last

things so it it it looks at the nature

of God the magia of God the nature of

prophets and and what are called the

summit yet those things that have been

revealed and the end and relate to the

unseen matters that we don't really know

about and then the subject matter of the

is the subject matter is the the the

essence of God the attributes of God and

the the essence of prophets and the

attributes of prophets and then the the

articles of faith and the Kitab you know

which is part of that and then the the

fit or the virtue the benefit the FATA

of it is that it protects you from

having mistakes in your understanding

about allah subhanaw taala

for instance there are people that think

that the universe is eternal and inta

heed the the quran is very clear that a

las pedir ASIMO at the up he originated

the heavens in the earth without any

prior pattern that's what vidya means an

originator that is working that is

bringing something into the world

without any prior pattern on a lady myth

had in mu Spock and then he's also

called father Usama at Ewood autumn the

one who brought forth the heavens in the

earth he's horrible somehow at you but

all he's he's al baddie he's in more so

well so the hot up is the one that

brings it into existence out of nothing

the baddie is the one that fashions it

and then the misawa is the one that

forms it into the forms that it takes

so the Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has

formed creation for instance the there's

people that that deny design which is

pure it's that is co far like to deny

design is co far this is as simple as

that if you say there's this is all

randomness and there's no real design

here that that is the essence of it's

such a denial of what is so clearly

obvious no matter what mechanisms are

being used to bring about the forms that

exist in the world the idea of denying

design that there is design here and

design necessitates a designer so the

benefit of tawheed is to know

the the correct things about God and

about the prophets so to know for

instance that the prophets are

impeccable they don't they don't there's

a difference of opinion about whether

they can do minor sins what are called

venial sins in Christianity there's a

difference of opinion but the dominant

thing is is that they don't even do that

that there's and and this is why there's

a extensive literature in our tradition

explaining all of the things that appear

to be peccadilloes or appear to be minor

infractions of the of the prophets

you'll find that in the literature

explaining like that Ibrahim a DCM did

not lie when he said you know the big

one did it because he used his thumb

pointing with his thumb things like that

I mean sometimes you know they they go

to quite interesting links to prove that

point but DM the idea of the prophets

doing anything major is absolutely

completely unacceptable so learning that

into heat learning also what a prophet

is like the nature of a prophet learning

that the prophets can get sick but they

can't have illnesses that would make

them abhorrent to the people that they

were sent to so for instance Ayub in the

Islamic tradition job his illnesses are

not illnesses that the people were

disgusted by they were actually internal

sicknesses the people couldn't see them

not those are how that's one aspect of

and and but the greatest benefit of all

is that toe heed is when you understand

you have theory and practice when you

understand real toe he'd theoretically

for instance that allows annually may

you deed he does whatever he wants

that Allah subhanAllah

cannot oppress his servants because of

the nature of servanthood and the fact

that we are part of the Dominion of God

that the human being is created by God

and and and and Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

has complete and utter and absolute

property rights over the human being

it's his MOOC and you are man Luke you

know you're a possession of God and so

whatever God wants to do to you if he

wants to give you the worst disease

imaginable Allah you know God forbid

that it's not wrong God can do whatever

he wants he can give you a joyous life

he can give you a miserable life Allah

can do whatever he wants and that is the

transcendent God you know that that's

the God that is frightening it's the

dhul Jalal you know it's the god of

Jalal it's the God of tsunamis it's the

God of Holocaust it's the god of fire

it's the God of of cancer it's the God

that you know takes little children from

their loving parents that that is the

the that is that is an aspect of God and

we're in submission to that aspect of

God to the best of our ability because

that's part of God's nature but he's

also little generally will a Crom he's

the god of immense blessing he's the god

of overflowing bounty and and he's the

god who hides his bounty in his terror

he's a God who hides his blessings in

his tribulations and so learning those

things helps us deal with the

vicissitudes of time with the calamities

of our lives with the difficulties and

then finding out for instance that the

prophets have the greatest tests because

nobody whoever loses a child can can

feel anything but consolation when they

learn that the Prophet Ison buried all

of his children except for one so the

best of creation had all of his children

taken from him and yet he never

complained even though he wept he wept

when he lost his children we know that

is in the Hadees but he never complained

and he said God does not take you to

account for your eyes in other words for

your grief but he takes you to account

for what you say like why did God do

this to me so that's one of the benefits

is learning the the theory and then

beginning to exercise the theory in the

laboratory of life because this science

is really about being out there in the

world and it's the the father the virtue

of the science has the highest it's the

highest of Sciences some of the elements

a ship is over but because focus how you

worship Allah

but till he'd generally is considered to

be the highest I mean the mythically

moon in the fokaha debate on this but

because the thai look of this science in

other words the relationship is with the

nature of god and that is the highest

thing that humans can conceive of it has

the highest virtue so this is the fact

the Nisswa is to the enormous area it's

it's it's related to the sciences of

Islam of Islamic law and it's part of of

that science the water the one who who

formulated this science is first and

foremost we believe it's allah subhanaw

taala through the Quran because the

Quran is a revelation that tells us

about the nature of God it tells us that

Fadiman who la ilaha illaallah you know

know that there's no god but allah you

know Allah subhana WA Ta'ala tells us

who Allah who I had know that God is one

he tells us that he is the creator of

the heavens of the earth

he tells us that

that that he is carnival by daddy that

he is in complete control and overwhelms

his servants with his idea he tells us

he's a lion that he's the sustainer of

the heavens and the earth so much of the

Piranha Clara t'v is about God if you

ever have a red-letter Quran that has

the names of Allah in red you can see

how much of the Quran is about a lot of

behin over to Anna and in essence it's

all about a lots of behind Matata

because even when it's about the

prophets and there's tribulations it's

still about the call to Allah Subhan

Allah Tala

so knowing that it is it's it's a it is

formulated by God himself in the Quran

but then it's also the prophets lyceum

is the one that gave us this so by Maj

as this is by not in reality because in

reality God is the one that gave us the

knowledge of his nature but he the means

is the prophets lies in him and then by

extension if the the the great

formulators of this science are are

really three three men but hasn't had a

shoddy is one of them and he is a fourth

century scholar who was one of the great

moretz light scholars and then he made

Toba from that and he became the great

advocate of the what's called a

hallucinogen which i'm going to get into

in a moment but albert hasanat ashati is

a very maligned scholar of late

historically he was recognized by

everybody as being one of the great

imams i mean even even Tamiya is very

clear in his praise of abu hassan at

ashati so when people attack the HIDs

today it's very odd for people that know

the islamic tradition

to hear that it doesn't mean that there

there weren't groups that were opposed

historically but they were never in

numbers large enough to really warrant

any you know serious consideration and

then the other one is a woman sort of

Matthew DD who was in what's now

Afghanistan he was from there and they

were living at approximately the same

time and then the third one is is

probably Imam at the Howey

now generally and what I was taught by a

lot of my teachers was that the the

people of how are the UH shaadi in the

Matuidi and and and everybody else's is

off but I think it's undeniable that

there is a third group of people that

are the thirty people and and I think

it's it's important to acknowledge that

because it's not really fair to isolate

that group and say that somehow they're

not part of the tradition because they

are and one of the great examples of

that is given a blood bottle and the

onnum of the Marathi alone very few of

them were uh shot ease it was called the

oboe bucket had been an auto be who

brought the ashati meth-head to Morocco

and to and Lucia but prior to that they

were more a thirty in their approach and

they tended to really not like as what

what is termed sometimes in English

speculative theology or column so

dialectical theology but it's important

to distinguish between the Etheria who

are the people of a thought and stick to

the the text without really bringing in

what are called the octet or the

rational sciences to buttress the the

the theology those people were not moja

sima they were not literalists they were

not people that thought

that certain verses in the Quran were to

be taken literally they understood those

verses did not mean what what they

outwardly were saying but they were not

going to say what they meant they really

left it to Newt Minow Bajada Murad Allah

we believe in him according to what God

says about them and that is also a

position within the ashati and the

maturity the schools also so that's not

just the earth ADIZ but that is the

early scholars and some of the later

scholars from those schools so when we

study Creed we have to understand that

Creed develops out of problems when the

Prophet slicing them came he was not a

theologian in that he didn't come with

this systematic theology he came with a

truth about God that God is one and the

proton has a theology in it but the

Prophet SAW I sent him did not bring a

type of creed that's formulated the way

they are now this came later and the

Sahaba were people that were in such a

powerful experience 'el Islam they were

living these truths they were Imam Adi

all of the Ilan who said that I never

saw anything but except that I saw God

before it after it and in it in other

words that he was witnessing the a file

of God you know the acts of God in

creation the idea that no leaf falls

without the knowledge of God so being

aware of God in that way in a very real

presence that was very much how these

people were and so they weren't going to

debate things and and they just weren't

interested in that

so when when the Muslims came up against

the Christians who had a very profound

theological tradition because

Christianity has much more emphasis on

theology than it does on law whereas the

Jewish and the Muslim traditions have

been more focused on law on fill so when

they came up against the Christians in

Syria and Iraq and Egypt suddenly they

were asking them questions they'd never

been asked before like the Quran says

that Jesus is is the Kalima the you know

the Word of God which in greek is logos

and in the Gospel of John it says in the

beginning was the word the logos and the

Word was with God in the word what and

the Word was God so does that mean that

Jesus is the logos in other words is he

the Eternal Word of God and so nobody

ever thought about that and then they

said and when you say the puranas Kodama

law does that mean that the Quran is the

logos in other words is the Quran

created or is it uncreated nobody had

ever asked him these questions and so

suddenly they were forced to think about

things that they hadn't thought about


hence theology because that is the means

by which they were able to really come

to some conclusions about these Shu

bohat because these are obfuscation z'

that come in to the teaching that create

problems in the hearts of people and the

resolution of the problems comes through

working through these problems and

coming to conclusions about them and

this is what the motorcade lee moon did

this is what the theologians did and and

they created creeds an imam at the

howie's creed is one of the earliest

creeds abu hanifa there's a Creed that's

attributed to him that proceeds this and

there's a debate a big debate about

whether he acts

you wrote it or not but Imam at the how

he's definitely in the line of that

Creed among how his Creed is almost

identical to about Hassan and Ishod his

Creed they differ on four points or

crazy Marzuki and that's it

our Hassan Abu Mansour and Matuidi whose

Creed is articulated in the Nessa fiha

is also very similar he differs on

certain things and there's some

interesting differences and their

differences that are insoluble in that

you're not going to come to some kind of

not going to resolve these problems so

they're just there and they are what

they are

so having said that the you know the the

the founders of these Creed's are are

called the founders of of this science

as well now oblah Hassan Elijah Adi was

very fortunate in having an absolute

genius student of a bucket or bottle Ani

who is probably one of the greatest

intellects in human history I mean

anybody that really looks at his his

work and his genius would have to come

to that conclusion and and he really I

mean he he in essence is is really one

of the saviors of Islam because at the

time when the massive onslaught of

Hellenistic rationalism was coming when

there were just so many a sex and and he

was refuting all these people with just

really extraordinary brilliance and

intellect and and and one of the things

that is important to understand about

these Creed's is that people that attack

them and I can really safely say this

almost have never studied them

and I found this consistently what they

do is they read their teachers who quote

these people and then they attack them

from within their own frames of

reference and they rarely actually study

because when you say that oh this is a

bit what is a bid at exactly you show me

where the bid at is in and and they'll

say well it's a bit out to say this or

that for instance it's a bit odd to say

that the most half is not the Kurama law

which is a shoddy position that when you

say Kurama law about the quran itself

the most half that's why the muslims

differentiate between most half and

quran right the we call the most half is

the copy of the Quran it's called a

must-have and we use it when we say

Quran we're really saying it like

magazine so but when we say the Quran

what is the Quran the Quran is caramel

aroma loop the uncreated word of Allah

in the macaron pidemo mafia here we're

at a khadeem oh what an animal what

Allah Arabic Allah no but I don't know

it terrible you know when the the the

Quran is the the word of Allah it

doesn't have syntactical precedents and

anticipate it doesn't have land you know

articulation it doesn't have Arab

inflection it doesn't have part or

universals or particular is Kulu allah

dhu tinta sabah because all of these

things are created by their nature

Hakone elma he mocked essa work account

Kony and me ran amok decibel like saying

God has acquired his knowledge so when

you say the Quran the most half is Quran

Allah we say that out of Edom

because you don't want to say it's not

the quran allah that's not the kind of

allah you can't say that it is a

parabola but it's not the konami law

that is a role model because it is in

the world it has paper it has ink on


it's language that came into the world

whereas the the Kalama law that is

Kadeem is the meanings that allah

subhana wa ta'ala articulated in his

essence it's the meaning that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala has in his essence so

that's an example of solving a problem

where these people were saying are you

saying that's uncreated and if you say

well yeah that's uncreated then you you

have a religion of people that think

things that are created are uncreated

but if you say that it's the Perron

is uncreated essentially then what

you're saying is an attribute of god is

on is is created the sefa of a lot

because kadam is all sefa of the motor

kingdom the the speech is an attribute

of the speaker the one speaking and so

if you say that his attribute is created

then you're saying that Allah has

created that there's an attribute that's

created and that creates a problem and

so this is this is in essence what these

men were dealing with and they did an

extraordinary job when you get to the

the free will and the determination you

know our human beings determined or are

they free these are paradoxical problems

that have befuddled all the religious

traditions that deal with these subjects

but if you look at them the way they

resolve them they're quite stunning

they're still limited by language but

they're still quite stunning and and

that so when we talk about the founder

we're talking first and foremost that

it's God that gave us this knowledge it

was transmitted by the Prophet slicin

but it was formulated by these great

intellects that the community was

provided with and we believe it's

providential care because the Prophet

SAW I said I'm said that this knowledge

would be protected by people in each

generation they protected and so that's

what what they've done any mama Howie is

one of the great people of that

science and that's why his Creed is so

important and then the that the name of

this is mewho is called it's called

Azula Dean it's called the Elemento he'd

it's called the LML Kalam these are

different names for this science but

generally is called Azula Dean the roots

of this religion because it's what this

religion is built upon is to heed and

this is the science of tawheed element

Kalam in the early period is a very

negative term and you will see many

statements of the early community

attacking column and these are used in

polemics modern polemics in books saying

that Kalam is evil and liquid Imam Shafi

said about Kalam look what so-and-so

said about Kalam they were talking about

the dialectical theology of the Martez

elight when they were talking about

these things they were not talking about

the refutation of the MARTA see light

which come from the Edison one genre

right and it's important to understand

that distinction so and then finally the

hook Machado is for dying it's

considered for dying on every person the

topics of it the mesial are covered in

you can see what the topics are in the

book but the the topics that are dealt

with are things like the base and right

the hold of the prophet the pool of the

Prophet what that entails the the UM

Okayama what happens on the ELMO qiyamah

what's hash are what's Nichelle

what's kadar what's the mean so these

these are the the the Messiah that it

deals with and then also like the that

the Quran is Kodama law and then so that

essentially is those are the the my body

and oshawa of this science now what I'm

going to do right now is is just

basically go through a de su knowledge

about what that means

sums are divided essentially into two

major groups the Sunni and the Shia the

Shia are historically they are the

people that supported Imam Ali in his

push for they were called Shia - Ali and

it's a historical reality he went up

against morale we are Delano and he

definitely had his support the idea that

Iman I was practicing topia for me is

hard to believe but that is a shear view

that Imam Mahdi really felt that he

should have been located immediately

after the Prophet slicin have died and

that there was great wrongs done to the

family of the prophets in him now the

Shia historically fall into different

categories the rawa field and the whole

lot of the Shia were tended to be looked

very very negative negatively by the

people of Sunnah but there were Shia

whose Teixeira was a thief and Imam Abu

Hadi relates Shia in sahih al-bukhari

and a lot of people don't know that but

there are Shia transmitters in sahibu


so this idea that the Shia were all evil

and something like that is not an early

view of things but the ROE a field and

the people upon who feels happy Rasul

Allah those people that spoke ill or

spoke ill of aisha radi lana generally

were looked upon very negatively by the

Ummah that came to be known as the

Addison one Gemini and all I would say

is that the Shia tradition is an

alternative narrative and from within

the Shia tradition itself it's it's a

very strong argument which is why they

have very brilliant scholars and some of

them are extraordinarily well versed in

in all the sciences of islam arabic and

so from within their perspective it all

makes sense and that's why the Muslims

have never been able to really resolve

this problem there there have always

been brilliant she has scholars and

there been debates in the community and

it's just insoluble so it's best left

like that it's it's just not the the

best thing that we can have is is just a

peaceful coexistence which has happened

throughout history in many many places

the Muslims and the Sunnis and the

Shia's have lived together without

without problems in many places Allah

says a good example half the city is

Shia and the other half is Sunni and the

Shia keeps themselves the Sunnis keep to

themselves they don't hate each other

they just live their kind of separate

lives and they don't have those kind of

problems in America in particular we

should really avoid conflicts between

the Sunni and Shia I'm is really

important here that we really avoid some

of the baggage from back home that's my

view about things I'm very committed to

Sunni tradition is what I was taught

it's also makes the most sense to me

personally I mean I looked at the Shia

tradition I was interested in for during

that early period when during the the

Iranian Revolution I got interested in

it just as a phenomenon and for me

personally I've never had any allegiance

to anything other than the truth I mean

I'm just not interested in a kind of

tribal approach to religion like I'm

Benny son on there Venetia on our tribes

better than their tribe if if something

appears to me to be true right and but I

would say one thing but that this the I

had assumed that downplayed considerably

what happened and if you if you study

the history there's two versions one is

a very whitewashed history which tends

to be taught and the other is what real

happened and what really happened is

actually kind of hard to believe the

what happened to the family of the

Prophet the insurrection z' that

occurred the brutality that was directed

against them it's it's it's all history

it's not something that can people can

say did not happen it did happen

Malea Driss is a good example that who

fled from the Hejaz to morocco and

founded the idad isa delta there in

morocco which some the Moroccans tend to

claim that it was Malachy and some say

that he was actually part of the Shia

tradition so Allah Anam but from that

tradition is Adia

who are the people of northern Yemen

geographically northern Yemen's one

country now but geographically in the

northern part of Yemen you have this

idea and this idea who are called the

fibers as well these are the fibers and

sevinor's and is nicety of the twelvers

the the saadia are the closest from the

Shia community to the Addison they don't

speak ill of Abu Bakr or all model they

don't have a problem with their halifa

but they prefer imam ali over those two

and felt that he should have been the

first k dove so that's their view and

imam Ashok Ani who arguably is not as ad

he was raised as a D and he was raised

in that tradition so but he's an example

of just an incredibly brilliant scholar

so the Addison or Jamaat which is a

formula that came later how we have been

described is the people the prophetic

way and congregation so they're the

people of Sunnah and the idea is not

that the that the you know that I mean

the Sunnah the Shia have hadith and and

they in the end they follow hadith and

they have practices that they do but the

that I had a soon are the people of the

hadith methodology that that was

articulated by the great scholars of

hadith and in attempting to follow the


just to the best and the Gemara is the

majority which the the Sun tradition is

the majority tradition so they are the

Gemara they are the majority so they're

the the congregation the prophet

sallallaahu said i'm said yet the law

him aljahmeir

the the hand of god is with the the

congregation and he said man shed the

shed the Phenom people that deviate

deviate off into it's a hellish

deviation so it was used initially to to

distinguish himself from the raffia and

the heritage the raffia are the Hulett

of the Shia the extremists from amongst

the Shia and the holidays are the people

who made tech fear of Muslims they

called other Muslims kaffir and they

they they became insurrectionist they

broke off from the civil governance the

jurist and heresy ologist shah qajar bin

Fahad bin Mohammed Ibaka daddy is Farah

Heaney is Farah he's one of the great

scholars he died in 429 but he said that

the additional Jamaat comprise 8

categories and this is very useful for

you to understand because he's one of

the early scholars for 29 is considered

from he's not from the set up some say

the set up goes up to the 5th century so

he would be included in the set of but

he's from that very early period and but

he says the first category is the group

who mastered the various aspects of

tawheed so they're the theologians of

the Addison illegitimate they know about

the new buit prophecy the eschatological

aspects of theology there and that

relate also to rewards and punishments

in the hereafter as well as of the as

the conditions of each D had so they

know how HT had is done in all of this

they have gone the route of the people

of attributes from our theologians the

people of C fat

because there the more pita nullified

the attributes of God and the Addison

affirm the attributes of God that that

that God went when he speaks about

attributes that that he does have those

attributes and that they are to be

affirmed and not nullified and and then

they're free of anthropomorphism touch

seem so they don't believe literal

things like that that God is literally

in a place or he's literally on a

physical throne things like that they

don't believe those things they say we


Rockman eyelashes Toa we believe in it

you either share atamora deal at

whatever God meant by it I believe in it

but but what occurs to the mind it's

other than that because that's

impossible for God that's called that

wheel is malli the later owner Matt gave

it a tech wheel tough silly a detailed

interpretation said what it meant so

that's the position of the people who

are not anthropomorphise and then also

that jamia who for instance said that

the essence of God is everywhere it's

like a pan an theism and other groups

like the Nigeria the second category is

the Imams of jurisprudence from the two

groups of juristic reasoning and

transmission the people of hadith and

the people of right hello right are like

the hanafis an ADIZ

like the ham bodies and the and Chevys

and then the Imam addict joins between

the two so they believe in those groups

and they're free from Etta's on the type

of absolute dependence on rationalism

and also the Java which is a belief in

in determinism so they're neither

determinist nor are they people that

believe in absolute free will

they're between the two and they believe

in the raising of the graves as well as

the questioning in the grave because


people that deny the questioning of the

grave they believe in the bodily

resurrection they also believe in the

reality of the intercession and the

forgiveness of all wrongs from a lot

with the exception of shit

and obviously that and we'll get into

that but that that that is people who

willingly commit shirk they affirm the

continuity of paradise for its people in

the torment of fire for the rejecters of

truth so the idea that the Paradise is

it's what they call in in scholastic

terminology AV ternal it goes on forever

although it had a beginning and they

also believed in the obligation of

congregational prayer jumar behind all

Imams so at a cinema Gemini pray behind

Imams as long as they're free of heresy

and deviation in other words bid at and

zendaya but if they're a bad person you

still pray behind them if they're a

reprobate and they confirm the

permissibility of wiping over the hoff

socks and what's important about that it

seems like a silly issue to bring up

it's even in the Creed of Imam the Howey

but the real issue was about it was

about motivated Hadees and whether the

hadith reaches the status of the Quran

because the Quran doesn't mention hope

it tells you you have to wipe the feet

but the hoof is mentioned in the hadith

and it's a motivator Hadees so the real

the reason they say and they believe in

the hope what they're really saying is

they believe that a motivator hadith has

the same value as a verse of Quran I

mean that's really the what - what

they're saying they just use that ruling

because that that's a route the Huaraz

rejected that so that was a major issue

in the early period how are they said

you can't wipe off over the socks and

then they also believe that the pre

mount pronouncement of divorce is three

times binding all right because this

this is an interesting issue that's been

raised now in modern times now they

believe that the temporary marriage is

prohibited mota is prayer

and that it

they also deem obedience to authority of

the state as an obligation as long as is

not anything that constitute agreed-upon

disobedience to Allah so they believe in

civil governance and that you actually

have to obey the state that you cannot

enter into insurrection against the

state is a really important point about

the Sunnah is that they're they're

against a holodeck view that you that

insurrection is acceptable mmm and then

and this includes the Companions of

Malek chef Rios a thorough Beneatha ibn

ABI Leila lathe thorough both or and the

Companions of a commitment humble as

well as the alibi of the literalist in

fill it includes them and all of the

other scholars who believed in the

matters of intellectual understanding

the way of the people of attributes and

did not dilute their beliefs with any

innovations of the people of heresy and

deviation the third category is those

people have mastered the science of

hadith and their various chains in

pathways that lead back to the Prophet

those who were able to distinguish being

sound and weak transmissions and they

mastered the science of critical

analysis and assessment of men and women

in the chains of transmission and the

various reasons they are acceptable or


moreover they do not dilute any of their

knowledge with innovations of the people

of heresy and deviation so the mahadji

thune are from the Addison wajima the

fourth category is the people who have

mastered the humanities including

grammar and morphology and followed the

guidelines of the Imams of language so

that's a very important aspect of the

Addison wajima

people the poets the people that master

the JD poetry the people that spend

their lives preserving language even

though it's not related to the religion

itself as a religious science it's an

ancillary science to religion right it's

not a religious science it's it's a

science that religion is dependent upon

because those people preserve that

science there they're considered part

behind a Sunnah Gemma so it's it's when

you meet people that love grammar and

want to study language they shouldn't be

discouraged like oh you're wasting your

time you should be studying Quran you

know there's people that tell them that

you're wasting your time

no you need those people because you

can't understand the Quran without those

people and that's why the the Sunni the

Muslims generally always honored

grammarians and philologists and and the

people of poetry and a dab of literature

always Imam at Hadiya tea you know these

these were great scholars of language so

that's important and then the fifth

category and amongst them are Halil Abba

Dabba nada

Seba we alfarache Alice Mary L Mazen II

about obeyed and other Imams from the

kufan the grammarians that did not do

their knowledge with innovations of

raffia or the idea or the Huaraz or the

might easily like Imams a machete was a

martini and the other Sunnah have a soft

spot for him because he was such a

genius and his tafseer' is so essential

to the tafseer tradition I mean many

many scholars admitted that their

favorite Tufts year was the tough year

of the Imams of our Shetty so even

though he was mighty light the the Sunni

scholars had a soft spot form for that

reason and he was very self-deprecating

was an interesting man the fifth

category is those who have mastered the

variants of Quran the different

commentaries so the Memphis Iran and the

Harada people of the Quran the sixth

category is the virtuous aesthetics and

Sufis who penetrated the reality of this

world and left it for others who tested

things and took them from the lessons of

discernment who were pleased with the

divine decree and content with what was

easily obtained who realized that the

hearing sight and heart are all things

that man is asked about both the good

and the bad who took themselves to

account even if it concerned the weight

of an

and thus they prepared for Judgment Day

the best provision their words followed

the two ways of the outward meaning in

the inward indication in accordance with

the methodology of the people of hadith

without using it simply to entertain

with clever art forms of speech they do

not do good deeds to show off nor do

they leave them out of modesty their way

is that of the unique and why head and

they negate any anthropomorphism their

schools out of turning the matter over

to Allah so these are the people of

tasawwuf that are rightly guided and

they're very clearly demarcate

admissible census you know everybody

accepts him on Junaid and he was called

Imam of life attained he was a fucking

in the thirty met hab but he was also a

man of tassel so tasawwuf has two there

are two branches of the soul the first

is a fault line which is like what's in

purification of the heart that aspect of

to solve which is purifying your heart

Imam and Fatih Hany one of the great

Maliki scholar said before you study set

out to study knowledge you should purify

your heart because you will never

benefit from knowledge if your heart is

impure and he said preparing your heart

for knowledge is like preparing the

earth for for planting you know before

you actually put seed into the earth you

have to cultivate the earth with a plow

and and he said that's what you had to

do with your heart so removing the

negative qualities and adorning the

heart with the positive qualities the oh

what a Towada

Atta Kilduff you know the beginning of

humility is forcing yourself to be

humble so that that was very important

and the people that I saw were the

people that focused on that aspect and

that's why to solve is one of the

sciences of Islam to deny to solve is

deny to deny Allah you know who feels

Latium Hajj your own the people who have

who schewe in their prayer I guarantee

there's no fog that talks about you know

how you get who

it'll tell you that you have to have who

schewe in your prayer for these

lava-like in the mattock you might have

if you have to have some who schewe in

your prayer even if it's a moment but it

doesn't tell you how you develop pusher

because it's not the the object of fit

it's not one of the topics of fifth that

is in Tesla wolf and that's the word

that was used by the Muslims

historically it's Tazawa so those people

that deny the soul are the same type

people that deny med hebbs and that deny

you know Touhey the element Quran is the

same type of people and it's very

unfortunate you know that that that this

has happened but it's it's one of the

unfortunate aspects of the modern

phenomenon of of Islam that the Prophet

said the end of time will not come until

the later people condemn the earlier

people that Tacoma sahajiya Suba Al

Jarreau Hadid Omaha when aha

so the Prophet mentioned that that

people are going to the later people are

going to condemn the earlier people so

but that's also it's important to point

out that there's a lot of innovations in

what goes under the category of Tazawa

so it doesn't mean to solve every we

just accept anybody who says they're a

Sufi and we accept anything that calls

itself to solve no to solve is based on

the book and the Sunnah and if you don't

find a firm foundation in the book and

the Sunnah it's rejected and that's what

the Imams of Tazawa have said Imam

Junaid said had an animal why you don't

because every language similar to our

sweetie done this is a science that is

absolutely rooted in the Book of Allah

and the Sunnah of the Prophet and so if

you don't find it in the Book of Allah

email meta story ahead it to study said

I that Ora daddy me one of them said

that he said mathematically met in

Mineral home in the auto - ha-ah -

chahee Dana didn't kita Volos was a

Notaro Selena that I never heard

anything from the Sufis except that I

put it before a to just witness

to testify for or against it and that's

the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the

Prophet SAW ladies so that is the the

way of the soul and that's what he's

saying those are the people that are

rightly guided not the false ones not

the I mean you have the skewer people

and the snake handlers just like in

Christianity you have the people that

take literally the handling of snakes or

speaking in tongues and things like that

you have those manifestations of

religion in every tradition but that's

not what he's talking about he's talking

about a Scholastic tradition that also

relates to practice and experience the

the second aspect of tassel is the

science of Allah and Muhammad the

science of states and stations because

if you're on a strong spiritual path

you're doing a lot of dhikr and

meditation getting up at night things

start happening and some of it there's

there's ways to distinguish between

inward sensory terrestrial inward

sensory celestial inward meaning

terrestrial in word meaning celestial

outward terrestrial outward celestial

outward meaning

terrestrial outward meaning celestial

outward meaning terrestrial inward

outward terrestrial sensory I mean those

are all categories in that science and

they look at things so people will have

what they think is a spiritual

experience and it's not it's just your

ego but you think and you had this

amazing spiritual experience it was

purely ego or it could have been demonic

because there are how authorship Ani and

people think they're having I had this

amazing experience and it was a demonic


I mean seriously there's people that

feel the Holy Ghost infusing them they

have amazing experiences there's people

that have sensory experiences and

they're convinced that they're deep

spiritual spirits there's people that

take LSD and think that they've had

enlightenment really is it's not you


real these things are real there's

people that go into psychotic states and

they're convinced I mean I've had people

come to me seriously I mean I've seen

people go mad from the Kuril law mad

from doing things that they should have

been doing you know I people have come

to told me they're the Madi and like

completely believing it and saying I had

these experiences you have to listen to

me those you have to be able to

distinguish between those to know what's

happening to you and if you don't know

that science you go to somebody who

knows that science because you need help

like a doctor you need to go to a doctor

just like if you start having

hallucinations you go to a doctor well

if you start having spiritual

experiences you need somebody to put

those into a perspective the same with

true dreams dream there's people that

have dreams and and they think they've

had a dream and it means exactly the

opposite of what they think it means

there's people that have dreams you know

that they're eating pork and they think

that it's something Haram and read what

even sitting and says about seeing

yourself eating pork it's not

necessarily a negative thing but it

depends dreams are all mysterious and

that realm of the dream world is very

mysterious but it has meaning and there

are people that know those meanings it's

not the things that you can learn in a

book like you've been sitting wrote a

book on dreams it's an interesting book

but it's very dangerous to use that book

to interpret dreams Imam one lady came

to eyes and she told her dreams she gave

a negative interpretation the prophet

got very upset with her so you know that

those that's a science the science of

dream interpretation and there's people

that know that science and then there's

people that don't and there's people

that think they do and they're the big

problem so the the seventh category are

the murabbi alone and those are the


that guard the borders of Islam and and

defend the Muslims from encroachment of

people attacking them they defend women

in the homes of the Muslims and they

displayed adherence to the cement

Jumeirah and they said and they've

followed the verse it said those who

struggle for our sake we will guide them

to our ways the eighth category and this

is very important is the general

population of the lands of the Muslims

where Sunni Islam is dominated

notwithstanding areas in which deviation

has been predominant what we mean by

this is general Muslim people who

believe that the scholars of the similar

jamaat are correct in the matters that

concern the just sacred law and the

theological issues as well as the

eschatological matters of the hereafter

they refer back to their scholars in

order to understand their religion and

they imitate them in the branches of

jurisprudence that relate to the

permissible and the impermissible

moreover they do not believe in any of

the innovations and deviations of the

people of heresies they are those who've

been characterized by the Sufis as the

stuff of paradise hash well jenna is

they fill up paradise majority of people

so these are the groups of the people of

Samoa and Gemma and together they

constant constant the true and upright

Deen and straight path may Allah make us

firm with the firmest words in this life

in the next

indeed he answers appropriately and he

is capable of all things so that's

that's a momentous fairness categories I

think they're very useful for people the

the newsmen the you know the the the

idea of attacking people for their

religion is something that you know in

traditional Islam the the the Muslims

were very very flexible it's very

difficult to to get out of Islam you

have to do something really egregious to

get out of this religion I met Muhammad

said he said the only thing that can get

you out of this religion is to deny the

very thing that got you in the religion

that's what he said he said let you

hurry to come in had a Dean in LA in

Cairo metalic a fee which is la ilaha

illallah muhammad rasool allah and so

it's it's it's very hard to to do that

the man you Amanda Dean but the roar I

mean we'll go into that but generally

the anima did not make takfeer of people

and that's one of the hallmarks of the

people of soon is they don't make

takfeer of other muslims even like the

shia and whoever they don't make takfeer

of people that say laila Allah Muhammad

Rasul Allah unless they're specific I

mean there are ways in which people can

anathematized themselves but even for

those people there is a process it's not

just done you don't just call somebody a

Cathy oh this is all the and and and

people people actually historically

there were ways in which that was done

it wasn't done lightly at all it's very

hard to and they would look for tat

wheel they would like try to find some

excuse for the person maybe you believe

this or maybe you think that you

mentioned the permissibility of praying

behind an imam that that only means the

ruler when you when it says that we pray

behind all images in imam the howie's al

qaeda so praying behind any imam means

the ruler the the Imam and Akbar and and

that has like if you're in Morocco and

mullah Mohammed I mean they don't they

don't do this anymore but if he led the

prayer and you say now he's a facet or

he's that's that's those that's

considered like a hot edgy view because

I mean as far as I know you know he's

he's an you know he's an upright person

I don't know anything otherwise so I'm

not going to make any assumptions about

him but if there were known things about

the ruler that they weren't the best of

Muslims you still pray behind them as

for Imams that you pray behind in your

Masjid they should not be reprobates

they should be known to have upright

character if they're known to have

disreputable character then you're you

don't pray behind them but you don't

pray behind fashio Pondicherry ha or faz

upon brachiopod in fact somebody who's a


or bait either in his belief or in his

practice and then you mentioned that the

majority scholars believe that the

Prophet speech did not commit even minor

sins what about Adam taking the Apple

well it I don't I mean trust me they've

worked out all that stuff you know with

Adam at ACM it was about his intention

like he did not know he thought that I

believes was giving him sincere advice

because they were like children and so

they didn't know that anybody would lie

to them and so that he actually believed

what he was doing was a beneficial thing

that it wasn't going to be a harmful

thing and so it was about Nia and that's

why it says you know he forgot so he

didn't intentionally disobey a lot

because you have to have intention in

Marcia you have to know it's a Marcia

when you disobey Him now there are

certain things where ignorance is not an

excuse even in Sharia but generally if

you don't do something willfully there's

not an intention behind it

it's not considered disobedience in that

way so and there are many other examples

of that I mean all the prophets have

been excused and and the excuses have

been written in great detail I work with

schizophrenic who have auditory and

visual hallucinations where they

actually say they see people could that

be demonic presence or jinn well there's

an interesting book called in the

presence of other worlds by Van Doren

and he was a psychiatrist at Sonoma

State mental institution and he

initially was completely did not believe

he was a materialist but after working

20 years in that institution he came to

the conclusion that there really were

things happening so you know I we

definitely believe in gin and gin do

cause problems I'm

jincan preoccupy people and the best

protection against them is is to be and

will do you know to do the mile with

attained the profit did the mile with

attained every day those those type


there's definitely madness I mean

madness is real the Arabic word for

being mad is Majnoon which literally

means like possessed so and obviously

there's benign jinn and then there's

malevolent jinn and then there's

mischievous jinn that aren't so that

they're malevolent in their you know in

that they're mischievous but there are a

lot of benign jinn and I mean some

cultures get obsessed with jinn I I you

know I I think a lot of these

hallucinations go away with you know

certain drugs now that they have things

so they can suppress these type things

so I mean obviously we know like people

that have taken LSD I mean I never took

LSD but I know people that have and

people have taken LSD had very

extraordinary experiences on that drug

and so obviously that you know the the

possibilities of the mind are endless in

the mind is you know imam ali said

Tassimo kanasu nuts tax even f ck german

severe on a second towel animal akbar oh

you think yourself to be an

insignificant creature but in you all of

the world's are are are wrapped up that

we're a microcosm of all of existence

and there's a lot of weird stuff in the

world i mean there's a lot of very

strange stuff i mean if you've ever seen

like mad people that really talk to you

know i'm they're having a conversation

you know like would you shut up

leave me alone and I mean it's real so

whatever is happening although Onam

whether that's gin or just a type of

madness that the mind plays on itself

although Hannam but but we do believe in

miss you know mess is real like people

can get a type of possession and the

quran mentions that the mess so it's

real and you know i I definitely I know

some people that have had very weird

experiences I mean I think everybody

most people you know George Leonard

talks about the weird scale you know

there's certain things that you know

you'll tell everybody there's certain

things you'll tell your close friends

there's certain things you'll only tell

your wife or your husband and then

there's certain things you just keep to


so you know I mean everybody's had

experiences that are very strange I

think most people at least I certainly

have I mean I've got some things I

wouldn't tell anybody but you know where

does imam ahmed have fall entertainment

Izumo Quran being come a lot and not

creation apart from three Imams you

mentioned Imam Ahmed is the the one that

stood up in defense of the the uncreated

nough Subhan he was in prison for during

them the manner of the people of

verities at so Mohammed is I mean he he

stood up for that I shall deny Allah

said ma baina deaf at a and must have

Kadam Allah what's between the two

covers of the most half is the Kaname

law so we do say that and it's not not

the Kaname law but the Kodama law that

is uncreated that that's where the Sunni

scholars differentiated that's all that

if you read the Quran and and they say

that it's only permissible to say this

in a teaching environment like you don't

say this you don't go out and say oh

that's not the poor honor that's not you

know it's only permissible to say this

in a teaching environment that that when

you if I say this mean

and Rahim that was sound waves that

emanated from my breath and and through

my vocal cords and and and they reached

your ears because they're in the world

so that coming into the world of the

speech of Allah that's what they're

differentiating that that speech is not

what we mean by the uncreated word of

Allah that's the is that clear to

everybody yeah that's that's what they

mean mm-hmm yeah mm-hmm

yeah mm-hmm well I wrote a paper called

who are the disbelievers that was its

online and I went into great detail

about that generally I mean I inclined

towards the position of Imam of Azadi

who says that the majority of human

beings will have salvation in the end

yeah no he uses I mean he he bases it on

he doesn't base it just he didn't just

say that he based it on well I mean

there's scholars that yeah they're

scholars that limit greatly the mercy of

God and you know but there's a reason

why it's not permissible to do tagging

and that's all of our limit say that you

cannot say any individuals going to hell

because only god can judge people and

and I think the best position to be

concerned about where you're going and

not where other people are going you

know I mean Muslims tend to obsess about

where other people are going and and the

real problem is not where they're going

it's where I'm going or what you know

but generally generally the you know

Kufa is to reject truth once it's clear

to you and Imam Ghazali said that people

who have been given distorted versions

of Islam and reject the distortions do

not fall under the

category of caffeine because they're not

rejecting Islam they're rejecting a

distorted version of an Islam that says

you have to blow yourself up to get

close to God or something like that you

know I mean if I was a I thank God that

I became Muslim

you know 32 years ago because I don't

know how I would feel about Islam if I

was living in this type of environment

and being bombarded on a daily basis

with all this negativity and then seeing

insane Muslims because you have to

wonder like what's going on with those

people but really I mean just people

average people here just why are they so

angry do you know well you drop bombs on

people they tend to get angry that's

true but on the other hand if it's

really a spiritual teaching then why are

the bombs being dropped on you I mean

that's also a question because from week

I can say to people here you shouldn't

drop bombs on people but the people that

are getting dropped bombs dropped on

them have to ask themselves why is this

happening do you know what what is it

saying about our state

what have we you know what have we done

collectively because the problem you

know one of the things the Quran is very

clear about is that calamities when when

corruption spreads the response to

corruption is calamity it's very clear

so to roam Allah says that he causes you

to taste tribulation to Humble you and

to call you back to the truth but what

the Quran says is you know a tackle fits

a Nutella to see been melody Nevada

moment Omaha be fearful of calamities

that don't just afflict the guilty they

hit everybody so you can't say that

they're all bad or evil no when

corruption spreads it brings on

calamities that afflict everybody I mean

for instance there are

venereal diseases that are a direct

result of people practicing certain

sexual practices that have brought on

those diseases but then your blood gets

contaminated and the innocent child gets

the transfusion you say oh what did they

do to deserve that that's the whole

point that if only the guilty got

afflicted the innocent would never care

about changing anything because you know

they'll get what they deserve but once

you realize no it affects us all

then the impetus to actually call to

virtue and to you know to decry vice

becomes much stronger and that's part of

what people of God are supposed to be in

their witnesses so they're here to do

testing you know to witness the truth

and part of witnessing the truth is

condemning what's wrong yeah no I mean I

yeah well you know Jews and Christians

are Abrahamic people and they they both

believe in one God I mean even

Christians with the Trinity if you get

into real Christian theology it's very

confusing and most average Christians

don't really understand it but if you

get into like if you read Aquinas on the

Trinity it's very clear that they he

doesn't believe gods like three separate

beings or three separate parts I mean he

believes in infinite God

insubstantiality as part of the Catholic

and Orthodox belief about God that that

the God's not like anything right so you

know they're they're they're more i

deunan and the verses in the padang are

very clear the hadees' are clear that

that you know people of tawheed you know

there will be a point in which everybody

who says believe in one god is removed

from the fire the Prophet did however

inside Muslim is it's a hadith

the Prophet did say no Christian or

Muslim no Christian or Jew will hear

about me and died not believing in me

except that they'll enter the fire and

that hadith is understood obviously that

they know he's a prophet you know so if

you reject a prophet you're you're in a

dangerous situation because he's in the

line of prophets but and even the Hindus

and the Buddhists and all these other

people I mean most of them the Quran

says let it out early lay and dad and

one to Tana moon don't set up idols with

God once you know and that's called

joomla heylia in arabic the howl of the

people is that they know that they

shouldn't be doing that and that's why

even the people of shirk are not

condemned to hell fire if they weren't

given a message or made to be understand

that what they were doing was wrong

that's why the ad Asuna believed that

the Alpha Torah are saved

that's a domino peen there's a enough

opinion but I just feel like why do

people want it if there's a debate and

the autumn are saying that these people

are saved I mean one of my favorite

Hadees is about the the prophet Elijah

have said that two men a lot condemns

them to the fire and so they start

heading towards the fire but one of them

looks back its idea says yellow TV - so

Allah stops and says why do you look

back he said I thought you were going to

forgive me and and and and so Allah says

it'll Jannetty enter into my paradise

just because of his good opinion of God

like the other one just said I I knew

I'd never get forgiven you know so have

a good opinion of God you know I mean

I've met wonderful Christians that I

mean I'm sorry I have a hard time

believing God's just gonna zap

you know it's just if you read the

descriptions of the evil people in the

Quran they're puffed up they're arrogant

they don't feed the poor people read the

descriptions of the kuffar in the Quran

and they're not people of humility these

are people that reject the truth even

though they know it's the truth they're

people that won't listen they plug their

ears so you know I mean I'm not uh you

know I'm I believe in the peda and what

I was taught and I'm not in any way

giving some kind of California version

of Islam so I want to make that clear

you know but these things I mean this is

in the tradition and I that's what I

it's like even the Russia you know he

talked about whether or not the Quran if

you read the Quran for dead people does

it benefit the dead people or not

there's a he laughs there's a difference

of opinion even LaRoche it says this is

a difference of opinion about the mercy

of God

shouldn't we err on the side of mercy

like that it benefits them given that

there's a difference of you know it

doesn't benefit them you know I mean I'm

sorry I would prefer that opinion that

it benefits them you know and the proofs

are strong the proofs are strong so the

other people have their opinion but it's

very interesting about people that you

know it's like the man who urinated in

the Masjid and on that I never

understood this until I lived with

Bedouins I was once talking to a Bedouin

and he literally unbuttoned his saying

and turned around and urinated right in

front of me like veteran are like that

you know so I never understood that

hadith until that happened to me you

know I mean Bedouin does urinate

whenever they get the urge you know and

and it's desert and they just covered up

with sand or whatever but anyway that

you know the Bedouin urinated in the

Masjid of the Prophet Elisha them now

the somme wanted to kill this guy the

Prophet told Amanda just cover him you

know like put things so he was hidden

and when he finished you know the

problem went at me said look you know

this is a place of purity

you know don't urinate in the

and but the Sahaba were so angry and I

don't want to say you know that they

were anyway but they were angry and and

so this man you know when he saw how

they react and then he saw how the

Prophet slicin reacted he said alone

that how many what I have Mohammad

Ramallah tomcee wanna Allah forgive me

and forgive Muhammad and don't forgive

anybody else yeah and and the Prophet

SAW I said him said had dealt Eliza you

know you've you've narrowed the vast and

that's what these people do they just

narrow the vastness of God makalapa

Padre God can forgive anybody and the

Matuidi believe if lawful worried is not

does not diminish God in other words if

you fail to fulfill your promise that

diminishes you but if you fail to fulfil

your threat it actually enhances you and

that's the Matua the opinion that if God

threatens you to do something and if he

chooses not to fulfill his threat like

these threatens to send you to hell

and then he he doesn't do that that it

actually it enhances God's esteem it

doesn't diminish it unlike if he

promised you paradise for doing

something then you do it and then he

doesn't give you paradise that

diminishes just like I say we'll live

you come I'm gonna I'm gonna really

you'll see I'm going to take my

vengeance on you and then you come and I

say you know I thought about I forgive

you people say much a lot that you know

that's a high thing it's not a low thing

so a lot I mean there's a man who burned

him had his self burnt after he died

it's in the sahih hadith right does

everybody know that how do people know

that hadith he had himself burnt

cremated and he told his sons to spread

his ashes out right when he was the

Prophet said he was brought before God

and God said why did you do that and he

said because I didn't want you to

resurrect me because I was so afraid of

being judged by you that belief that he

could somehow scatter his ashes and God

couldn't bring him back together that's

couponer and that belief is covered

because you is a stage as Pavarotti let

it's it's it's considering that God's

not omnipotent that he's not

all-powerful you actually think that God

can't do something that's Kofa and yet

God forgave that man this is clearer in

the hadith God can forgive whomever he


I mean even if you look at the verse

that innallaha lion if you don't a new

Scirocco be you know I mean you just

look at the way the verse was was

revealed it doesn't say he won't forgive

the mushnick it says a new Chaka be he

doesn't forgive the act of shirk

somebody can pardon a murderer but he

doesn't forgive the murder

I really saw an interview with one of

the Imams of the harem saying that those

who condemned Aisha or Omar are

considered Kafar this is correct if they

say that Aisha you know that she was not

free of what God freed her from the

claim that she committed adultery

that's Kofun because that's not sort of


you know if they consider to her to a

betrayed the Prophet SAW lied to them by

opposing Ali or whatever that's fist

according to the Sunni scholars that

it's it's but it's not Kofa so it

depends on what they say and it's again

tat wheel most of these things are done

with tat wheel like they don't you know

the people that attack the Sahaba don't

attack them because their Sahaba it's

important to understand that they're not

saying we don't like them because their

Sahaba they're saying we don't like them

because they betrayed the Prophet do you

see that's their tat wheel we don't

accept the tet wheel but that's why it's

not Kufa do you understand the

distinction there because it's an

important distinction I feel

uncomfortable when people say we should

not pray behind us yeah because I feel

that we were saying their prayers not

accept another person you know I mean

we're not saying that their prayer is

not accepted at all but you know that's

that's what I learned in my teachers and

I can't you know I'm not I'm not going

to go against that you know the if I've

prayed behind here before and you know

the prayer the Shia prayer is the same

prayer that we pray I mean they have the

same number of records they recite the

fatiha they do everything that we do so

the prayer is not like some alien prayer

to Islam

a person on the path of Susu how can

they distinguish between demonic

experience and a good spiritual

experience well I mean like I said it's

a science the hell out there is a

science Neffs an arab animal akane

shaytani and there's different types of

thoughts there's different types of like

pub than bustle or experiences generally

true the spiritual experiences are often

you know there can be initial

contraction and then followed by an

expansion you know there's there's

different the prophet saw him when he

first had the revelation his initial

experience was contraction and then he

had this incredible expansion which is

you know even in Catholicism they called

the law of discernment they have that

understanding so and then there are

other experiences that but generally if

the experience leads to humility to

being humbled by it then it's a it's a

true experience if it leads to feeling

like that you're special or something

you know then it's it's a it's from nafs

or Shep on enough sani experiences are

very tricky they're the demonic

experiences are usually a lot clearer

but enough sani are very tricky demonic

is usually always followed by a sense of

pride wanting to tell other people about

it true spiritual experiences are best

kept to yourself unless you go to a

master but it's best kept to yourself

not to talk to it about other people

because of the problem of korea and and you know ostentation and spiritual pride / spiritual pride is very real and very difficult to excise from the nufs (SOul).

I think it's time for isha